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Posted in: Fans displeased with idol group’s debut single See in context

this is not news. It is in fact so irrelevant to anybody on the planet (or should be) and has no redeeming cultural significance whatsoever. Make it stop. Please.

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Posted in: Which profession in Japan seems to be in the news the most due to deviant or unlawful sexual behavior by its members? See in context

Perhaps the bad behavior by the police gets more media scrutiny because the public has higher expectations of these people? They are supposed to protect us, not sexually harrass us. Is it fair to expect that police officers have a higher moral compass than the rest of us? That said, practically every Japanese is expected to be married to their work, and law enforcement is probably one of the more stressfull jobs. It's not an excuse, but I think our men and women in blue probably don't have enough time off to be normal human beings, not unlike the rest of the country.

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Posted in: Things to put on your resume: college attended, previous work experience, favorite pop idol See in context

Including "hobbies" are sometimes OK on a resume. However, it's fair game to ask in the interview "so what is it about ____idol that inspires you?". Chances are the candidate will say some inane comment about their "cuteness" which is utterly uninspired and boring. Fail.

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

To those of you who think this kind of skimpy attire is a good idea, how would you feel about your own wife/daughter/sister/mother wearing this to work and having to bend over as she serves a customer? Not so sexy now me thinks...

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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

A very interesting post. Makes my wonder why I still choose to live here. Oh, that's right I have a great job. In my research I've looked at the issues of language proficiency and more friends. In most countries the better you speak the language the more local friends you have. This isn't necessarily the case for Japan. More important is intimacy, Most Japanese will not let strangers in, and as gaijin, we are lots stranger than the average Japanese. Most Japanese do not disclosure much personal information, which is practically a requirement for friendships and becoming closer to other people. The bottom line is that Japanese have a hard time developing new friendships with even other Japanese, let alone someone coming from a different country and culture.

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Posted in: How come Japanese couples don't say "I love you" to each other as often as their Western counterparts? See in context

Shouldn't the question be "why do Westerners need to hear 'I love you' all the time?" Is it that they are so insecure or mistrustful that their partner might suddenly stop loving them? Sounds a bit immature, regardless of cultural differences.

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Posted in: George Clooney appears in new ad for Kirin beer See in context

I wonder if George even aware that what he's stumping isn't even real beer. Oh well what's the difference--he's getting paid a princely sum. And only Japanese people will see it anyway...wrong!

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Posted in: Which celebrities -- Japanese and foreign -- are you tired of reading or hearing about? See in context

Most of them, but when the media shoves them down our throats it's hard to ignore sometimes. Particularly gag-worthy as of latel are Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. My eyes usually just glaze over when I read the names of Japanese celebrities because I have no idea who they are.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

I wonder how brainwashed certain people have become over the whole whaling issue. So far, if the whales being hunted are not on the endangered list and the IWC allows this practice then Japan has the legal right do keep doing what it's doing. I know, it really sucks. But for Sea Shephard to continue its current rendegade activites it's only going to escalate into further violence and injury. Those of you who happily donate money to them will be indirectly responsible for this violence.

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Posted in: The U.S. Embassy is reportedly reluctant to give NHK an interview with U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy because of controversial remarks about Japanese wartime history made by NHK governor Naoki Hyaku See in context

I'm glad the embassy will have nothing to do with NHK, hopefully for a while. These right-wing nut jobs who deny Nanjin and think that the sex slaves were not forced need to be put out to pasture. The problem is they are powerful and still in high positions and can at least indirectly influence the rest of the ignorant public, including students who know little or nothing about this period of history. It's no wonder China and Korea are up in arms over this. If this were Germans denying the Halocaust they would not only lose their jobs but be criminally prosecuted.

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Posted in: The Japanese seem to be of the view that whatever they do will not be enough to satisfy the Koreans, so why bother? See in context

Well, it's understandable. Koreans and Chinese diplomats have the expectation that they should receive some sort of apology at every encounter they have with Japanese. This is not only limited to diplomats. I knew Korean students who said they couldn't be friends with Japanese unless they had a deep understanding of the history of Japan's oppressive occupation of Korea. Good luck with making new friends....

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Posted in: What do you think about the way Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan? See in context

The guy isn't totally pampered. Sure he gets chocolate, but if the couple have dinner and later need to visit a hotel it's more than likely he will be paying the bill.

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Posted in: Hulu Japan offers not just movies, but a little education and awesome customer service too See in context

This article reads like an advertisement for Hulu--how about some balanced reporting? I signed up with Hulu last year, looked at what they had to offer and cancelled my subscription. I now have VPN so going to try Hulu US or Netflix.

