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So far as I can tell from the article, the case hasn't even gone to court yet, and yet the suspect has already been named in the media! If the prosecution decides it doesn't have a case that will stand up in court the suspect will have to live forever with the publicized allegation of having committed a crime for which he wasn't convicted. The naming in the media of a suspect merely suspected of having committed a crime strikes me as a potentially unfair punishment if the case doesn't result in a conviction and should be unlawful. The principle of 'innocent until proven guilty' provides an important counterbalance between strong state institutions and the vulnerable individual being processed by the justice system.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Crazy idea. Human body is at lowest energy level between 3 and 5 and there is the risk the temperature could be well in excess of 30 degrees throughout the night. Hokkaido is the better option. Tokyo doesn't need to host all events.

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No wonder you're upset - everyone's telling you that you don't fit, or they can't figure you out or relate to you. I suspect some if given time would also be able to come up with something like: "I find you a really interesting conundrum. Can I ask you a lot of questions until I figure out what it's like being you?" As it is, pretty much no one in Japan will be able to relate to your predicament apart from other Japanese-American women who don't speak Japanese fluently. The irritating encounters that play havoc with your identity will continue for as long as you are here and will be one of the reasons you are happy too leave again. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfield, life's about choosing your irritations. Which can you tolerate least: irritating reactions and comments in Japan or outside Japan? I'd say, take comfort from the fact that you can choose to leave, and for now work on minimising the extent to which it hurts, and reapply that new strength in other contexts at home. You could also redirect your anger and frustration into learning to speak Japanese fluently and discover you care a bit less about peoples' reactions because you have a more positive selfimage.

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