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Posted in: Gunmen hit Syrian army from sea; Moscow slams rebels See in context

Fun tu vouch how you all her protect tis so named rebels its same that awry one of you have forgotten Libeya and democratek bombs from the haven I tell you more before bombardment of Libeya the Kadafi have killed 10,000 piplle its many I agre but after so called democratic help from UN the numbers was numerusly increased 50,000 killed and even now ther still safer so I think that ther is no need for such democrate in Sirija I think cape this democrate for yore self not awry one can use such system its not super universal mechanism for all world some place it works some not stop interfere in the other state you only make more suffer

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Posted in: Russia's Medvedev tells Romney to 'use head' See in context

I have a some think tu ask wath give you right to speck wath is good for Russia ? you think that Russia need yore democrate dont you think you are to organt tied you ask same Russian that you are chatting abate it you les sit in front TV and read BBC CNN nows to yo know how is those opozicioners ho are those democrats no well I tell you ho are they this pore falovs were the biggest layers Luther coropt peoples in the world after the collapse of USSR they ware the closest followers of Jelcin the in 1990-2000 vare lothyng the Russia every thing wot had any value in Russia they have stolen from it privatize bay any mins ware bay chit ware bay brutal kill they formde gangs from most filthe pieplle in Russia this persons wore ho broth Russia 1998 tho bankruptcy you think that Russian wona to put this gays in charge of Russia I ton think so that's way Putin won election knowing ho he won over the gays from hard ,90. I tone wonder that this Luther use any mine necessary to gain power back even the non thinking sidisans of Russia if you think that 30.000 piplle on the Moscow streets is many than her you same info in Moscow live 16 milyon piplle sow those protesters are only 0,02% of toale so ton give me the democrate stuff keep it for your self

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Posted in: Obama hits back in Russia 'hot mike' row See in context

Its same that her sits lots of Russia heating hyomonoids now her some koment from Russia with love, that missail defense system have no right Thu be ther in fist place Americans are saying that those missails is not a trhet Thu Russia but wen Russian asks tu put this words on paper in form of official form then American aside says sorry we can't du that you have gov with relating on the word promise wath are you thinking since wen we can trust to an Americans maybe we Russians are barbaric savege filthe thugs but we are not stupid we se clearly wot it is this defense measure stop laying you f...... Iran north Coreya ware is Iran and ware Poland or Coreya its no need to bee a military to se how stupid it is

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Posted in: Noda congratulates Putin; urges resolution to territorial issue See in context

Yury don't mock Russian fleet Japan cent sink Russian fleet one Russian submarine would able to swipe Tokyo from face of earth bay racket БАРЕИ ( BAREJ from Çikotka or from north poll as much I now Japan dos not hav military ship able to swim in northern see well I don't won such war even tu happen for I love Japan and Russia wary much for tos hum sames that Russia is week I recommend tu remember 2008 8 august the Gorgea ho was armed with latest USA wapons ware defeated in 8 days first lesion newer newer do underestimate Russia and you Yury shod not forget that Japanese self defense force are strictly restrained bay the pace trite of 1945 further more the depth of Japan is 120% of its yearly income such war would led to bankruptse of Japan it wooden even bay fule for its military and you understands yury wath it mens stop ships stop airplanes awry thing stops Japan woundint able to continuun war game over but. Hope it will not happen

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Posted in: LDP members oppose putting 'everything on the table' at TPP talks See in context

Hello from EU I think that this tread union is nor in intrese of Japan ether for its good you know how well gain from that it well be large corporations how well stand rich from that its mens that this corporations well bee tucking Japan economic from Japanese nation end pas it over tu wealthy elite on wollstrete the in the end the won't own everyone the earth it self

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Posted in: Released records of nuclear crisis meetings show chaos, confusion over lack of info See in context

This days of modern technology era you can't hide such crisis and I would won to ask ho was the gay ho order to buld this power plant on the seismic break in front of oaken who the fff was that genius I would like to bet him for hurting may favorite nation I can't stand such idiotismu in first place may own nation has sufferd same thing in 1986 in chernobil many Latvians has ban sand to Chernobil to glen the mass we are with you we now wot it is we Russians Latvians Ukraine Belarussians All postsowyet stats nows this pain hold on and to not surrender you are strong nation good luck and if Russia offers they help accept it pleas accept we have this roof pain to

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