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Posted in: What's your favorite coffee shop chain in Japan? See in context

People turn up their noses at Sutaba because they are the biggest chain and it reeks of a monopoly. But they are the only chain in Japan that is entirely non-smoking. They also tend to have larger stores, comfy chairs, and I would say a pretty decent drink selection.

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Posted in: Do you think the legal age of adulthood in Japan should be lowered to 18 instead of 20? See in context

I have asked my 18-19 year old Japanese students this question over the years: Do you consider yourselves adults? And invariably they say "no". They are not in any hurry to grow up, vote, make other big decisions or even that eager to consume alcohol. Is this in line with the rest of the (Western) world? No, but I'm not sure it should be either. However, come their 20th birthday, they had better start acting like an adult or at least be ready to accept more responsibility in their lives.

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Posted in: Girls bar owner arrested for employing middle school students See in context

"Being a middle school student must be hard. You’re not quite an adult but you’re definitely not a child either." How long has this journalist been in Japan? I ask my 18 & 19 year old university students if they think they are an adult, and the vast majority of them say "no". I'm glad the kids spoke up in this case.

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Posted in: X-rated Japanese erotica takes center stage at UK museums See in context

Are these permanent collections of the museums in question? I do hope they are brought back to Japan and an exhibition is done here. It is art history after all.

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Posted in: Tamori announces end of 'Waratte Iitomo' after 32 years See in context

Tamori looks pretty young for 68. I wonder what his secret is.

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Posted in: Two men rob ramen restaurant of Y234,000 See in context

That had to be more than one day's take for a ramen shop--why keep so much cash in the store? Kind of asking for trouble. But I hope they catch the culprits!

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Cigarette smoking has always been a nasty, dirty, habit. Yet some people still associate it with being "cool" and fashionable. It doesn't help when you see popular celebrities like Justin Timberlake in his new video taking a drag from a cigarette and throwing it into the street. What an irresponsible ploy to maintain popularity and "street credibility".

Smoking killed my mom, but even so I don't think I would completely ban it. BUT it must be done away from non-smokers in a completely segregated area or outside. I'm tired of having my dinners in restraunts ruined by noxious fumes of cigarette smoke. And if restaurants do not have designated non-smoking areas, smokers think it's their "right" to pollute the air. As people who hate smoke, we need to make our voices clear: we will not support businesses in Japan who do not have non-smoking sections, and we WILL actively support businesses who go non-smoking and hopefully the trend will catch on.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' parody 'Gaijin Style' hits the web See in context

pretty awful, unnecessarily vulgar. And about 6 months too late.

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Posted in: Airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia are under fire for their policy of moving men from seats next to unaccompanied children, causing humiliation to the passengers being moved. The airlines say the po See in context

The solution: If airlines decide to move someone for whatever reason they should get an automatic upgrade. That should keep everyone happy.

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Posted in: Monkees announce 1st tour since Davy Jones' death See in context

I suppose Micky can do Davy's vocals. Glad Nesmith is along this time. I'd like to hear "Listen to the Band" live.

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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

A strange case because it involves a female teacher. Unfortunately possession of child pornography is legal in Japan. Not sure what happens if you are the pornographer. This is why ethics courses are so important for teachers' pre-service education. I do hope she never works at a school again. But she probably won't do much jail time, if any.

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Posted in: How do you rate Japan's performance so far at the London Olympics? See in context

The gals are doing lots better than the guys, who are kind of disappointing this year. What happened to "Boys be ambitous!"?. Too many herbivores around these days...

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Posted in: Keisuke Kuwata to release greatest hits album See in context

I hope he includes tracks from his Kuwata Band days. I don't think they're even available on CD.

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Posted in: Energy unrest See in context

The consumption tax and now the nuclear issue. It's kind of remarkable that Noda has been in office this long. Although as most of us agree, his days are certainly numbered...

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Posted in: Best breasts and wings in town See in context

Gee thanks Japan Today! I now know where to go for my soft porn in the morning. The double entendre caption is oh so clever too!

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Posted in: What do you think of the decision to cancel Lady Gaga's concert in Indonesia? See in context

The reason Gaga gave for cancelling had more to do with concerns for safety of her and concert goers. Given that a large proportion of the violence in this world is perpetuated by fundamental Muslims I think she was justified. I feel bad for her fans in Indonesia, but the country's leaders are obviously not ready to embrace diversity and freedom of expression. So they can watch her concert on a pirated DVD instead. Maybe in a few more centuries...

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Posted in: Uniqlo has hit a ceiling domestically and can’t grow like before. They have to do something to get out of this situation, which is to set up shop in Ginza and show people they are back cooler than bef See in context

Uniqlo aleady has store(s) in Ginza, so I'm not sure what the "flagship" one will accomplish. Their clothes are of quality and functional, but not necessarily stylish or unique in any way.

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