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Posted in: Japan shocks Belgium with 3-2 victory See in context

Two great results and very positive performances from Japan this week. Hope they get England when the draw is made for Brazil- should help smooth the passage into the knockout stages.

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Posted in: Italy rallies from 2-0 down to beat Japan 4-3 in Confederations Cup See in context

Well played Japan. THey play football the right way. Needed to tighten up a little a 2-0, seemed to get a bit overconfident. Can't do that against Italy. Hopefully this will give them more self-confidence about what they can achieve now and they can go out against Mexico and put up a performance that lets the watching world sit up and take even more notice. A great game to watch.

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Posted in: Brazil beats Japan 3-0 in Confederations Cup opener See in context

Not better than Belgium.

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Posted in: Japanese media slam 3-0 loss to Brazil See in context

And what, exactly do the media expect to happen in a year's time?

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Posted in: Brazil beats Japan 3-0 in Confederations Cup opener See in context

No. Not if you're Japan and they're Brazil.

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Posted in: Man arrested for running online high school prostitution ring See in context

Good. But what happens to the girls in all of this? They get off scot-free with a yoshi yoshi ruffle of the hair and allowed to keep the cash, whatever luxury brands they bought with it and the freedom to get on with the job wherever else they can find it? Surely we need more education as to what they are doing is wrong (it is hardly likely that they are being co-erced into this) and that we can't just brush under the carpet the fact that there are sukebe oyaji, hen na jijis out there. Bang them up with hefty fines is what I say.Make people afraid to break the law and they might stop doing it. As for the cop, he should be in jail. Is this a joke?

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Posted in: Brazil beats Japan 3-0 in Confederations Cup opener See in context

Anyone who criticizes Japan (particularly Japanese people) for losing three-nil to Brazil away and in such circumstances, either has no idea what they are talking about or is totally delusional. Yes , Japan has made great strides over the last 15 years and is on the right path but there is a long way to go. I remember Hidetoshi Nakata crying after a defeat to Brazil that knocked Japan out the 2006 World Cup in Germany, promptly retiring at the young age of 29 and complaining that he truely believed this was Japan's time blah blah blah and he couldn't give any more. A very short sighted and typically Japanese assessment, from a player who would have struggled, despite being head and shoulders the best player in Japan, to make the starting line-up of any World Cup winning team in history. Did you ever see Cruyff, Eusebio, Messi, Ronaldo, Puskas, Platini, or the like have such a self -absorbed opinion of themselves?Japan need to learn that you don't just need to want to win it to win it. A lot of tears have been shed over football in more passionate and deserving football nations than Japan. The day I see kids not quitting soccer (sic) over shuji or soroban is the day I'll know Japan are really on the right path.Honda and Kagawa are very good players, but you'll need to fill the rest of the team with nine players better than them to win the world cup. It doesn't mean they can't win a one-off game against most teams in the world but in the world cup they'll pretty much have to win 6 or 7 in a row against the best teams in the world. Which means improving on their performance in SouthAfrica by 5-10 times at least That's the reality. So lower your expectations and let them get on with it. Japan are at a great level at the moment, why not just enjoy that? You are like England and US, if you're not the best, whats the point. And if you cannot enjoy lesser glories, you are doomed to a sad life as a football fan. Going out to Paraguay on penalties is not close. Lose away to Jordan and if you were a European team in qualifying it would be an immediate bye bye, sayonara to the world cup. So get a grip and support the team for the great job they are doing. And if its not enough, stick to baseball. Rather you and me. signed, a long suffering soldier of the tartan army.

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Posted in: Brazil beats Japan 3-0 in Confederations Cup opener See in context

We still have a loooooong way to go judging from this game :(

A long way to what? Winning the world cup? Being the best team in the world? Yes you do. It won't happen in your lifetime. Sorry.

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Posted in: U.S. puts jets in Jordan, fueling Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone See in context


Hope there is an exit strategy before we going in

who is we?

