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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

Good to see the posts here aren't painting this girl as a victim. She knew exactly what she was doing. Getting more and more common. Sad.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in for murder of wife one week after they married See in context

It's sad how when a man kills a woman he is scum but when a woman kills her child she is victim of society and she just needs help. talk about double standard.

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Posted in: Number of centenarians in Japan hits new high of 47,756 See in context

half of which have been dead for twenty years.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over death of 3-month-old daughter See in context

another day, another child murdered by their parents.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for paying junior high school girl for sex act See in context

and absolutely nothing will happen to the girl who sold herself. i see a lot of comments about the teacher but what about the girl? this is a huge problem in japan. nothing is going to stop underage girls from doing this when there are no consequences. these girls are knowingly breaking the law.

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Posted in: Man under investigation for child prostitution attempts suicide See in context

chewitup and Jimny1216 are right on. the girl was probably a middle school or high school girl selling herself willfully and will receive zero punishment. i wonder what percentage of the female population of japan has sold themselves in one way or another. i have a feeling the number would be huge.

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Posted in: Rally planned against Taiwan judges over alleged rape of Japanese student See in context

what an idiot. doesn't he know that only japanese men are allowed to rape japanese women?

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

Often these girls are "encouraged" to engage in certain extracurricular activities in order to raise their standing in the gravure world. Saying she wasn't able to find true love could be code for having become thoroughly disillusioned after becoming used and exploited.

i think lesgrande hit the nail on the head.

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