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Holy hell so many people here still caring about COVID.

Do any of the teenagers in the picture look like they need to be protected by hysterical anti-scientists?

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"after he discarded a bento box on the floor."

Yea, good reason to be looked at if you ask me.

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Japan's debt is over 90% owned internally by the bank of Japan, other banks and financial institutions and the Japanese public.

Basically if I borrowed $1 million and $900,000 was borrowed from myself, I don't have much to worry about.


If you abuse FIAT currency by printing relentlessly, bad things will happen.

It's a wonder the world has accepted this for so long in Japan's case. The currency should have devalued decades ago. Probably there's some kind of deal behind this.

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Japan's prices remained reasonable no panic buying.

Really? Do I need to remind you of toilet paper? Japan was the first country to start panic buying after China.

You're still under the illusion that Japanese are superior Ubermenschen.

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If this continues the yen will be at 150 a dollar by end of this year.

Tourism was 8% of Japan's GDP and a huge source for Yen demand because tourists spend a lot of money in Japan, especially Chinese.

This is just stupid beyond belief, it can't be about Corona, are the officials not seeing that no one else is concerned with Corona anymore?

Today's problems are inflation, price gouging, supply chain issues and war.

No one would want to lose 8% of their GDP in this situation. And probably that number is not even counting synergy effects.

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They can't. be. serious.

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I wonder if tourism could increase demand for Yen.

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A bunch of non-engineers here talking about some year 2300 future tech as if that was any solution to our current problem.

I'll tell you the main issues of engineering. Price and scalability. Lithium batteries are not very good at this, apparently.

What's technically possible was never an issue for humanity, the issue was always if people could afford it.

Now that solar and EV's are being deployed, we see the price of commodities exploding. It means that from the start this might not have been a very scalable solution.

One other example from the past is silicon. At first, different materials were used, such as Ge (Germanium). These materials were not so expensive at the time because no one used to use it for anything, but it was already clear that it was not a scalable solution because there's very little Ge in the world and it has to be mined. That's why, although there are some downturns, we chose silicon (Si) as a basis product for semiconductors. It's made from sand, cheap and easily scalable.

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By now, every serious engineer has exited the discussion. Renewable energy has become a 100% political topic.

Let's see how EV's and solar turn out with Lithium prices already 5 times as high.

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Just look at the history.

Cranking up Model 3 prices. Making people work in the office expecting higher workloads. Lay-offs. Maybe the situation at Tesla is getting worse because the competition is growing.

Tesla now has zero affordable cars in their portfolio and I think they are feeling it.

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I wonder if what's described as sexual assault here was actually rape.

Such incidents shouldn't be played down by the media. Making a rapist look like a panty thief isn't good.

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@FireyRei "I have yet to hear of anyone getting an adverse reaction from any of the C-19 vaccines in my world: epicentre of the pandemic in Italy. Adverse reactions have been incredibly minimal."

Everyone I know had side effects. The standard side effect was flu-like symptoms. Then I know of rashes, bell's parsy, rheumatic arthritis, yes, a lot of bad stuff.

These 'rashes' by the way are not rashes but autoimmune reactions related to the vaccine.

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@daito_hak wonderful post.

But even here I see redditor vaxxmaxxers telling stories about their quintruple vaxxed triple-masked friends who still got infected and had to endure not a debilitating illness but quarantine and spending more money and holidays because of it. Do you even realize that without the state-mandated quarantine, no one would have gotten hurt and everyone could have just gotten on with their business?

More and more it looks to me like not the sickness itself is our enemy but the draconic and fascist measures that we decided to apply. One example for that is China, who's lockdowns have most probably caused a lot of deaths by starvation or lack of medication.

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"But as concern lingers among government officials over the potential resurgence of infections, it is likely to take some time for the country to reopen its borders to individual tourists."

Really? In America, Europe and Africa, no one seems to care about COVID anymore.

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Those people need help and compensation is the least they should get!

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What hypocrisy meanwhile Japanese travelers don't have any restrictions. And that 'superior hygiene' statements are coming from a group who mostly don't use soap when washing their hands.