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Posted in: U.S. considers no-fly zone in Syria See in context

Circumventing the UN to do this unilaterally (and with a certain Russian veto they will have to) the US will only further undermine international law, as they did in Iraq. Then they will claim that they are compelled to act (to alleviate human suffering blah blah blah) because of the "restrictions" on what the UN are able to do. As justification for illegal intervention. Sketchy evidence of limited chemical weapons use, DOES NOT GIVE THE US ANY RIGHT TO BECOME INVOLVED, without the full consent of the security council. If Russia wants to block it, that sucks for the US, but it IS THE WAY IT HAS TO BE until a better system can be implemented. Iraq was a hugely dangerous precedent and one which gives self-vindification to the US that they can override the UN with impunity, deciding for themselves what is or is not in fact "legal." It is a cultural arrogance backed by political and financial clout, shouting bloody murder from the mountaintops when countries like Iran and North Korea are in violation of UN resolutions but merely dismissing the UN framework when it suits them. Don't forget that the United States has the power and uses the power of its own veto on the Secutity Council too. Whereas the system is far from perfect the veto provides a best-we-have system of checks and balances to maintain lawfulness-and in this case the key legal concern is the unsolicited involvement in a countries internal affairs. Further undermining the authority of the UN will only serve to diminish respect for the institution and legitimise the big fat middle finger which the likes of North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya and the US increasingly like to brandish at it. What happens then when Russia or China decide to get involved in internal national conflicts without UN backing? The system needs reform, yes, but its partial or God forbid complete breakdown would spell DISASTER and a huge backwards step for all of HUMANITY. The US has three options: 1) Get the Russians (and Chinese) onside. Unfortuately this means there has to be something in it for them. It's easy to criticize their stance but they're not going to budge when their huge financial investments in Syria (yes including those massive defence contracts) are going to be compromised. It's not oil they're after but they are (rightly) hugely sceptical of American motives, the increasing Americanization of the region, and tipping of the balance of sheres of influence. The Americans need to give them certain assurances and its dirty stuff, but that is politics. And if that doesn't work 2) Take leadership in reform of the UN and in particular of the Security Council. That won't happen because with their holier-than-thou attitude they are NOT going to give up their own veto on the Council. 3) Offer all the support they can which is legitimate under international law and given explicit legitimitization by the international community. This does not extend to deciding for themself what is and is not acceptable. It must still be sanctioned by the UN and including the support of Russia and China. Unilateral no-fly zones do not meet this criteria.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific See in context

Used to be one of the cheapest ways to get to Europe. Not anymore. Emirates is the way to go if you want cheap and (relatively) direct. Great for kids too.

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Posted in: Tokyo Marui comes to play with replica sniper rifles, pistols and grenade launchers See in context

@bass funk No one has the natural "right" to own these things though they are legal, just as no-one has the "right" to own the real thing. No one has the natural "right" to own a bag of "fake weed" though its legal, just as no-one has the "right" to own a bag of heroin. No one has the "natural right" to drive a car, just as no 12 year old has the "right" to drive a car. In democratic societies, rights are there to be granted and to be taken away, by the process of law. So, though I don't wish to speak for jojo, I guess its pretty obvious that he (or she?) is for infringing peoples "rights" in this case. So what? Are you saying you saying you believe that children have the right to be sold cigarettes and alcohol, or that dirty old men should have the right to buy child pornography? What you say is nonsensical. Are you an anarchist? Somebody has to decide what "rights" we have, Democracy, where it works is quite a good a useful tool for this purpose. It's also worth remembering that 99% of the world outside of the US is quite happy not to have the "right" to bear arms. And where did that "right" come from anyway. A few dudes sitting round a table, amending a constitution has no bearing on what happens in Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. That may be news to a lot of Americans.. Amending the law is the issue here, so if you don't agree, go ahead and let your voice be heard but, please, give it a rest on peoples "rights."

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Posted in: Germany most popular country in the world; Japan No. 4: BBC poll See in context

If you look at the actual poll, Germany overtaking Japan at the top was largly due to a relatively large negative swing for Japan rather than any great increase in Germany's popularity. Wonder if Mr Hashimoto has any thoughts on that. In the interests of fairness though, wasn't quite as bad as China's.

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Posted in: At least 91 dead in Oklahoma City tornado See in context

And btw I dont speak for Christians, I speak for myself.

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Posted in: At least 91 dead in Oklahoma City tornado See in context

Sorry to offend your christian sensibilities luca. The question always irks me, and I thought this was an apt retort on about the same level. Couldnt be bothered coming up with a proper response, but I shouldnt have taken the bait. Perhaps you can provide a better answer.

