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Posted in: Japan's Pacific bluefin tuna fishing quota to remain unchanged See in context

Japanese understand overfishing about as much as they understand plastic comes from fossil fuels

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Posted in: It’s already snowing in Hokkaido See in context

The only downside was no internet unless I went to the city

I’ve been to some remote areas of Hokkaido, but they still had LTE...

Andrew Crisp I know, right?! It’s never ever snowed in Hokkaido in August before, the planet’s climate must not be getting any warmer, but colder. Permafrost in Siberia is melting for the first time in over 15,000 years because it’s getting colder

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Posted in: Is there an equivalent of the Japanese word 'natsukashii' in other languages? See in context

read this article on the original website last week and thought it was ridiculous, based on a few random Twitter users. So glad it made it over to JT so we can all roast it

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Posted in: Phone service providers to be required to unlock used smartphones See in context

Japan 10 years behind on this. I was lucky to bring an unlocked iPhone from America with me, but wow the people at au were so hesitant to activate it on their network as if they had never seen an unlocked phone before.

The big carriers have way too much control in this country, but most consumers are clueless about MVNO's and keep paying Docomo/Softbank/au whatever they ask

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Posted in: Honda says he wants to play for Japan at Tokyo Olympics See in context

oh come on, Honda's been spiraling down the road of retirement for a while now, hope the JFA lets a younger player participate instead. He was getting worse at Milan (and the whole team has been awful for years), was average in Liga MX, and now the competition in the A-League is a few steps below the J-League... he won't be competitive in 2 years!

Also, who researches these articles? Honda has already joined Melbourne Victory.

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Posted in: Japan asks Russia to reduce military activity on disputed islands See in context

Japan is just desperate for more land. The Kurils and Sakhalin used to be in habited by native tribes, and Japan failed to win its imperialistic wars. The Soviets forced their less-than-adequate communist party members to relocate to these islands, so today the land should belong to the current residents who are Russian.

You can go to the Old Government Building in Sapporo and see that Japan only ever had some lumber mills set up on Sakhalin.

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Posted in: This is what a ¥10,000 Tokyo bento boxed lunch looks like See in context

These don't even look that special for these prices! My friend's dad is a chef at an upscale Japanese restaurant here in Sapporo and their 5000yen obento look so much more elegant and the flavor is unbelievable. These look like the type of products bought Japanese people who are just obsessed with name brands and making sure their friends know they shop at places like Daimaru...

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Posted in: Djokovic slams Wimbledon crowd after being booed See in context

Djokovic has had "problems" with crowds at every major tournament, even when he was #1. He's just got a massive ego and he always reacts poorly to fans not liking him. Embarrassing for him but he's making a ton of money so w/e

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Posted in: Japan should stop poking its nose into the issue of the Korean Peninsula. As long as Japan refuses to redeem the past, its top task, it will be left alone in the region. See in context

Crazy as they might be, they’re not entirely wrong.

“Don’t worry about the splinter in your neighbor’s eye when there’s a log in yours”

-Gandhi (maybe)

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Posted in: Have you had any bad experiences using Airbnb? See in context

I’ve used it in Fukuoka and it was seamless.

My parents and my sister’s family are visiting in a week and both of their AirBnB reservations were cancelled (my parents’ on the 10th day prior minimum). What a nightmare it has been trying to find other accommodations in this crowded, high-density country.

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Posted in: K9 Natural: Premium food for pet dogs, cats See in context

I think Japan still needs to accept high-end dry foods before people here start making the pricey jump to freeze dried raw food.

Most people here have small dogs and spend exorbitant amounts on fashion for themselves, so I think the dog food industry is failing to educate pet owners.

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Posted in: Ex-American football coaches banned from competition for life See in context

Not like it matters, since this is such a fringe sport for a few small university clubs, but I feel like the 20-year-old who carried out the hit should be punished more. The coaches have definitely been punished enough, yet everything they’re being punished for is basically unproven and relies on hearsay. The 20-year-old actually injured the other player on camera and should be criminally charged.

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Posted in: Kimono firm chief arrested after furor on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

zichi : "greed"? He's awful at running a business to the point of having to falsify financials in order to obtain a loan to keep his company afloat, but that's not what greed is...

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Posted in: Do you think we use too many plastic bags in our daily lives and what do you do to cut back on the use of such bags, especially when you go shopping? See in context

Japan is the land of hydrocarbon materials, from overpackaging almost every item sold at the grocery store to the amount of discarded PET bottles and umbrellas.

jcapan made a great point that while recycling all these PET bottles and “pu-ra” plastics seems environmentally conscious, it actually takes a ton of additional energy to recycle them and it would be infinitely better to just use less plastic in the first place.

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Posted in: String quartet performs with instruments made from tsunami debris See in context

did this actually help victims or rebuilding of the affected area, or did it just "pass on feelings"?

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Posted in: How do you think Japan will do in the World Cup? It is in Group H with Colombia, Poland and Senegal. See in context

Japan will lose every game in their group unless some sort of miracle happens. They lost to Ghana, which is a team made up of guys who play for clubs in Africa except for a couple, but Senegal has some serious talent. Poland and Columbia will easily move on.

Japan’s squad is just too old and not very physical.

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Posted in: Premier League coaching power boosts England's World Cup chances See in context

Pochettino also developed Kyle Walker into the star player he is today. He was just a pair of fast legs before Poch came to Spurs

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Posted in: Ramadan and the challenge of fasting for Muslim World Cup players See in context

Can’t imagine trying to play a match towards the end of the day that requires ~2000 calories when I haven’t eaten since 4am... True dedication to their faith

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for abandoning dismembered body of mother along Shiga riverbed See in context

The overall crime rate might be low, but the murders are always so extremely sadistic

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Posted in: Murder suspected in death of rich man dubbed Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

lol he was “dubbed” Don Juan by himself... what a sad life

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Posted in: Over 75% of Japanese women say they’ve slept with a male coworker: survey See in context

Women who use a dating website in Japan is a terrible sample to run statistics off of haha this article is pointless

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Posted in: Japan's 3 megabanks consider operating ATMs jointly See in context

I was shocked by how archaic banking is in Japan when I first got here. Hopefully their need for streamlining helps push them towards the 21st Century banking standards you see in other first world countries...

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