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Posted in: Uber loses at least $1.27 bil in first half of year: report See in context

Uber is in Tokyo. Just checked and car was available within 6 minutes

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman down, stealing her bag See in context

Is Japan so safe that this is worthy of reporting as news? Surely people get mugged every day. I'm always amazed by the personal tragedy headlines here about suicide, drink driving, murder etc, the likes of which is more appropriate to be reported in a local community newspaper.

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Posted in: ASKA pleads guilty to using, possessing drugs See in context

Eckie is Scottish for Ecstasy. 90 sounds a lot so in the UK too he would be in trouble. But why all the silly excuses about sleep. Can't he just say I take the because it's F-U-N. M-Y Body. M-Y business??

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy knocked off bike by man See in context

2 women injured by a tree. Boy knocked off bike: Is this NATIONAL news? Barely even worthy of a local community newspaper surely?!

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