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Jan Claudius Weirauch comments

Posted in: Egyptian visitor See in context

I agree with M3M#M3 but also think he should not get a stage in Japan, as he does not stand for the same values.

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Posted in: Man arrested for uploading video of himself driving at over 170 kph See in context

I did that speed during my driving lesson in Germany...

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Posted in: 183 bogus phone calls over pension data leak reported See in context

The question is how many case have not been reported...

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Posted in: McCartney says he's given up pot See in context

Why he only had to spend 10 days in jail while everyone else has to spend 10 years in jail, when entering Japan with pot? To famous to be jailed?

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Posted in: Honda mounts ad blitz to urge repair of Takata airbags See in context

I got a letter from Honda with the request to to change the airbag.

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Posted in: Japan accepts just 11 asylum seekers from record 5,000 applications in 2014 See in context

Well I hope Japanese people will never need to ask for asylum in another country, because they are also not prepared to deal with this "special folks" as one poster mentioned earlier.

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Posted in: Japanese workers get smaller share of corporate earnings despite record profits See in context

They could just adjust minimum wage +500yen/hour or so, and hire a bunch of people to research violations. But they will never do that as they benefit from low pay and they can control people better who have no choice but work for less.

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Posted in: Sony announces DVD 'Freedom Edition' of 'The Interview' See in context

I just watched it, not worth the hype. Just a big provocation to the regime...

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Posted in: From Japan, the joy of minimalism at home See in context

It's nice to have a clean minimalist place to live as an adult! If she where to have kids at some point they must be allowed to make a mess sometimes or have toys not instantly needed.

There are two extremes, on is the mess where you can barely see the floor and the other is where everything is almost sterile and clean all the personal stuff is gone too.

If you keep a basic order and can vacuum you house once in a while and trow away old fast food and used office supply's and so on you are good to go.

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Posted in: 40 injured as strong typhoon batters Okinawa See in context

We have seen surfers in Okinawa today - Sunday

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Posted in: AKB48 recruiting part-timers for Y1,000 per hour See in context

Okinawa minimum wage is about 630yen...

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Posted in: Diet enacts bill lowering referendum voting age to 18 See in context

Young people won't vote for there grand grand parents, generally a good move but the people affected won't care.

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Posted in: Divers begin pulling bodies from sunken ferry See in context

If Salvage divers become emotional they cannot help anyone, if family's of victims blame the government because of there emotions they prevent them from helping. I understand they can't thing rational at this moment...still it's not helping. I don't know Koreans so I wont judge.

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Posted in: Divers begin pulling bodies from sunken ferry See in context

But than again, if said conditions are true bad visibility, strong currents and a depth of 45m or more, it's not exactly an easy task to dive in there, also keep in mind a ferry has many biodegradable things on Bord, such as food blankets etc. This stuff creates immense hazards when diving, Also this would be an overhead environment, that means the diver(s) can not go up to the surface. To spend time on the wreck they need to breath special gasses such as a helium-Oxygen-nitrogen mixture (Trimix), Also think of Fuel tanks which might be leaking and a structure which is not made to be lain upside down on the ocean floor. So in therms "the government not doing enough" what do they want the government to do? Make the prime minister dive? It must be very hard on all the family's but salvaging this ship and survivors is nothing you can do in a few days, think of Costa Concordia which did not even sink all the way, still working on getting the wreck away almost 3 years after the incident.

I'm just a normal dive instructor not a salvage diver, it's probably more complicated as mentioned.

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Posted in: Australia, NZ fear Japan may try to sidestep whaling ban See in context

Or MAYBE Japan was just looking for a legitimate reason to officially get out of the whaling program such as a court order, in order to not bow to Sea Shepherd but safe face and safe money on the useless hunt.

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Posted in: No. of foreigners arrested for crimes in Japan up by 8% in 2013 See in context

How many more gaijin did enter Japan compared to the year before?

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Posted in: Train platform door tech promotes safety See in context

But most of the people wanting to die, do it because they never got the attention in live they craved...so in there mind this is a great way to die.

Not at all, I would be worried about kids standing on the platform having to witness such an act of self destruction.

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Posted in: Body believed to be missing Japanese diver found in Indonesia See in context


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Posted in: Ministry to name firms refusing to raise wages See in context

Why don't they just rise the minimum wage? That would benefit all the part time workers etc. The people who get huge bonuses such as employees of Toyota are a minority, the people who work for minimum wage without proper contracts and benefits are a majority, obviously big scale employers of those people, for example convenience store chains would dislike this a lot.

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

I was Scuba Diving in Okinawa back than, today I did the same dive as I did back than...I only hear about it after.

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Posted in: Japan to halve tuna catch in northern Pacific See in context

Unbelievable, they finally talk sense...

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Posted in: Yakuza gang membership falls to record low See in context

Maybe they just died because of age...

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Posted in: Japan's embrace of Russia under threat with Ukraine crisis See in context

That what they always did talk about and will for time being until the system as we know it will collapse.

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Posted in: M6.7 earthquake hits north of Okinawa See in context

The building code might be the same, but the knowledge of the construction workers in Okinawa is not to be compared at all.

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Posted in: Bali boat captain arrested for leaving Japanese divers See in context

Earlier it was written that the boat went back to shore to be refueled. So it is negligence, captain could have done that before commencing the trip.

And after all the divers ascended after only 30min. Even there is a strong current the might only traveled 3-5km in this time and the boat could have followed even with low fuel as you go with the current not against it.

Glad the arrested him, harms the reputation of this industry and everyone who is doing diving and boating, like me, for a live.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese divers found alive; 2 still missing off Bali See in context

It was negligence for the boat operator to leave without enough fuel for the trip. IF he had to leave during the dive to refuel it is most likely his fault as otherwise he could and should have followed the bubbles of the diver.

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Posted in: No trace of 7 Japanese divers missing off Bali See in context

I'm an Instructor doing this for a living and I see many people where you wonder if they should or should not...

50 dives is considered a lot if you know that you can have an instructor license with as little as 100 dives.

Also rain should be no problem for diving, it could have started while they where underwater.

Okinawa is also not exactly the place you want to be rescued at - speaking from experience. Cost Guard people don't know anything about diving at all.

Also I think the current maybe went in the wrong direction and the boat wanted to pick up somewhere totally else - happened to me once, also been floating for a 90min on the surface, even I had proper signaling gear, boat could not find me.

Hope they be found safely soon.

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Posted in: Japan should lift ban on collective defense, says gov't panel See in context

If they give more power to the J-Military than they should get rid of the US forces at least most of them. No reason to pay them a "warm hard budged" and pay for there own military too. Also what benefit has japan when joining not winnable military missions like Afghanistan or some new "war on terror", I can see military fatality and an outrages budged fatality. After all nothing to be desired.

Japan particular under Abes lead is and most likely always will be the dog of the USA and run after the stick following all the requests.

It's just sad!

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Posted in: Consumer price hike data boosts Japan's deflation battle See in context

I doubt that salaries will increase a lot in fiscal 2014! If you get paid an hour and they give between 10 and 50yen more that probably gives the average Joe some 5000 - 10.000yen more a month, which he will spend on the tax for increase products. So Joe will probably have to spend more from April 2014 than what his salary increase will be if it will increase which I HIGHLY DOUBT!

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