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Posted in: At least 91 dead in Oklahoma City tornado See in context

Where is God through all these disasters? Everywhere. In your heart and soul. And busy preparing beds for little children in heaven.

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Posted in: Name your best soccer team of all time. Would David Beckham be in it? See in context

lev yashin --- carlos alberto, franco baresi, franz beckenbaur, paolo maldini --- cristiano.ronaldo, zinedine zidane, maradona, messi --- ronaldo pele

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Posted in: Miura begins third assault on Mount Everest See in context


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Posted in: Hashimoto says he lacked sensitivity to U.S. perception of prostitution See in context

Perhaps he might like go a step further and agree that the Japanese Imperial Army's

"international sensitivity was quite poor when" they "had to operate beyond national borders” too.

Maybe he (and others) will start to realise that what other cultures see as "sordid" Japanese values have no place on the international stage. Then perhaps he will realise that nothing short of a full retraction and apology for his comments is in any way acceptable.

In most civilised democracies his resignation would also be a minimum expectation, that is how to apologise with dignity. However, we all know that cultural sensitivity has never been one of Japan's strong points and that partial retractions and apologies are merely a tool to protect the proverbial political skin. I wish the people here would wake up and hold their elected officials to slightly higher standards.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy commended by police for rescuing woman from train groper See in context

Judging by some of the comments I've had deleted for "inappropriate language," I'm surprised to see the use of the term "pissed off" in this article. On another note, I wonder how relieved the cops were when when they turned up that the perpetrator wasn't one of their own. Good on you Ryoga kun.

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Posted in: Don’t like drinking with the boss? No promotion for you See in context

Wouldn't the workforce be much more efficient and productive if they were encouraged to go home (or wherever they feel like) and relax, rest up and get a good night's sleep and be fresh for the job in the morning? A boost to the economy and to the lives of the guys who have to endure this.

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Posted in: Official sends out missile alert instead of earthquake alert See in context

Can't say I see the funny side of this at all.

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Posted in: Yokohama mistakenly tweets North Korean missile launch See in context

Looks like the national security plan is as good as the nuclear disaster preparedness plan.

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

We Japanese know it is important to consider other people and how they may judge us. So, when we make tatemae, foreigners think "it is lie", but really it is only kindness, to help smooth life.

Thats what Japanese like to think, in essence it is often true but in practice we would be hard pushed to find the kindness in many cases.

The principle of honne and tatemae can be admirable in avoiding undesired awkwardness and confrontation and a lot of foreigners would be well advised to get a grip on it, but it tends to lend itself as a simple self-serving justification for many Japanese to lie and as a cultural vindication for it- which does not exist in other cultures.

But it's not kindness when promises are not fulfilled on the grounds of bullshit excuses, when there was never any intention to fulfill them in the first place. "Yeah, thats only your starting salary, but with satisfactory performance you will soon be making much more..." It will be argued that it is not a lie because the levels of performance were not met, no doubt never fully intimated and with the bar set impossibly high, but we are now seriously starting to stretch the limits of credibility. And this kind of thing happens all the time in Japan. It's lies, the Japanese are wont to tell them and its no wonder they are near the top of the league.

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Posted in: Tattoo artist gets 19 years for fatally assaulting Nepalese man in Osaka See in context

"Fatally assaulting," "causing the death of". Lets call a spade a spade here- they murdered the poor man.

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Posted in: Japan shocked by IOC decision to body slam wrestling See in context

Get rid of synchronised swimming, table tennis, rythmic gymnastics and volleyball too and there might be time on NHK to show some decent sport at the next olympics. I remember when Usain Bolt was creating sporting history in Beijing, we were being subjected to some live womens volleyball quarter final crap. Wrestling at least is a sport in the true olympic spirit, however perhaps not enough people are interested in watching it.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

love it!

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Posted in: Gov't suspends 35 dubious reconstruction projects See in context

Subsidies for a "contact lens factory in another region". No wonder they're keeping the wraps on what the rest of "dubious" contracts were.

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Posted in: Family of 5 found dead in sealed van See in context

er, of course they could have taped themselves in...cars have windows to wind up and down don't they?

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Posted in: 'Fifty Shades' aiming to seduce Japan See in context

This book might well be worth a shuffle through : )

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