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I just don't understand the human race, two year old overpriced technology that sells like hot cakes. Well, at least I know which people to avoid just by looking at the phone they own so I don't catch a dose of 'the gullible'.

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Posted in: 17-year-old girl sprayed with paint thinner while walking home See in context

I do wonder at the mental stability of people that do these sort of things. At least the liquid wasn't some kind of acid that could have caused some serious damage to the girl.

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I'm no fan of Apple products but I will give credit where it's due with their iPod range and the original iPhone bringing the fledgling smartphone market to the masses.

That watch though is so damn ugly, looks like it was designed ten years ago, the LG/Moto watches show just how beautiful a gadget they should be now. It won't stop the fanbois buying it though which is the annoying part.

I see nothing special about the new iPhone either, all I see is a company no longer innovating but just playing catch up. I do wish people would stop going on about how nice smart phones looks considering that the vast majority will be hidden underneath protective cases, in the end it ends up being a moot point. The real talking point is always going to be the OS and user interface as that is what makes or breaks a phone.

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