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Posted in: Many Japan Today readers hate AKB48 and insult them every chance they get. Yet the megapopular all-girl group has tens of millions of fans in Japan and Southeast Asia. Why so much hate for the group? See in context

They are not a good role model towards young kids, they have no real talent except looking pretty, they are not allowed to date, which is just human and should be encouraged - particular in the country with lowest birth rate on earth.

I think a group like this has a responsibility towards the young generation who might look up to them! And because there is no way that there way of life is desirable they are not very liked. Unless by grandmothers who sometimes dream of being young again.

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Posted in: Proposal to triple taxes on K-cars raises concerns among rural drivers See in context

Car taxes should be made up by prefecture, rural areas Okinawa and other similar areas should pay less than people who live in Tokyo or similar big city's with a good transportation system, that would be only fair as minimum salary is lower in rural areas and also it would be a small factor making it more attractive to live out of town.

I pay 4000yen tax for my K-van/year

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Posted in: Job fears and abuse take toll on bankers' health: study See in context

Well it's not like this people PRODUCING anything for the greater good in the world, maybe they just realize now how pointless it is, looking at the big picture. If you want to make money, in my opinion you should work hard in an honest job not speculate with other peoples assets.

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Posted in: Abe to campaign in Okinawa this week See in context

The bases only create about 5% of Okinawa's economy but occupy about 21% of Okinawa landmass. I'm sure you could create more than 5% economic revenue on 21% of landmass.

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Posted in: Shoplifting on the increase See in context

Why not put barriers in the supermarkets - like in Germany you go in, but you only can exit when going trough a register.

You have an entry door which opens automatic from outside and en exit door which opens from inside only.

The same open shops you have here in Japan would literally be empty in Europe.

When I was a minor -15 years old- I got caught, they send me straight to the police, parents had to pick me up and than to court so I had to do 65hour of community service, at a social institution of my choice. I stole 100Euro worth of CD's back than.

I think the approach of getting angry at the shop which you or your child stole from is behind being silly.

Also since that day, I never stole anymore anything, it was a lesson, sure there always will be people doing but a lot of people especially teenager do it for the kick not because of they are poor, they are not steeling food to not starve but video games etc. non life essentials.

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Posted in: Vending machine arsonist thief still on the loose See in context

Vending machines also take bank notes in Japan, and the bank does not charge 17% or what.

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Posted in: Golden Week holiday exodus begins See in context

As gasoline and imported goods become more expensive this year, I will increase the prices of my tourism related business next year, who cares if people can spend more if the services and products also costs more at the same.

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Posted in: Nuclear Regulation Authority changes 'safety standards' to 'guidelines' See in context

Wonder what's happen next, if another incident like Fukushima is happen, and later they find out guidelines have been bent or not been used - as standards would have to.

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Posted in: What do you say to a colleague who has been given notice by the boss due to downsizing or budget cutbacks? See in context

@ GW,

It's very easy in Japan to get fired, I had only 2 days off a month and got sick on my second day off (fewer 40C+) and my wife called in the next morning that I can't come in - fired on the telephone.

Do you think the labor office was going to help me???? NOT!

Now have my own company and it's running great!

So I would everyone tell to cheer up and try to realize there own dream.

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Posted in: Govt to review candidate sites for Fukushima waste disposal See in context

Prime Ministers office...

Senkaku is a bad place, lots of nice environment there to bad to be wrecked.

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan must negotiate on rice to join TPP talks See in context

In the end politicians make a lot of talk, talking around the actual subject especially in Japan where there is not a lot of direct conversation as by culture, but in the end they always fall on there knees to accommodate the request of the big brother USA - which would be a good thing in this case, in my opinion.

They can't join the talk because it would give a lot of publicity to the entire thing, rather make a backdoor deal which is less great but not as "loud"

Japan will join, not yet, but in future. Worst case would be - Abe has to step down, he has to so anyway at some point. Also the rural voters have nobody else to act in there interest but the LDP - unfortunately.

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Posted in: TEPCO to buy 800,000 tons of LNG from U.S. See in context

If Japan and Russia ever sign a peace treaty...

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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

I wonder if they dropped something, with there eyes glued on the ground!

I sense an inability of looking straight into someones eyes and make an honest conversation/statement.

Leaders of the third biggest industry power of the world?? To me they look more like a bunch of cowards!

