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Posted in: Australian motorcycle gang challenges criminal law in court See in context

They should make Bozoko in Japan illegal...

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Posted in: Driving in Japan: Does cuteness save lives? See in context

In Okinawa they have a K-car with 5 kids on the back seat, you can't even fit enough seats and/or belts in the car, it's education which is needed.

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Posted in: Worldwide anti-dolphin, whale hunt rallies planned for Tokyo, 8 other cities See in context

@ Hawkeye,

It's already happening in Europe, I work in tourism in Okinawa and always get to hear stuff like, we are not visiting Japan until they stop hunting whales etc. It's 200$ contra productive for Japan, the environment and it's citizens.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

Nobody takes N-Korea seriously either... so why think a Nuclear armed Japan would be? Ishihara belongs in a nursing home!

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco rises on government share sale delay See in context

Are the going to sell water pipe tobacco and water-pipes in Japan than?

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Posted in: Olympus investors seek Y19.1 bil compensation See in context

The should compensate everyone and wash there image clean!

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Posted in: Ishihara formally launches new Party of the Sun See in context

I think this party will be his unofficial retirement as telling the world to retire would be "weak" but not being elected anymore just bad luck. I expect it to become quiet around this old geezer after the election is over and nobody speaks about him. As for example: I know Japan has a communist party, but it's almost never in the news headlines, almost if it never existed.

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Posted in: Tax agency to auction off $2 mil worth of diamonds See in context

I would love to pay tax, if I knew the government would at least try to spend wisely --> for the people living in this country, not on military rent (300.000yen+ for a stinky apartment in Okinawa???) Corrupt bureaucratic morons who spent money on everything but playgrounds, streets, infrastructure for the people, no I don't mean another community center or yakuba in the size of a 5* resort hotel for a 50.000 soul village.

The list goes on and on...

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Posted in: Japan’s new Pepsi White is flavored orange See in context

No thanks, this can can rot on the shelf, I will not pick it up.

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Ishihara discuss possible alliance See in context

I think there would be room for a Japanese "green party" with modest goals and only people under 40 on staff! nice dream.

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Posted in: 8-yr-old boy, 65-yr-old man swept away by waves in Hokkaido See in context

I agree that this is very sad but as a diver I would never attempt to rescue someone if I would endanger my own live, obviously the article is not stating a lot of information so who knows what happen?

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

These Americans flying the Ospreys are terrorists and should be thrown away for interfering with and endangering Okinawan peoples lives.

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Where can I donate for some kites with extra strong rope?

Sure it's unsafe but what do you think who will be blamed if one of those planes fall down even if it kills all of the demonstrators it will make a big headline how unsafe ospreys are not anymore about the stupid kids and teens who did not work and flew kites that day.

More like: Evil Osprey rammed kite and killed XXX amount of INNOCENT people.

Yes I'm "ungrateful" but I'm not local or Japanese nor American. America is only her as of self interest! I would love to kick you out but Okinawa and Tokyo government is not the same at all. Economically Okinawa's GDP currently only brings about 5% from the military while 20% of the landmass is occupied by bases so having all the space returned would be a good thing to for new businesses. They would have the freedom to poor concrete all over the place as they wish as it's there island.

Same as Americans have the freedom to shoot each other in the theater during the movies, either way the outcome is not optional but hey different culture and country.

I don't think china would invade and north Korea is a joke too. China currently is just diverting attention from other economical topics in there own country, from a second Lehman brothers, economical bubble will burst soon.

So in this sense I'm happy people do something whatever, and by the way: you will never see me flying a kite close there.

waiting for tums down ;-)

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Posted in: Design for Titanic II to be unveiled in New York See in context

There will be no rivets but it has to be welded, it will be a few meters wider to give it a better position in the water and to my understanding only the first 3 decks are identically build below it has a bit of more normal standard cabins, today even third class you wont have to share a toilet on the floor with others.

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Posted in: Storm speeds away from Japan after injuring 145 See in context


Fisherman in Okinawa....

