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Posted in: University lecturer found naked on campus in Tokyo See in context

As usual, Japan is a source of weird, sometimes perverted events. What kind of relationship that teacher had with that student? Definitely more than just friends if he would agree to take his closes off in front of her just like that. And what exactly was going through the mind of her parents? Our daughter is going to live with some teacher who is 30 years older, what could possibly go wrong...

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Posted in: WHO urged not to snuff out e-cigarettes See in context

E-cigarettes do contain toxins. If they don't "kill" as quick as regular ones, they still cause addiction and other side effects associated with nicotine. When normal cigarets started to become popular, I bet, there were many health experts who would claim that they aren't that bad, but what do we have today? In 5-10 years we will hear the real harm from e-cigarettes.

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Posted in: Should overweight people flying economy class be required to pay for an extra seat? See in context

It depends on how overweight we are talking here. If that person manages to fit into his/her seat and not get onto my seat, I'm fine. However, if that person is so overweight that he/she is about to take half of my seat, then that person ether needs to pay for two seats or plane should have seats for overweight people what is larger. In ether case, as long as I don't pay for others and don't suffer discomfort because of the others, I don't really care.

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Posted in: Abbas calls Holocaust 'most heinous crime' See in context

It is a crime indeed, but everyone tends to gang-up on Nazis, because Germany lost the war. Soviets had concentration camps and they killed people too! Also, consider this: Adolf Hitler killed about 17 million people, Jozef Stalin killed about 23 million, Mao Zedong killed about 78 million. I'm not defending Adolf Hitler here, but don't forget the others!

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Posted in: Japan says sex slave issue not a diplomatic topic after Obama comments See in context

I agree with Obama, and I disagree with Japan -- it is a diplomatic topic.

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Posted in: Outrageous behavior of 'monster' new company recruits See in context

Out of those reasons, the drinking parties part was the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while. Why do you even need an excuse to not participate in it? It is not part of your job! You've done your job, and it is up to you to use your free time in any form you want. Surely, company can arrange activities and invite you, but if you don't want to go to it, you have right to just don't go, without any excuses.

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Posted in: No change for now in Kishida's planned Russia visit See in context

Well, you will die one day, there will not be any change in these plans, so what's the point in you doing anything in your life then Mr. Yoshihide?

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Posted in: U.S. warns Russia against Ukraine intervention See in context

If "wars" involving Russia will end outside the Russia, they will move into Russia. As soon as tensions in Georgia and Ukraine will end, there's a chance those tensions will start in Russia, because Russian people will want a change too.

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Posted in: Women threaten sex boycott for any man who votes for Masuzoe See in context

Arguably, Japan is one of the few places in this world, where rotten sexists like this one can get away with saying such thing. Throughout the history and today, women have proven of being able to be successful politicians. A famous example would be Margaret Thatcher a.k.a. the Iron Lady, who successfully transformed UK's economy and ensured it's position as one of the financial centers in the world. Another example is Sarah Palin, who was a governor of Alaska and ran for a president of the USA. Her political views might not be shared by everyone, but nether less she's amazing person. Then there's current president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite, who won presidential elections by one of the highest margins. She's not married, has no children, is not a member of any political party, and has a black belt in karate.

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