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James Rogers comments

Posted in: Local support See in context

Not so tight! Not so tight!

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito - the future of Japan's monarchy See in context

If Princess Aiko were to take the throne, it would mean her child, whose father would come from an ordinary background, would be only linked to the imperial family through the maternal line. That has never happened in the past at least more than 1,000 years.

I sincerely doubt that this is true.

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Posted in: Korean group working to subvert Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

The Japanese people place importance on peace and are not xenophobic.

Has Abe never met a Japanese person?

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

I'd be curious to hear what he said in his apology to the girl and her parents. I wonder if he really thinks he did anything wrong.

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Posted in: Kanebo recalls cosmetics over skin stain fears See in context

Will the people responsible also be forced to wear bunny ears?

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

Respect to the anonymous caller.

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Posted in: Funds from disaster relief budget given to nuclear operators See in context

We've had several of these stories in the past 2 years. Many people from outside Japan who donated after the disaster are feeling like naive suckers on hearing of the slow and inappropriate use of disaster relief money. People who donated were under the impression that Japan's authorities would do everything they could to ensure fast and efficient recovery and relief for survivors of this tragedy, with total dedication to the task at hand.

Japan may have a hard time receiving foreign donations when the next disaster hits.

I know people will point out that this is Japanese tax-payers' money that keeps being diverted away from disaster-relief. But to outsiders it feels like Japan's government is saying "Now we have all these foreign donations for Tohoku, we can spend more of our own money on hats and scarves."

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Posted in: An Oasis in Omotesando See in context

-I'm mad for it, me. And am just 'ookin' 'avin it, man. Know worramean, Kato-san?

-Hai, wakarimashita.

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Posted in: 4 junior high students arrested for hitting their classmate with mop See in context

I hope that the teacher will not be ostracized for telling the police. The school bosses may not like this exposure and may wish to punish this "informant".

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie urges world to end rape in war See in context

But isn't wartime rape supposed to be absolutely necessary in order to allow the brave soldiers some much needed rest? Not to mention helping to keep crime levels down?

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Posted in: Christel Takigawa appointed 'Cool Tokyo' Ambassador for Olympic bid See in context

Maybe appointing a French-speaking ambassador with a German first name is supposed to convince people that Japan is a country that tolerates people's differences, celebrates diversity and shuns petty discrimination.

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Posted in: Convenience store believed to have been robbed by same man twice See in context

This is a testament to the deterrent power of the Japanese police.

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Posted in: JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line See in context

Unfortunately, there is the possibilty of a suicidal student or salaryman ruining that special day. Something to keep in mind before applying.

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Posted in: The LDP suffered a crushing defeat in the election for the House of Representatives in 2009, but the party is now sincere, humble and honest. See in context

Previously we were insincere, arrogant and dishonest. But we're not anymore. Honest.

Who would trust a politician who actually told people they were now sincere and honest, as if it was some dynamic new forward-thinking innovation?

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Posted in: Fake fingers help ex-yakuza lead lawful life See in context

D'oh. >_<

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Posted in: Fake fingers help ex-yakuza lead lawful life See in context

They could do well if they work hard, even if they have lost some of their fingers.

It's doubtful that many of them could afford to spend $9000 every three months on fingers.

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Posted in: University conducts experiment on behavior of babies when shown an animation depicting bullying See in context

Rather than revealing the benevolent nature of mankind, the babies may have been drawn towards the weaker party because it gave them a feeling of superiority. Or that they have a better chance of survival if they distance themselves from the bullies.

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Posted in: Japan aims to attract more tourists from Islamic countries See in context

The Governer of Tokyo recently said:

"The only thing Islamic countries have in common is Allah and that they are fighting with each other, and they have classes."

I'm not sure that such comments will help to establish Japan as "a Muslim-friendly environment."

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the most annoying comedian in Japan? See in context

Toru Hashimoto.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest things or people's behavior you have seen in Japan? See in context

I saw someone give up the priority seat for someone in need once.

I'm serious.

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Posted in: Disaster relief funds used to count turtles, promote cheese, wine events See in context

Anyone else from outside Japan starting to feel stupid for donating?

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Posted in: Key facts about Japan's constitution, proposed changes See in context

Article 97 guaranteeing fundamental human rights would be deleted.

This is the really scary part. This could prohibit dissent or protest on the grounds that the government thinks it "violates the public order".

If the Japanese people decide that this is the way forward then they probably deserve it.

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Posted in: Japanese right-wingers protest against S Korean daily's A-bomb editorial See in context

Go back to the Korean peninsula!

Man, that's gotta hurt.

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Posted in: Being able to exercise our collective self-defense right would only put Japan in the same position as other countries around the globe. See in context

Hmm. Of course, changing Article 9 would also allow Japan the luxury of raging unprovoked war against China and Korea in the name of collective self-defense.

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Posted in: Companies Japanese people are most proud of See in context

And no Olympus? Are they not a company of great integrity and high ethics?

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Posted in: Guilty and never proven innocent – every male train rider's nightmare in Japan See in context

Brings to mind The Crucible.

In Japan if you want to ruin someone's reputation, employment status and family life, accuse them of groping.

Guilty or innocent, their life will be destroyed.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

Sometimes no matter how perfectly you ask a question in Japanese, you'll get an answer in English

Exactly. Often when trying my hardest to speak Japanese, I end up wondering why do I bother?

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Posted in: Children should be informed at schools of the possible danger of becoming a victim of a sexual offense if they become involved in such services. See in context

They should also tell them they could be the victim of a sexual offense if they ride the train.

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector arrested for groping 15-year-old girl See in context

It is regrettable that one of our own personnel has been arrested.

Not "it is regrettable that a girl was molested"

"It is regrettable that this has been brought to people's attention" probably more accurately conveys his thinking.

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