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Since both the vaccinated and unvaccinated shed the virus, the survival rate among the 18-25 years old who develop symptoms is 99.999%, and the vaccines do not protect from the new variants after Delta, the question is what are the benefits of those young students getting vaccinated.

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Yet another product of nepotism.

If you don’t come from a political dynasty, chances of you becoming a PM are thinner than slim. Kono and Takaichi come from families with long history in politics, too.

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Pretty comfortable. I did my part to keep society safe. When other's do not, that is on them.

That is commendable indeed. A growing number of virologists, immunologists and MDs, though, have begun to question the benefits of mass vaccination for the society, based on the rising infections in Israel, the UK and Singapore.

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The world needs to accept the fact that COVID isn't going anywhere and life for the foreseeable future will just have to be different. Lockdowns are not the answer, but mass gatherings without masks and without any social distancing aren't, either. Perhaps a company will develop a vaccine that doesn't target the S-Protein and instead goes about providing immunity in a different and more permanent way. Perhaps the virus itself will mutate to the point of being as "mild" as seasonal influenza.

Even now between 65% and 80% of the people who get infected display no symptoms. I know this is not in the news because it doesn’t give the media the views they so desperately need, but stats exist and are available for everybody who is interested.

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Only one question, WHY????

Many of these individuals have under lying conditions and their countries, the IOC and Japan are willing to put their lives at risk.

Watch the Opening ceremony and you will see why. The majority, if not all athletes seem to be enjoying being part of the event.

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As a non-American observer who is neither involved in politics nor sides with any political parties it fascinates me how people say that Trump divided the American nation but are OK with the current administration politicizing the health crisis further… But you never know, it could be just the media doing what they are best at - publishing inflammatory content for the sake of their own business agenda???

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It is sad to see how everything is being politicized seemingly to the point of no return. The divide is only getting deeper and the gap wider.

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From Thursday… To get vaccinated at those centers you need coupon from your ward office. I don’t think that anyone below 65 will get those coupons by then. If we get it in 1 month it would be great. To make things more complicated we are just missing the holy duo called fax and hanko.

I just got mine and I am way under 65. Not in any risk group, either.

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Horrific as this picture is,

I see no injured people, no blood, no violence. Too much drama, anyone?

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Full lockdown for a month, nobody outside unless essential, all business closed, trains suspended AND all salaries paid in full on a furlough scheme.

It’s funny how nobody ever talks about strengthening your immune system by exercising, sending time outdoors, eating and sleeping well. But yeah, get locked and stay home because your immune system will thank you for that...

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Raw Beer, whether it’s a coincidence or not, we don’t know. Hopefully, some scientists will do a research on that. I think we can safely conclude, though, that Virusex is vested in the industry which will save the world from this pandemic.

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Japan also do not due autopsies, so most deaths are determined based on physical appearance and verified tests from public hospitals only! 

Therefore, how do you or anyone else know that actual number of COVID related deaths in Japan?

The opposite is true in European countries. Following the guidelines of WHO autopsies are not done on people who died with the virus in their system. Quite a few people question the current number of deaths there, because even terminally ill patients are counted as Covid-19 deaths without a pathologist making a conclusion after doing an autopsy.

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This was expected during the cold season.


Nothing really surprising here. What is surprising (not really) is that the next SOE won’t include schools.

Not surprising at all. In the municipality I live in, there is a newsletter informing the residents of any new COVID infections. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the rate of infections which were caused by students is close to zero. I am sure you know it, but unlike university students, the kids don’t go out to drink and socialize at night.

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It's unbelievable to think that in Sydney a Japanese invention called the QR code is being used to record names and contacts of those visiting clubs, pubs, sports events etc..

People can then be reached later, get themselves tested or Isolate if necessary.

Are you aware of ココア?

This application issued for contact tracing. Everybody in my office uses it.

You can have a look and learn what it is here. https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/cocoa_00138.html

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No lies. Calling medical professionals liers just because they express opinions different from yours only shows that there is no open dialogue, but only consent between same-minded people which is masked as a dialogue. You should not ignore the difference between crude mortality rate, infection death rate and case death rate, which are very different.


You and most of the media talk about case death rate without specifying that it is the percentage of deaths in confirmed cases only. Needless to say, this rate is much higher than the infection death rate, and this should be made very clear by the media, too.

Saying that “the death rate of 0.1% is much higher because...” makes many of the readers think that contracting the virus means death, which is at least 98.6% far from the truth.

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My point is that you have no data to support your mistaken understanding and that not even a single organization of experts in health shares your mistaken opinion. Making obvious you cannot prove your points is what proves mine.

This kind of comment. I don’t show any data sources, but your not showing any, either, proves that what I say is right.

Where is the open, data-based, constructive dialogue?

