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Posted in: WHO: Small cancer risk after Fukushima accident See in context

When Fukushima power plants explored, Japanese government did not issue proper alert for evacuation. I still remember American embassy and foreign media repeated the risk of nuclear contamination. Who should be responsible for this ? If same things had happened in the US, thousands of residents would have sued a government.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 22nd of 54 countries in EF Global English Proficiency Index See in context

Any Japan Today's readers took this test ?

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Posted in: Schwa-chan is back See in context

Why does only Saori Yoshida show up ? Where is Kaori Icho ?

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan must negotiate on rice to join TPP talks See in context

Japan is too conservative to change the big issues. No need to worry about the negative side for opening rice market too much. It is the time to consider how to reform rice industry and make it effective in order to export rice to other countries.

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Posted in: Smog from China spurs new gov't guidelines on going outside See in context

According to TV news this morning, some of Korean companies have come to Japan to purchase high end air cleaners. Because Korea is nearer to China than Japan and Korea has been affected by air pollution much more than Japan. They said Korean companies do not have effective machine to prevent PM2.5. China and Korea need Japanese high technology.

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Posted in: Japan cast as villain in global currency war drama See in context

Japan is too honest in terms of world standard. Every country is doing the same to survive. Only Japan needs is to play a shrewd diplomatic game to handle not only the currency war but also politics of International Olympic Committee.

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Posted in: UNIQLO to open first store in Indonesia in summer See in context

One of the reasons why Uniqlo has become very popular in Japan is because their reasonable prices. Compared to Japanese market and other advanced countries' markets, the price standard in Indonesia is quite low. What is Uniqulo's strategy to promote their products ?

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