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Posted in: Unlicensed 16-year-old joyrider confesses to hit-and-run in Saitama See in context

I have a young neighbor who loves to joyride his bike at all hours of the nighttime and party late into the night and when I go to inform him that I can hear him and it's 2am and I need to get up at 6, he just nods his head, mumbles, "sorry," and the next night does the same thing. Maybe he is the culprit. Hope they both get jail time. Why is it that so many young boys don't understand common courtesy?

ExportExpert: Kuss? What does that mean?

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Posted in: Commercial space travel only a matter of time See in context

There’s something about space that appeals despite – because of? – its emptiness.

I want to go into space in order to travel to other populated worlds. I don't think you could really call it "empty."

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Posted in: Body part found in murder suspect's garage matches victim's blood type See in context

Did someone get the details wrong? The headline says that a body part was found in his garage, but the article doesn't mention it at all. In fact, it seems there was only a stabbing. A body part being severed indicates more than a stabbing.

Details, please?

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Posted in: Sarah Palin says U.S. due for a woman president See in context

I truly amazed people are just not done with this woman?

People are done with her, it's just that she's not done with herself.

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Posted in: Asia's moviemakers embrace 3D revolution See in context

Sounds like an interesting horror movie! But 3D? I'm kinda hoping that it's on it's way out. Regular movies are enough for me!

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Posted in: Two riot police officers arrested for molesting izakaya worker See in context

I agree that it doesn't seem very smart to have such a young girl working at an izakaya (essentially a bar). But if if she is mature enough to handle both a job and college at age 16, as it said in the article, then maybe she's mature enough to handle serving alcohol. She certainly proved it to some extent by reporting the crime. I'm proud of her for doing it, especially when the tendency is to shut up or cover it up. Good for her! Bad for the cops!

And sorry, but I have to say it, Psyops: I am not Japanese. But I live in Japan and it's my permanent home. I hope to live here until I die a hundred or so years from now, so I think that I have as much right as someone who was born here to try and shape the laws. That said, since I don't live there and don't plan to return there, I really have no business voting on laws to govern my birth-country, the US. So I don't. I choose my home to be Japan.

Hope some kind of strict punishment happens to these cops! Sure, I understand how "things can happen," but I've never been drunk to the point where I would allow myself to commit such a serious crime. (Not that most guys would complain if a nice-looking girl started molesting them in the bar, I'm sure, but still)

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Posted in: Man's head found in bag in Kanagawa vacant lot See in context

Janetto: I think they interviewed him that way so that he wouldn't be identified on tv and possibly hunted down by the killer and murdered too. Or he possibly asked to be anonymous.

Wow, this is awful news. It seems that severed heads are becoming a somewhat common find. It makes me a little scared to go out at night. Certainly too scared to go anywhere shady.

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Posted in: Tearful fans from Japan, other countries farewell Rain as he joins S Korean army See in context

That's too bad, really. I am not a fan of Rain, but I find it sad that anyone anywhere is forced to perform a job they don't choose. In the US, that's called slavery.

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Posted in: Toys“R”Us Japan See in context

I used to work for Toy's R Us in the states when I was a teenager. The japanese one sounds about 1000x better.

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Posted in: JAL to offer Uchi Cafe Sweets by Lawson in Premium Economy Class See in context

LOL I'm sure the 200yen sweet is worth the probably tensof thousands of yen in price hike.

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Posted in: Battle to sell iPhone heats up as Softbank undercuts KDDI on monthly fees See in context

I'm with Softbank, but I don't have a credit card. Then again, I began 7 years ago (have an iPhone4 now), so maybe the rules were different back then.

I'd like to see an article detailing the different plans they announced yesterday. There's an iPad2 one too, but I feel like I'm missing some nuance when I read the japanese version, and I can't find an english one.

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Posted in: U.S. eats: A taste of America in Tokyo See in context

I hope that all of these places are nonsmoking too. Of course, it's extremely unlikely, but I can still hope!

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Posted in: Takashimaya selling Y18.9 mil gold 'Osechiryori' boxes See in context

Sure, why not? Those that have money also have the right to choose how they spend it.

I'd personally rather buy a house or car, or maybe a REALLY nice bicycle for 200,000 yen. But I suppose if I had gazillions in the bank, why not? It would go well with the private jet, and maybe I could use it while sitting in the office at the new school I built in Africa.

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

Although, I suppose it won't have a lot of effect on me. I don't think I have a single friend who uses AU. Almost all of them are on Softbank, even the Japanese ones, and there are a scant few who are holding on to Docomo for some reason or other.

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

Now at least, using Viber, Softbank and AU users who use iphone will be able to talk to each other for free :)

I do wish that Softbank would lower their iPhone subscription rates. Who doesn't? Even though at 6,000ish yen, I still pay less than I ever did for a monthly bill in Japan.

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya's husband arrested for assault, property damage See in context

Sounds like he and Anna are perfect for each other! They both love to drink until they're so drunk they barely know what they are doing-- something Anna has said herself.