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The medical world is also divided about the best way to deal with the pandemic. Pathologists, virologists, and immunologists from around the world have expressed reservations about the way the pandemic is being handled. Mainstream media do not do it but some news outlets have indeed published articles and opinions about this division.

The problem I see is the lack of open dialogue on the topic and the shadowing/silencing of the opinions which diverge from the main narrative.

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Several points, trying to put thins in perspective.

The increase in the number of confirmed cases was expected wth the beginning the cold season.

Even the increased number of confirmed cases is minuscule when seen as a percentage of the 14-million-strong population of Tokyo. Same when you hunk about the total confirmed cases and the population of Japan as a whole.

The trains will be packed again by Thursday but everybody on the train wears a mask, nobody talks, which puts the possibility of contagion on the train close to zero.

Though many here will deny it, most if not all people use hand-sanitizer when out and about.

The government is not there to save you as an individual or to protect your business or life. You pay taxes to them for general guidance and to ensure the maintenance/management of the systems which serve the society as a whole. Your business and life are your own responsibility.

Some comments, even though probably well-intended, feed the fear in people reading them (see this: “Also, the virus kills much more than the 0.1% people in denial of science love to repeat, specially once health services become swamped.”) Such users, although they don’t offer any viable solutions or back their comments with data sources, often resolve to name-calling and shaming those who have reasons to be of different opinion.

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Indeed. But COVID is in fashion now so there is nothing else but it. Those who don’t agree are wrong by default.

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The BCG vaccine is better than nothing, but it doesn't completely protect from the infection.

Of course not. But the COVID-19 one, which you so vehemently promote here, does form a virus which over 99% of the population recover from. And so, we need a new TB vaccine to be sold by Big Pharma, don’t we.

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The keyword here is "planning." I am also planning a lot of things for next year, but none of them will happen.

Making plans happen is what differentiates those who move forward from those who stay in the same place for years.

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Ad do you?? If you don’t, how can you argue your point while saying that Daito is not write because he doesn’t have that same data? Given that both of you obviously don’t have the factual data, what makes you right and him wrong?

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Australians agree with the responses and measures taken. Foreigners do not have to like it or agree with it.

Would appreciate the same sentiment when you comment about Japan’s response to the pandemic. Ain’t going to hold my breath, though.

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Keeping cool at times when the rest of the world is going crazy.

@Thomas Goodtime

Im scared about living here. Amazing how some people trust so easily.

You are welcome to search for and find a safer place so you can move there and not be scared any more.

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Go japan you got this, the envy of the world right now and justifiably so!

Yes, and also the pet peeve of part of the foreign community who believe that massive testing followed by another lockdown (sorry, state of emergency) will help eradicate the virus.

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The constant 150 - 250 per day in Tokyo for 4 months shows that the health ministry is just skimming an agreed number every day from the truth. 150 - 250 per day in Tokyo for 4 months has no sense of pattern. Either the contagion reduces or it increases.

Or this just shows that the virus has become endemic and that it is not as contagious and as deadly as the media craze had us believe in the beginning of the year.

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Massively testing the population so you have an accurate figure of the number of sick people, with or without symptoms, then you can quarantine them to preserve elderly and treat them so they don't spread the virus more.

I can see the following misconceptions in the above statement.

With the current inaccuracy of the PCR tests cannot get an accurate figure of the number of people who have contracted the virus.

contracting the virus doesn’t guarantee that you will get sick. At least 80% of the people with the virus in their system don’t develop symptoms, or in other words, don’t get sick.

As the PCR tests give you a high false positive number, you will be quarantining healthy people who need to work and provide for their families. I hope you don’t mean that the elderly, who are mostly free of such obligations, should be free to roam around because the young are quarantined for their sake.

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So are they going to trace and test all of the contacts of these 90000 people afterwards? If not, how will they know how many new infections are created by this reckless experiment?

Thre is already a contact tracing application - ココア - which is used reportedly by over 80% of the native population. I imagine that the organizes will come up with a way to make all the viewers traceable

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Alfie Noakes

LDP eminence grise Toshihiro Nikai is chairman of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association. This is yet more corporate welfare for Japan's travel industry, using our tax money.

Yes, undoubtedly so. But given that travel and tourism was the hardest hit industry (along with air transport), not providing any stimuli for its revival would mean the loss of more or less a million jobs.

Imagine if yours were one of those.

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The only thing for certain here is that there was an increase in suicides. Discussing why there was an increase and how big the impact of the virus and the measures was is fine. But going on like all suicides are down to the virus and associated measures is, sorry to put it this way, quite dumb

I don’t think people are saying that.

The total number of deaths (including the deaths from influenza and other medical conditions) is lower year-on-year but we still have an increase in the number of suicides during the pandemic. Which comes to show that the increase might have something to do with the continuity of frightening news about the virus in media and social networks.

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