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Posted in: Gov't says no to free medical care for children under 18 in Fukushima See in context

Perhaps I'm the only one but I actually agree with the government here. Why should a perfectly healthy kid in Fukushima get priority over a sickly kid in, say, Miyagi? Of course extra funds should be earmarked for radiation-related illnesses and be allocated as and when they rear their ugly heads but this is a step too far. People need to think with their heads. I'd like to see this government start to honour some of their election promises before giving away free cash like this. People knock the government's use of taxpayer money to bailout TEPCO, but who would they cry to when their electric bills start to go through the roof?

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs, paint at Japanese whalers See in context

"threw paint and foul smelling acid" How dare they! They should retaliate with bamboo sticks and grappling hooks!

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Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

Make the pirates walk the plank, I say.

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Posted in: TEPCO asked to consider coming under temporary state control See in context

This should, of course have been done the minute the reactors blew and it was evident that there was a national emergency unfolding (notwithstanding the earthquake and tsunami destruction). All those crying out for TEPCO heads perhaps don't realise that this is exactly what the authorities in Japan like to hear, letting TEPCO be the scapegoat and deflecting attention from the government's failings, with criminally inadequate safety standards and regulation enforcement, and a woeful disaster management plan. It was the government who failed to enforce standards and regulations on TEPCO before the disaster, it was essentially the government's failing. When it was apparent that TEPCO could not control the problem, the government should have been in a position to suit up and step in immediately. I cannot imagine that governments in Europe or America would allow a private company to let such a farce develop. The government is still ticking Tepco off from time to time. Ticking them off!! With thousands of lives and livelihoods on the line the continual "mistakes" should never have been allowed to happen. So I suggest directing your ire at the Japanese government.

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