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Posted in: After a half-century in Hiroo, National Azabu to close Oct 31 See in context

Sorry, it's not Cheese Oukoki, it's Cheese Oukoku. :) My bad.

Their website is here: http://www.cheese-oukoku.co.jp/

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Posted in: After a half-century in Hiroo, National Azabu to close Oct 31 See in context

To be honest, one can find almost everything from Azabu at any Costco. Barring that, there's Seijo Isshi and a multitude of other stores. I still have trouble finding some things that I crave, but Amazon.jp and Rakuten are godsends y'all :) Aside from brand foods, you can find almost anything there. Even decently-priced frozen berries, and peppers!!

If you want cheese, Cheese Oukoki is a great chain store with branches open all over, usually at stations. A bit pricey, but the quality is great, and it's about the same, if not cheaper than Azabu.

But more than anything, I found that learning Japanese and reading the labels (a dictionary can also be useful) was the best thing I could have ever done! I can find almost everything I need for food in a regular supermarket, and my eyes were opened to a lot of new foods that I've fallen in love with. Unohana is now a staple in my house. :)

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Posted in: Miramax signs agreement to bring its films to Hulu subscribers in Japan See in context

When Hulu gets American tv shows on the day they air, then I'll sign up. Until then, well, there really is no option that is legal! I'd love a legal option!

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Posted in: Laughter really is the best medicine See in context

I agree, laughter really does help!

It's really a shame that a lot of the people I know just shrug it off, when really, a little laughter would do them a world of good!

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Posted in: Single females mean big bucks to Japan tourism See in context

Hmm. I traveled solo to China once, but met a friend while I was there (stayed at his house, but did almost all of my sightseeing alone). It was nice, but it did get lonely sometimes.

I do think, though, that I'll give it a shot within Japan before the end of the year! I take day trips into the city alone all the time (it takes long enough, should be considered a solo tabi!), but never overnight. It might be fun!

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Posted in: Sakura Police nab student for taking upskirt videos on escalator See in context

NetNinja- Actually, in that case isn't the problem with the people who aren't clean sitting down on trains? Rather than point fingers at the girls at least trying to look good (your mileage may vary), I would like to see people who wear obviously soiled clothing/smell really strongly (whether b.o. or perfume, either)/are otherwise dirty banished from the trains. I'm a girl, but I'd much rather see another girl in a short skirt than a guy who reeks of urine sitting on the seat across from me. Then again, that's just me! ^.~

Speaking as a girl who sometimes wears short skirts, it's to make my legs look longer. It's nice being able to emphasize the parts of my body that I like, and hide the ones that I don't. But even with a short skirt, I don't want guys to look at my panties or film them. If it's an accident, I accept that, but if some guy is so bent on seeing my panties that he has to film it... Why doesn't he just ask me out on a date instead and work for it?

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Posted in: Is the ongoing chaos in the global financial and stock markets having a negative effect on your livelihood? See in context

My income hasn't changed. My job hasn't changed. I haven't seen food prices go up (they're already too expensive!). So, I'd say, no. I wouldn't even know there was a "crisis" if people didn't keep commenting about it. I guess I'm lucky!

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Posted in: 'I Wish' director wishes Japan could recover all lost in quake See in context

Too bad it can never happen. Feelings can be changed, maybe, but you can't bring someone back to life who died. Yet.

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Posted in: Softbank no longer sole network as KDDI set for iPhone 5 See in context

I have been with Softbank for seven years, and had no real problem with them, even with my iphone4. If AU offers an amazing deal (like an even cheaper unlimited-use package, free calls to anyone in Japan no matter the network, AND a good deal to switch) then I might consider it. The free calls thing would be big-- that's the only thing that Softbank gouges on.

But most of my friends are on Softbank, so without the free calls, there would be no way that I'd switch.

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Posted in: You can't reinvent the burger; you can remake it See in context

Sad news for me. I can't eat ketchup or mayonnaise, but love mustard. T-T Oh well, at least when you special-order, you know the burger has been made fresh and not sitting around for a while!

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Posted in: Lonely youth take meals in toilets, and a new subculture springs up See in context

That's interesting about the goddess thing. I thought that Ishikawa Emi had made that up herself in her horror manga "Zekkyou Gakkyu a few years ago." I'm sad to find out that she just copied it from an old legend.

As for eating in the toilet-- I suppose I wouldn't mind eating in my own toilet. It's clean after all. But eating in a public toilet? Neeeeveeeeeerrrrr. So so gross.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura loses legal fight to block publication of photobook See in context

She's cute! I hope at least they are going to pay her royalties.

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Posted in: 366 million people worldwide now have diabetes See in context

I agree with JapanGal. It's awful that people develop diabetes at all. One of my best friends in the world has type 1, as does one of my ex-boyfriends.

But those that develop diabetes through a bad diet don't get my sympathy. Instead, they get my encouragement to develop healthy eating habits. I hope they do! It's hard when you're used to junk food, but I did it (and lost 30 kgs!), and I think that others can as well!

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