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James Hendershot comments

Posted in: Starbucks posts record fourth quarter revenue after opening hundreds of new stores See in context

Nevermind, I misread it. Carry on. Bit confusing but okay.

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Posted in: Starbucks posts record fourth quarter revenue after opening hundreds of new stores See in context

Starbucks is HQd in the States.

1st quarter January - March

2nd quarter April- June

3rd quarter July-September

4th quarter October - December

This is considered standard on Wall Street and since this is a report about a firm that is floated on Wall Street...

This isn't a matter of opinion.

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Posted in: Starbucks posts record fourth quarter revenue after opening hundreds of new stores See in context

July - September is the 3rd quarter in the fiscal year.

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Posted in: Drug dealers forget their pot stash in rental car; ask agency clerk to not look inside See in context

13 grams?! Bring out the Swat team! Shut down the bridges!

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Posted in: 60% of S Koreans oppose Japan wartime labor dispute resolution See in context

I can't understand the lack of empathy from the Japanese side on this. It's actually not about money. Korea's culture is similar to Japan's culture. They don't want some Western style document. They want a real apology. A deep, regretful, bowing and kowtowing apology. Hands and knees type stuff. Then, perhaps they will move forward. People talking about money and documents don't understand this. It's complicated. Imagine if your race was nearly wiped off planet Earth. It goes beyond individual pain for them. It's a collective pain. Were there corraborators? Yes. Was there "development"? Yes, whatever that means. Are there lies and hypocrisies? Absolutely. I can't understand Westerners that can so easily condemn Nazi Germany, yet not find parallels here in East Asia. A people that have suffered shouldn't have to give much explanation for their feelings. If they are irrational, haven't they earned to be irrational in a sense? I still don't think the average Japanese understands the intergenerational pain in that place or the violence I witnessed. An arms length apology with a Western document is not what's needed. Few places n the 20th century saw the destruction there that has reverberated through it's people. I breathed it. I saw it. Please tread lightly with these affairs and use the mind of forgiveness and understanding. Please be kind. Please reach out and try to understand.

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Posted in: American gun culture is based on frontier mythology – but ignores how common gun restrictions were in the Old West See in context

Gun ownership varies by state. The highest rates of gun ownership are in states that have higher rates of hunters. Highest rates being Wyoming, Montana, Alaska etc. The converse is true as well. Lowest rates are in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island etc where there are fewer hunters per capita. This is just a data point. As far as the fascination goes, to an extent every person's or culture's ethos is based on myth..

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Posted in: Japan's top rugby competition remains a magnet for world stars See in context

Comparing rugby and football is like comparing rugby and football. They are different sports. Let it go.

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Posted in: Mental health issues show women bear brunt of Japan monarchy system See in context

There seems to be a lack of empathy for people who are born into such a rigid system. Imagine all of your movements, gestures, behaviors, sounds, paths, decisions, etc.. constantly being under judgement, modification, and correction. That would be a nightmare for me. They are also human and deserve empathy.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Tesla will move HQ from California to Texas See in context

I don't mean this as an offense to anyone but it seems like some notions of Texas and California are outdated in this thread. California is the roughest state to live in West of the Mississippi. Texas, actually, is a much better place to raise a family, start a business, build a life, etc.. California isn't becoming a failed experiment. It already is one. Texas, also, is extremely powerful economically. Four of the ten largest cities in the US are in Texas. They are all growing. The first Shinkansen in America is being built there. Crime rates are lower there, compared to where I'm from. As a Northerner, I respect Texas for building a strong vibrant economy that offers opportunities for those willing to take endeavor. People that think California is a great place haven't been there in the past 20 years.

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Posted in: 6 injured as typhoon traverses central and eastern Japan See in context

This is bordering on fake news with a headline like that. Clickbait at best. I live here in Fukuoka, near the coast, where the center passed over. It was a total non-event, as in barely even windy and light rain. A few gusts came through but it was actually downgraded to a tropical depression before it came close. Even today it's cloudy, not a hallmark sign of a raging typhoon.

