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Please do not undermine the possible impact of this typhoon as it is compared to Typhoon Haiyan which killed thousands of people in the Philippines. During that time, people prepared from strong winds and rain by going to evacuation centers and sturdy houses. What they did not know was the storm surge or the tsunami-like waves that followed. Please stay safe everyone.

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I think it's not very early to decorate for Christmas. In the Philippines, we start from September. :)

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My country, the Philippines, lost one of its rare sincere servant-leaders. I hope that whoever replaces him will continue his good governance. Thank you, Sec. Robredo.

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from http://www.gotquestions.org/creation-evolution.html

The origin of the universe and the origin of life cannot be tested or observed. Both creation and evolution are faith-based systems in regards to origins. Neither can be tested because we cannot go back billions (or thousands) of years to observe the origin of the universe or of life in the universe. Evolutionary scientists reject creation on grounds that would logically force them to also reject evolution as a scientific explanation of origins. Evolution, at least in regard to origins, does not fit the definition of “science” any more than creation does. Evolution is supposedly the only explanation of origins that can be tested; therefore, it is the only theory of origins that can be considered “scientific.”

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Too bad. :( my prayer goes with you, Japan.

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