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This discussion is hilarious... all you skinny judgmental folk need to wake up. I am fat, my husband is skinny- I run on the treadmill 6ks a day, he sloths on the couch. I run rings around him, when we do anything like walk or play tennis together. His blood sugar is a concern at the docs - mine isn't. my cholesterol is perfect and I have no health issues... he has several health concerns. I am the same shape and size as my mother and grandmother... 5'2 and 85kg... and yet we eat the same food i the same amount... I call BS.

And when I'm in Japan I get enough offers to have no concerns about my vanity, although hubby gets a bit defensive about it.

Who wants to be with some ego on legs that cares what weight you are? let the fools sneer - who are they to you? precisely no-one...

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Also, buying kid's literacy books will help you more than anything. And diving into translating helps you learn quickly, also.

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Seeing as it takes English speakers all their school years to become proficient in English, (and the vast majority never do become proficient), I'd say that that comparison is a little off. Of course it takes time! I've never been answered in English when I use my limited Japanese unless I've asked the person if they speak English. I usually ask them to speak slowly.

Seeing as we want to buy a house and spend 3 months of every year in Japan in our retirement, I think it's a bit rude to make no effort to speak with a level somewhat above basic. Japanese people don't expect perfect native fluency, just as English speakers don't expect it from migrants and tourists. Be reminded, a lot of Japanese people are not great at Japanese - don't feel bad.

I've always been met with total delight when it's discovered that I can speak a little and read somewhat; help is always forthcoming. I think it's totally worth it just for the sake of .knowledge, if nothing else.

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