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Posted in: Japan's Communist Party raps China in 1st platform change since 2004 See in context

The differnesce between left and green

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Posted in: Foreign tourists spend record ¥4.8 tril in Japan in 2019 See in context

How much is it by Gross Domestic Product

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Posted in: Ikigai: The Japanese concept of finding purpose in life See in context

“gai” (甲斐), which is used to describe value or worth, ikigai is all about finding joy in life through purpose.

jin sounds arabic to J

Seen any local pre bubble movies?

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Posted in: High court orders Shikoku Electric to suspend Ikata nuclear reactor restart See in context

nr.1 in the world... complex which is in Niigata is not producing since when?

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Posted in: Taiwan's pro-Japan young people back Tsai's re-election See in context

What else to do?

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Posted in: Automakers display 800 modified cars at Tokyo Auto Salon See in context

My car is an SR 400

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Posted in: 2 SDF planes leave for Middle East on intel-gathering mission See in context

Turboprops and a frigate to meet the rest of us.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

This double faces issue reflects on what is as well as on is it us

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa giving away ¥1 bil in 'social experiment' See in context

Is it not that there is more money around than the debt of all governments combined?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

Justice Minister Masako Mori said his illegal departure from Japan "could never be forgiven under the system of any country.”

“Never” shows the archeo ( sorry archipelago )state of prosecution in these parts, which by restriction never reflects on the present system.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued in Japan for Ghosn's wife See in context

Is reactionary the only option?

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer just as outraged by Japan's justice system as by escape See in context

As is one against all the others

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Posted in: Abe pledges reforms, successful Olympics in New Year's statement See in context

The avalanche of issues left behind will separate the Atlantic from the Pacific.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

Once you are here

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

The “red face” may be the result of PMs spending the energy on reforming only one issue like the postoffice system, or even now “only” the constitution

while the rest of the system stays as is.... rather medieval by many standards.

(Death sentence in such a tight insider society; family law; police arrest terms once you run afoul.....; foreign policy at large in the 21st)

.... always benefiting the same people, like the construction cartels in rural places.

This running bail is also the result of the unique legal outlay on these islands so different from the economic craftsmanship.

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

“Japan has extradition treaties with only the United States and South Korea, according to the justice ministry,”

not to wonder why that is as it is

unique but still in East Asia

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Posted in: Japan's naval dispatch to Mideast seen as result of compromise See in context

The PM would have been well advised not to chancel but visit India as scheduled.

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Posted in: Turkey to send troops to Libya at Tripoli's request See in context

What an obscure item on foreign policy are you throwing at us between the years?

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Posted in: Abe, Li agree on need to open new era for Japan, China See in context

To China we go but not to India?

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Posted in: Toyota union to propose larger focus on performance in pay increases See in context

Whatever it is for Toyota, most of the employed, and thats 70% plus, in this country rather care about minimum wages. And that is less than 800¥ per hour in my prefecture.

Which is a sacrifice for what? Glory of the islands?

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Posted in: Abe-Moon talks, Seoul's donation plan could lead to improved ties See in context

Old mens pride. And this is out of CHENGDU?

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Posted in: Iran's Rouhani to visit Japan Dec 20-21 See in context

Will there be another Djibouti base ?

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Posted in: Essay questions scrapped for new university entrance exams in Japan See in context

’decided against adding Japanese and math essay questions’

What is a math essay?

It seems confidence before skill has not proven right in the long run, as all powers in the region are to find out after their bubble.

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Posted in: Murakami holds rare public reading to mark debut anniversary See in context

one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed novelists

for nihonga art aficionados.

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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

The choice between reforming the postoffice or the forces is democ enough around of here.

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Posted in: Completion ceremony held for new National Stadium See in context

Well we also have a new wooden govtoffice on a ‘cho’ level. It leaves a concrete building vacant and no-one just knows what to do with that bubble build structure.

will it be demolished after 20some years?

termites ( white ants ) will compete with my young ones

and yes soccer is the game of the age.

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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

accepting defeat is noeasy choice.

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Posted in: Klopp extends Liverpool deal to project image of stability See in context


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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

Not going to India on .....what... (upheaval is everywhere these days)

well there is no arrow for foreign relations.

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Posted in: Empress Emerita Michiko losing weight, vomiting since September See in context

What the... is an emerita?

Spanish? Greek? Church Latin? Is there a Chinese term?

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