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Posted in: Abe denounces attacks on tankers near Strait of Hormuz See in context

What you expect in this neighborhood on how to respond to unwanted comments?

just get rid or is it edit and be done with?

well may be half the population of this planet knows that JP and US ( nichibe ) are not in favor of, and heavyly support the Saudi side of Arabia.

so Swedish schoolgirls are a nontopic.

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Posted in: Ban on ticket scalping comes into force ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

“Violators will face a possible jail term of up to one year”

Ahh, Japan has no one to compare to.

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

Foreign diplomacy for an island leader starts closer to home.

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Posted in: Thousands protest against Trump in London See in context

Back in East Asia for the G20 there will be no question of meeting or not any opposition leaders.

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Posted in: Court asked to stop dolphin hunts in Wakayama town See in context

Time to act for politicians of this country.....

or is everyone waiting for the new royal to position himself.

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over remarks about possible war with Russia See in context

Clumsy as they talk singlehanded without consensus.

At least there is a recognized minority now up there in the far north.

With relatives across the border.

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Posted in: Video of Abe installing Canadian door knocker goes global See in context

yeah those knockers, any brits around?

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Posted in: Abe ready to meet N Korea's Kim unconditionally: media See in context

A PM with some seniority at last wants to talk to a neighboring chairman.

Thats what politicians are suppost to do.

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Posted in: Abe has busy day, meeting 3 PMs in Slovakia; then talking trade with EU in Belgium See in context

Is there a billion euros in the cheese trade?

Sounds very Eastasian when talking free trade, but let’s face it:

New age new place in the league of powers.

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Posted in: Polanski asks court to restore his film academy membership See in context

In my country only murder has no time limit.

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Posted in: Law enacted to recognize ethnic Ainu minority as indigenous people See in context

With a headcount of roughly tenhousand at least there is a minority on these islands.

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Posted in: Politically indirect: Using more inclusive Japanese words See in context

There are indirect govt ministers

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Posted in: Polanski asks court to restore his film academy membership See in context

Times are times and they are a changing.

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

A step up into the 21rei coming from pachinko.

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Posted in: English level at Japan's secondary schools falls short of gov't target See in context

At bubble times it was all about pronounciation. Now its about efficiency?

In the G8 competition they are good at their second foreign language at that grade, just island groups are fine to be local.

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Posted in: Indonesia votes as 'everyman' president battles firebrand ex-general See in context

India takes 6 weeks to vote and this drawn wide country does it in a single day?

Democracy is very young this side of the Pacific.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks quick deal on tariff cuts with Japan See in context

So E U is weak and East Asia is the future?

The currency Euro is doing fine and alliances nowhere else can nowhere to be seen.

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Posted in: Increasing the proportion of nuclear energy is the most realistic way to step up efforts against global warming. Ensuring a stable supply of electricity is a challenge for society as a whole. See in context

Electrics you don‘t export. So how many you need.

Famous for cheaper solutions in this sector your group is out of depth.

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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Do you really see the working population as in the photo? Middle aged men in suits?

while importing 1/3 million mostly Vietnamese to the workforce, with much Tamtam.

What an isolation.

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Posted in: U.S. seeks quick deal on tariff cuts with Japan See in context

„While the United States is calling for a comprehensive pact that would cover a range of areas such as goods, services, investment and currency, Japan is insisting the two governments aim for a trade agreement on goods only.“

How does this agree with the headline, Kyodo news?

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Posted in: Disney unveils global family-friendly streaming service See in context

Sony‘s Disney brought Doraemon to India, so global means close to 200 country‘s.

Growth it is.

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Posted in: As time catches up with rock's greats, can the genre survive? See in context

It changed from revolutionary firebrand to a historical period of listening.

Compare the choices before with what people produce these days. The diversity.....

rock will always be on the radio!

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction See in context

Try to export that one!

size of exports economy ranking puts JP in fourth slot. About half of Germanys exports but well ahead of SK, France, Netherlands, Italy and a no.9 UK.

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Posted in: France respects Japan's judicial procedures regarding Ghosn: Le Drian See in context

Recommend another opinion on this as in FT ( Financial Times ) or the Asahi where some details read as:

“The FT said prosecutors had confiscated his wife's Lebanese passport in a dawn raid on their apartment in central Tokyo on Thursday morning, but did not discover her U.S. passport.

Under Japanese law, prosecutors will be able to hold Ghosn for up to 22 days without charging him. The fresh arrest opens up the possibility that he will be interrogated again without his lawyer present, as is the norm in Japan.“

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Posted in: Gov't says official translation for next era name Reiwa is 'beautiful harmony' See in context

Lets reflect on the term Heisei era. In the beginning it meant something like „ becoming equal“ among the locals. Now it turns out to be the age of „ power to the powerful“ in afterthoughts. Which is conservatism.

As for „Rei“ 4th graders learn that with two strokes upfront it’s used in refrigerator as being the local reizouko. 

While the use of „Wa“ was turned upside down during Shōwa era.

So what a rather dreadful term this is.

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Posted in: Some see Japanese era system as unnecessary, unsuited for modern age See in context

Having a Wa in the era name is rather frightening after what happened not so long ago.

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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication resets Japan calendar See in context

And that’s since since 1989? Or 1991?

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Posted in: End of an era: Emperor's abdication resets Japan calendar See in context

We saw new empires and limits in this Heisei come up.

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Posted in: Japan whaling vessel leaves on last mission before IWC withdrawal See in context

There are many more jobs in administration than on the waters envolved hre.

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Posted in: Kamakura passes ordinance against eating on the go See in context

Is it back to the bubble?

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