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Posted in: Osaka bento retailer closed for 5 days over food poisoning See in context

I been working at a fairly resurant in Tokyo and been told that cockroaches are "OK" but mice are NOT! (could be shutdown) Than I worked at Gaspanic which was the most disgusting place ever with cockroaches frozen inside of the ice cubes going into the drinks of customers - most likely still happen.

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Posted in: Extra, extra! Your best friends are getting happy divorced See in context

only in Japan! people should learn/put effort in to communication so they would not even get to this point in the first place...

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Posted in: Tsunami 'miracle pine' cut down as part of project to preserve it See in context

I personally think it's a waste of money, but from a construction point of view I really want to know what part of the whole process increases the cost to 150 million Yen, I imagine 500.000yen should be enough to put a beam inside it, inclusive cutting it and rebuilding it, even that is still a lot of money.

I really want to sea the working steps including each steps cost.

Right now it looks like they stack it with 500Yen coins instead of a beam or pure gold.

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Posted in: APEC meeting See in context

I hope Japan gives in about the northern islands! As they lost the war.

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Posted in: Hosono decides not to run against Noda in leadership election See in context

Nooooo not the guy who is responsible to transport all the radioactive debris all over the country and burn it in normal not industrial trash incinerators. So we all get our share of the burden. Besides of all his other "qualifications" such as his young age he should never become prime minister

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

Going to the supermarket (regardless of branch or brand) asking for BRITA water-filters, people try to sell me printers even at the grocery store.

And whose fault is that? Sounds like you need to work on your katakana pronunciation a little.

I could show them the actual jug including the manual and they would not know...than again small village in Okinawa, I don't worry to much and I'm not saying the in my home country everything is better.

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

Japan customer service is very inflexible and not very good in my opinion, I say that being self employed in the customer service industry.

Japanese customer service is only good if you order what's already existing if you want potato instead of rice on the dish - it most likely can't be done, unless you order it separate and trash the rice.

Arriving in Naha Airport asking a taxi driver to bring me to Ginowan 5km up the road, he responded "it's to far"!!

Going to the supermarket (regardless of branch or brand) asking for BRITA water-filters, people try to sell me printers even at the grocery store.

Asking for some basic items in Japanese language often get's a reply "Solly no Engrish" WHAT?!!

I think Japanese service industry will over long term go down the drain as it's inflexible, and store staff can not think out of the box, but today this is required everyday more, especially when you need a consultation say for example from an insurance company on which policy to choose than I'm not looking for a retailer which just graduated school and has less knowledge than me on the topic - but here nobody understands that.

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Posted in: Voters favor opposition over ruling party, poll shows See in context

I think Japan needs a "Green party" as opposed to a sunrise party or ganbatte niphon party or DPJ or LDP.

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Posted in: 21-meter-long dock found in Oregon is tsunami debris See in context

if it's entirely made of concrete and metal, how does it float? must have some buoyancy tanks attached as well?

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Posted in: Fukushima farmers pray for radiation-free rice See in context

burn at the bottom of the ocean, as a diver I A:) don't approve it B:) don't believe it could be done in a big scale

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Posted in: Automatic doors that don't need electricity See in context

make all the streets like this or shibuya crossing, millions of people crossing and generating electricity!

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

yea japan should get it's light pollution under control and save tons of energy, never seen that many vending machines in another country not even starting on convenience stores every 100m or so.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar in Japan; 30.5 C recorded in Oita town See in context

I don't think they still use mercury to measure the temperature in 2012 as it is toxic and potential harmful to the environment, if the thermometer falls on the floor

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

If they buy the islands A: from a Japanese family, they don't solve the problem with china as the money stays in Japan B: they admit that they don't belong to Japan otherwise why buy something which already belongs to you, why not just sell or lease it out to china. Shorten Japans depth and make money which you would nob be able to earn by fishing there.

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Posted in: Sony turnaround plan no great shakes, say analysts See in context

I guess in years to come there will be a relatively high unemployment rate in Japan too, just like some places in the US or Europe - certainly Tokyo is not going be the location where 25% of all the Japanese people want/have to live to make a living.

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