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it pathetic that masks are still worn if so many people are vaccinated. It does not make a difference anymore to wear or not because these paper masks will not help. FFP2 masks are better but must be worn properly.

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How to save energy on switching off the Aircon? It is better to leave it on a higher temp then switching off and blast at night again. Secondly, what about all the neon lights and huge advertisement screen in the city? The many unnecessary traffic lights at night and even during the day. There is some much more that can be done. Insulation of the houses, it is horrible; in the winter is freaking cold in the house and in the summer one cannot tough the wall due to the heat. Good luck with current heat wave and the next one that will come soon.

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The figure sounds nice, but i have absolutely not trust in this. The number of test is extremely low so it is fake. The virus has not gone yet, it is just a matter of figures. Of course I would be jumping for joy if this would be real and we can get ride of masks and all the shields and open up normal bar times etc. But there is still no plan here. So low number doesn't mean a thing if there is no plan afterwards.

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Then they have align on how to proof the vaccine because not everyone in Japan received the vaccine in Japan. But in principle as seen in EU, without vaccine access will be limited. It is the same with other deceases. We get all kinds of shots when born and growing up. So this is Covid is just one of them.

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The JP government needs to understand that Covid will not disappear completely. So infected people will continue, but their illness will not be so severe. It is about hospital occupation. The more people are vaccinated the better. It is time Japan opens up, it has become too isolated.

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So because there is a leadership change inside a political party, they will extend the state of emergency?! How can this be justified?

Suddenly the day after closing of all the (Para-) Olympic events, numbers in Tokyo are much lower and it is clear that rise of number has nothing to do with restaurants and bars not serving alcohol. Stop this nonsense please and move on with life. 

To all Japanese voters, please chose a real leader who can make a change and not a new puppet / clown.

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So far Suga san has not proved to be a convincing leader who can manage the country and stir it into the right way. Japan did not look good at the international political platforms. Now the way should be clear for a new generation - younger more progressive leader (perhaps a woman would be best for this mail chauvinistic country) who is willing to make the change.

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Why is it so difficult to have the vaccine program rolled out? This should have been the JP-government first priority. People are still struggling to make an appointments for their first shot, it is ridiculous.

The trains are full and people are sniffing, with masks only it will not help. For long Japan thought by just wearing a mask and disinfecting hands it would be sufficient. In the end it is the vaccine rate that will bring the numbers down.

Also, the way Japan is treating their own people and foreign residents who were tested and have been fully vaccinated is really unbelievable. In the mean time there is no clear strategy yet how the JP government wants to move forward with fully vaccinated people. There is QR code yet like in EU. There is no incentive for people who are vaccinated.

So a lockdown is just a temp measure but will not help the principle of the problem. I expected so much more of Japan especially since there is an excellent logistic system but this is completely put a side and traditional bureaucracy stops everything from moving forward.

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How many people are tested? The number of test have always been low, therefore the number of infections have been limited. If suddenly the number of tests are increased then obviously the rate goes up.

On the other hand it clearly shows that the State of Emergency and no alcohol policy is successful -- NOT.

It is all so predictable but foremost, the roll out of the vaccines is an embarrassment for Japan, should have been well prepared with Japans logistic system.

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I know some Japanese who wanna wait for the Japanese vaccine, being told by medical professionals it would be safer.

This is so typical for Japan, must make something else. The whole world can use the vaccines. The local companies are making the vaccines from Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. So it is same. Main issue, we need so called coupons. What will happen on Saturday...telephone lines and websites will be overwhelmed and down due to high demand. And again an empty vaccine location. Getting tired...


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Are they for real? Does not make any sense that the elderly outside Tokyo will travel twice for just a shot a bit centre. Already the trains are full. Another joke from the indecisive JP government. But will keep all the foreigners out.....except for the Olympic games.

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This is just political. Instead of giving these millions of vaccins to their own citizens but they are scared even though produced locally. Not enough man-power is bad excuse. You do not have to be a specialist to add this vaccin into the body. But the administration is ridiculous and it takes hours for people to register an appointment. People without internet are lost and have to ask the neighbours for support. Very poor preparations while the government had almost one year to prepare the logistics.

Anyway, it is better to give the vaccins away than throwing away.

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How about the other athletes? Will the teams from India also be allowed to just come? Where is the level playing field among all the athletes? It is not fair that some of the team are not able to keep in shape and practice. For this reason alone, the Olympics should be cancelled now. But this early arrival is a political statement to push the Olympics forward now no matter what.

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With a vaccine?! By when? After the games for the people below 65? And a test at the pharmacy cost 16500 yen per test per person. Or between 30000-40000 at a private clinic. Something is really wrong here....

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And than after 3 months the big centers are not necessary any more? What is wrong with this country? Why people are not upset and making big noise about the incompetence for the JP government. Every news and initiative at the moment makes things really worse. Need to find an alternative to get the vaccine because here it will take forever.

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The IOC is a very corrupt organisation which is only looking for money. There is nothing left from the original Olympic thoughts. The arrogance is enormous and that to ignore the people's opinion is just wrong. Sad but true. And the JP government should just bare the costs, loose face and move on. Their priority should be to take Japan out of its pandemic and getting the vaccins out to the public.

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Sorry this is rubbish, many people do want the vaccines and do trust the Pfizer vaccine. But the government is just very unprepared on the roll out. There are too many made up excuses. Dentist have offered to help but it is not accepted. Adding the injection is very simple. Training a person takes less than an hour. So use the army, first aid volunteers, hospitals, doctors, dentist.

Japan is excellent in their logistic services, look at the delivery chains. They can support as well. But communication and cooperation seems almost impossible. Too much talk and finding reasons not to do it instead of just doing it.

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Posted in: China tells Bach it hopes Tokyo Olympics will be held despite pandemic See in context

China has not interest in Japan or it's people. So they just want to show to the world that they are ready. Japan is not ready but will those old men cancel the Olympics and loose face.....No way the Japanese will do this. The athletes have been training for years for this event and are naturally selfish about it otherwise you cannot reach the top. However, it is just not ethical at this moment. If the government would have roll out a fast and solid vaccin program it might have worked. But JP government failed tremendously. Furthermore, it is sad to see that the IOC has become the corrupt money making machine as it currently is. Not the people are important but sponsors and money. The IOC said that even though the majority of the people in Japan don't want the games, it would not be a reason to cancel. How ignorant can you be! I was existed to be here during the event and watch, but now I am just very disappointed.

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Signed it. I normally love the OG but this is absolutely not the right time and place.

Also, OG should be setup differently, it is such a burden on each host city and high risk for getting into deep depths. Changes are necessary, start now.

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When will they start with vaccinations? Testing is still very difficult and expensive, but they promised to test athletes every day testing? By who? How unfair is this? The world is considering travel Covid-19 passports but here in Japan there is no idea. Is Japan a developed county or not (any more)...

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On Wednesday there was the OC test event in Sapporo with international athletes and now they want to include Hokkaido to the list. This government is completely lost and does not have the balls to just cancel OS and start executing vaccinations. There is still not clear plan for vaccinations. At the same time trains are full with office workers and students, but restaurants and bars must be closed....logic?

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It is so amazing that after more than a year the JP government is so ill prepared to role out the vaccins.

People need and want to travel freely and this vaccin has become mandatory to go back to 'normal'. So instead of organising the worst OC ever, focus on role out. Use of armed forces and medics all over. It is very simple to add these vaccins. Japan can do much better than this. But in so many ways, it is going more and more backwards. Sad to see the great country failing is most essential thing.

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