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Posted in: The top 10 hardest Japanese words to pronounce See in context

I have a problem with remembering which Japanese word means "beauty shop" and "hospital".

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Posted in: Man, girlfriend arrested for making his 2-year-old son smoke See in context

Isn't 16 the age on content in Japan?

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Posted in: Philippines leader pokes fun at Beijing's South China Sea claims; praises Japan See in context

China should be worried. They are pissing off too many countries that surround them.

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Posted in: Skinship with a pet may make you ill See in context

To Peace Out. A lot of kids have and are getting cancer at very young ages. Google, maybe, St. Judes Children's Hospital to see.

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Posted in: Could Twitter or Facebook stop the next terrorist attack? See in context

I have to agree with JapanGal. To me, it looks like FB and the others pass on info that they deem suspicious.

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

It would not bother me at all if the women wanted to do the same thing, wear white blouses and shed the bra. Equal rights, I always say.

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Posted in: Rebuilding See in context

**Not only tsunami but major earthquakes.

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Posted in: Japan looks for growth from Islamic finance boom See in context

****Be wary of the last word in the headline.

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

Don't believe it was any worse than what they see on normal TV. Their shows can be pretty graphic. Kudos for the teacher. I've lived in Japan on and my life since 1964 and I'm 73 now. <>

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Posted in: Kawasaki boy told friend on Line he might get killed See in context

Too many unanswered questions.

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Posted in: Classic French dessert for your Valentine See in context

Wish the directions were not in metric. Us Gaigins have a lot of problem translating metric measurements.

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Posted in: Man's passport confiscated after he refuses to give up Syria travel plan See in context

An interesting discussion.

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Posted in: Magazine publishes name, photo of minor held in Nagoya murder case See in context

Make the age of being a minor as the same age of being able consent to sex. Believe the age is 16. If you can legally consent to sex, you can legally be charged as an adult.

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Posted in: Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan See in context

Japanese do discriminate. Not all do, but if you have a tattoo, you are automatically a bad person and cannot use a public bath. Some of the older generation do not like Americans that much because of World War II.

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Posted in: 'Black widow' with seven dead partners arrested See in context

Do you think she would give me a chance. 73 and still going strong. Even Charles Manson was allowed to get married. ;-)

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Posted in: Men list top four reasons why they dumped their past girlfriends See in context

If she claims you went to an inferior school, tell her she must be right because you were dumb enough to start dating her.

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