Japan has been closed for TWO YEARS. TWO YEARS of almost no profits for tourist businesses. Most must be out of business by now, or so heavily in debt they will never recover.

The hotel that cost me 160€/night 4 years ago now costs 60€/night!!!

And a LARGE number of tourists that considered Japan because of the hype now lost all their interest, maybe forever. Not everyone is a hardcore weeb. If you close off your country, people are going to look elsewhere.

All of this is also a reason why the Yen has plunged. If there are no tourists, demand for this foreign currency decreases. The Yen will never recover.

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It has become the narrative now, but the surging raw material prices did not start with Russia's Ukraine invasion. They started with supply chain disruptions caused by COVID lockdowns.

Saying this, I know a country that is STILL closed off to tourists as of now.

And I also know a country that is STILL having massive cities in lockdown as of now.

Seemingly, politicians are not able to connect the dots, but if we have any more COVID related restrictions, this is only going to get worse. Saving people with an average age of 85 should not be our priority anymore, this economic downturn we are facing will have a much bigger impact on all of us, including the future generation, which is much more important.

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I'm two-times vaxxed, but for the vaxxmaxxers on Reddit and other left-leaning social media I'm already considered anti-vaxx.

Why? Because I'm 30, fit, no comobordities, 2-times vaxxed and 1-time infected (and exposed on numerous locations), but refuse to get a booster because many of my friends suffered severe side effects.

Based on my friends, I can either get a booster, be sick for a week, and get infected afterwards and be sick for a week; OR I can simply get infected and be sick for a week. Wonder what's the better choice.

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@Pokus Hokus Kyoto residents are happy, for now. They won't be happy as their bankrupt city doesn't have any funding for new public transport, staffing their offices, keeping the city in shape etc. Then, residents WILL have to pay more taxes, inevitably. And then I wonder if they'll still hate tourists so much, especially with the current stagflation.

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Travelers are only allowed entry with guides and tripple vaccinated?

Meanwhile Japanese can travel as they like and don't have to be vaccinated at all.

It's really astounding. Also, I'm not going to get a third vaccination after getting 2x Pfizer + being infected 2x and being a fit, 30-year-old, just so I can travel to Japan.

My bank account is very happy with Japan's decision. For the money that I spend on flights&rail&hotel in Japan, I'll be treated like a god in a 5* Ritz Carlton resort on the Canary Islands. It's a good perspective. They also have a Japanese restaurant there, lol.

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By the way, to correct myself.

I'm all for taking in refugees from anywhere and providing a refugee status on mid-term.

But the long-term prospects need to be that those people have a chance to return to their country and flourish there.

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Kyoto is bankrupt and will be wise to accept tourists again. It looks like some people don't understand those kind of cities. They are made for tourism. A big percentage of housings are hotels. A big percentage of retail is catered to tourists.

If Kyoto wanted less tourists, they should have used their easy money to transform the city into a non-tourist area, but they didn't.

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If I travel to Japan, everyone will make me feel guilty because apparently the consensus is that foreigners bring in new variants and COVID, whereas Japanese themselves have always managed very well to do that. In fact, Omikron was detected in Japan earlier that in my home country.

Then I need to test before and after flight. I need to have a booster although I'm 30 and have had COVID twice already and am two times vaccinated.

Then I have to take part in guided tours (probably in Kyoto Osaka Tokyo Nara Hiroshima) although I have stayed in Japan for months before, and my common travel destinations in Kyushu are not really popular and not toured frequently.

Meanwhile it's OK for Japanese to travel in and out.

Meanwhile it's OK to let 30 million Japanese residents travel during Golden Week, although yearly tourism in 2019 was 29 millin.

Meanwhile it's OK for Japanese not to have a booster vaccination.

I don't understand these politics anymore, but probably I will not spend $10,000 for a holiday. I can either get guided tours that young people don't enjoy at all in Japan, or I can be treated like a god in a Spa on the Canary Islands for that money.

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