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Posted in: Okinawa cancels plan to use young women’s thighs as advertising space See in context

Okinawa's tourist agency (OCVB), lacks motivation, common sense and the eye on how to really promote Okinawa. After all, we are lucky to not have an image like Thailand yet - Don't want the sex-tourism image here. But maybe this guys only think from 12 to noon! Firsthand experience as someone running a tourist related business here.

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Posted in: Teachers, police rush to quit before retirement pay cut See in context

I would also quit if I where in the same position as these teachers. Fortunately I'm not, and I'm still considered young - probably 2 generations until I reach retirement age, I invest my money in property and other things but not in a government retirement-ripoff-fund, as in 40 years I probably wont get much out of it anyway. Not supporting the system. People probably tell me this is reckless or even stupid, but I think that this system only exists since the end of the war, before that people also lived without such "assurances" and some did well and some not, just like today.

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Posted in: Crocs Japan See in context

Ever thought of outdoor activities like surfing, diving etc...

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Posted in: Crocs Japan See in context

Apparently not ashamed to say that they are produced in China and than sold for almost 3000yen a pair here in Japan, if you produce them here in Japan than I would gladly buy them (again) for the money considering that the cost of producing this is maybe 5yen/pair or less!

I loved crocs but I now but cheap and long lasting less slippery shoes.

I walked around pretty much everyday with them after heavy usage the material on the sole became very slippery especially when it was raining so I had a few close calls while carrying heavy stuff crossing a street (scuba gear)

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Posted in: Fit and freezing See in context

I want do this but in Okinawa it's 21C water temperature right now... (I'm German!)

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

If people you don't know call you "Buddy"

Hey Buddy, how you doi'n?

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Posted in: Gov't completes just 40 of 23,000 emergency houses for Tohoku disaster victims See in context

The people in this country sadly don't give 2 sh**s about, as long as they are not affected them self, if the people not affected would press the government to get a move on they might completed some units earlier - citizens of Japan allow the government and it's big CEO's to be slow and pocket all the cash, media gives a short outcry and tomorrow it's forgotten. Same about the bases in Okinawa, it's far from mainland so who -except Okinawan's- cares??

Sad destiny!

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Posted in: Gov't sticks to 3-year deadline on reactor restart decision See in context

there will be 3 new prime ministers in this time frame...prepare for a populist government which gets nothing done, neither good or bad (such as restarting reactors)

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Posted in: Security firm to rent private drone See in context

Maybe one should learn how to shoot them down - maybe we live in the world of terminator very soon...

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Posted in: Food and sleuthing for women, provided by 'Closed Restaurant' See in context

They could aim at your couples or friends...

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Posted in: McDonald’s guarantees your order in 60 seconds or you get free burger See in context

I thought this is everyday at MC Donalds in the rest of the world. But it's called FAST food.

Mosburge should introduce something as you always wait 20 or 30 minutes at least if they can get down to 5 min...great

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Posted in: Abe elected prime minister by 328 votes to 57 for DPJ's Kaieda See in context

It will start again in 10month or so when he will be called to step down...blablabla

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Posted in: Abe's cabinet likely to be long on loyalty, short on reform See in context

Japan has a problem with being selfish - each country in a world and it's people are selfish to a certain point which is normal, but here farmers which are usually old people maybe 1% or less of the entire population block reforms such as trading because it worked in the 80' and they would have a personal loss even they don't have much of a future (10-20 year average?) It's one reason young people in Japan don't want to put Kids in this world because they can't hope for support of society (working hours for instance) support of government (labor rights, child allowance going up and down every year)

I don't know why and even I live in this country since a while I did not notice it right when I got here but I'm sure the sense of community and helping each other was greater 50 years ago - today nobody gives a sh...t, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Can Abe give Japan what money can't buy? See in context

Japan needs a leader similar to Italy, who just cleans up the mess regardless of political party.

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Posted in: Operator of Great Wall trekking tour in which 3 died to close doors See in context

Did they not sign a waiver? Not wanting to protect the agency here but who knows what the 3 people did to protect them self, maybe they cam in high heels and T-shirt without enough warm clothes etc. WE DON'T KNOW!

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Posted in: Island dispute takes bite out of Chinese tourism to Japan See in context

Business is declining because of right-wing nuts in power, yet they will benefit big in the upcoming election, are Japanese shoveling there own (economic) grave? Sure, politics in Japan are very lightheaded and not able to accomplish much but better have a party which does "nothing" than a party which fights it's the neighbor country which by coincidence also happens to be one of the biggest economy in the world. Maybe Japan has to be hurt first until somebody smells the coffee!?

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