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Posted in: Swedish rakugo performer takes on judo See in context

"The idea of protecting not just yourself, but your opponent as well, is a core principle of judo. It is also this principle that sets judo apart and makes it vastly different from other martial arts"

This is an example of Japanese exceptionalism that distracts more than endears. Most people with a background in any of the grappling styles will tell you that there is no intent to harm one's opponent. Modern judo is mostly sport judo, in which the rules of the game dictate the actions, movements, and techniques. Simply put, a sport with fewer rules will by nature have more variability in actions, movements, and techniques. Modern sport judo is plagued by too many rules, not enough freedom of movement, and a scoring system that's overly dogmatic. With that said, to have a well-balanced grappling game, judo is a piece of the puzzle but just a piece.

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Posted in: Wealth of Japan's richest surges nearly 50% during pandemic See in context

Asset inflation,such as real estate and stock market prices, is directly correlated with stimulus actions by Central banks. Quantitative Easing is the term. It doesn't matter if it happens during a crisis or not. If you lend money to powerful organizations at a 0% rate they have to park it somewhere. Obvious place is stock market and real estate. Upper middle class realize this and jump on the bandwagon pushing it up further. The problem is that when assets increase in value, the purchasing power of the poor (who tend to only have cash) decreases. Another way to state it is that actually asset values haven't inflated; the dollar just got weaker. How can the value of an unchanged house increase anyway? Excessively taxing the rich will do nothing positive. They will find other ways to park their money or transfer it their kin. We need to stop free money to the elite. Stop quantitative easing. No such thing as too big to fail! How about never too small to succeed? Return the power of the dollar! That will benefit the poor more than a high-tax scheme.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

My two cents; I think he's making the comparison between the Global popularity of modern K-pop and the faded glory of Asian popularity of J-pop. Why has K-pop risen while J-pop has faded? I'm not sure if many are aware of this so...The Korean music industry has kept very strong ties with the LA and NYC music industry scenes since the early 90s, sending people to continuously train, stay relevant, produce, collab, etc... Now we see the fruits of their labor are blossoming, with BTS becoming the first Asian group to go #1 Billboard 200. There's a lineage there. It didn't happen over night. Japanese music industry hasn't stayed connected to their counterparts in the States in the same way so they are floundering. They just stayed isolated and focused on themselves, thinking they are staying relevant. It's not just in the music industry. This is applicable to other industries as well. I understand this is just mainstream music but it is what moves the dial for most people.

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Posted in: 'Izakaya' bankruptcies hit record high See in context

This is a misleading and incomplete article because it doesn't define what bankruptcy is to the layman. Also, it doesn't make the distinction between registered incorporated companies vs. privately run businesses. Basically the closures of on-premise Izakaya in Japan, incorporated or not would be that number 175 by a factor of a 50 or more. That data wouldn't be that easy to collect and would involve actual journalistic reporting.

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Posted in: 2 doctors indicted over consensual killing of terminal ALS patient See in context

My father died from ALS last year. It's a disease that's faster than cancer and worse than cancer. There's no treatment. No cure. Week by week, a person with ALS loses one ability after the other, until your reduced to less than nothing. Because at least when you're nothing, you don't know it. I wish no one to ever have to watch this terrible disease or have to endure it. Understand the symptoms to know it is hell. Hell. Those two doctors are heroes. It doesn't bother me they were paid. It doesn't bother me their motives. To me, they are heroes. If you don't know ALS, you can't understand.

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Posted in: Craft beer gets turned into gin See in context

Hi, I'm in the business.

@jeffhuffman. The article is mentioning the troubles of on-premise consumption businesses, primarily bars and restaurants. Craft Breweries in Japan do sell their bottled products online, but kegs are another matter. Kegs have been going to waste sitting inside closed restaurants. Hitachino is taking back those kegs to repurpose the alcohol into gin, helping the industry in the process.

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Posted in: Electric bikes gaining in popularity in Japan amid graying population See in context

"As of the end of November 2019, 54 people had been killed that year nationwide in accidents while riding electric bikes, rising from 28 such deaths in 2009, according to the National Police Agency."

The rate would be more helpful here in addition to the raw numbers. If usership increases, so will deaths naturally. The rate is key.

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