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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan giving away free breakfasts See in context

When Japanese ask me what I find surprising about Japan, I often mention the lack of breakfast places.

huh? Never had a "morningu setto" ? Can't beat a tiny coffee in a china cup, an egg, a wedge of toast and er, some salad. Would take that over a free McYuck any time.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to push 9-year-old girl off platform at train station See in context

I can't think of many (any?) other places where a 9 year old would be taking the train alone. Parents need to wake up to the fact that Japan is not as "safety" as they think & given the lack of mental health care, there are probably more unstable people out there than they'd like to think/admit.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna sells for record Y155.4 mil in Tokyo See in context

Hi Smith, Totally agree about the sharks' fins - unfortunately most of those were imported as there are very few sharks or fish left in HK waters. WWF HK reports that the average fish caught within Hong Kong waters these days is smaller than 10 grams- Japan might want to learn form that... The trawling ban applies to the fishing & shrimp fleet & only came in Jan 1st, the govt. having spent millions to buy out the fishermen, most of whom are retirement age anyway. But it only applies to HK waters, not mainland China. WWF HK has a good article on its web site & a FAQ section - a lot of what they say could apply equally to Japan and practically any fishing community in the world. Yes, the bidding frenzy makes it worse and encourages more mad plundering.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna sells for record Y155.4 mil in Tokyo See in context

Agreed, Smith, Miffy and alliswell. Only needs a look at the history of cod in the N. Atlantic to see how quickly fish stocks can crash. Even Hong Kong, famed for its seafood, has brought in a trawling ban this year in a last ditch attempt to halt the decline. Egotists like this need to be ignored & fish stocks need proper management. And diners need educating. Sigh.

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Posted in: Indian gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital See in context

Rape is rape Zichi, no high level or low level,

I think he means high levels numerically speaking.

Proves can't depend on powers & authorities. Depend on self-defense. Dress against titillation. Don't display charms to sundry. Don't let faculties be blunted by medication & alcohol except in safe environment. List goes on depending on how safe you want to be / how much you dare to risk. Finally hope for good luck.

-mods, why is this comment still here? Offensive doesn't even come close. It is precisely this victim-blaming that lets men get away with violence.

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Posted in: Abe takes a stand against parents naming their children Pikachu See in context

Some dummies in the UK just named their kid Hashtag - seriously. Hashtag Jameson... google it. Actually maybe the next kid will be called Google...

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Posted in: Princess Aiko marks 11th birthday See in context

Yeah, an 11 year old shouldn't need to be accompanied to school- sounds like she's going to grow up with her mother's coping skills. What does the IHA do to its womenfolk? Look at poor old Michiko... anyway, good for them getting a rescue dog, thanks for the info Cleo. Hope it gives her some solace. And if I made my 11 year old dress like that, she'd run away screaming.

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Posted in: 'Dallas,' 'I Dream of Jeannie' star Larry Hagman dead at 81 See in context

Smoking and excessive drinking claims another soul.

He made it to 81 - more than a lot of people who live healthier lives!

I had to write a finals paper in '83 on Victorian melodrama & use a modern example for comparison- thanks for that, Ewing family!

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya wins 'Fur of the Year' award See in context

Well said Cleo, smith, tmarie, Marilita. Sadly, even global warming won't stop these idiots - here in Hong Kong temp's are hovering around 20 which means it's time to get the dead animals out of storage cos it's so cold. Wonder what would happen if Japanese women realised that most of those "meaningless fur trimmings" (nice one, Cleo) were kawaii cats and bunnies from China...

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Posted in: Newborn baby girl found dead in Ibaraki parking lot See in context

baby girl, with its umbilical cord still attached,

"its" - can we give HER a little dignity?

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Posted in: Man's remains found in vinyl bag by river in Tokyo See in context

Huh? Where does it say he was cut into small pieces?

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Posted in: Japan to see normal to above-average temperatures this winter See in context

Interesting - the Hong Kong observatory is saying the opposite for the region... one newspaper said women may need to wear warmer clothes.... anyway, if it's a cold winter, we can all blame the Chinese.

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Posted in: 26 amazing things about Japanese budget hotels See in context

Japanese Yukatas? As opposed to what other kind?

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Posted in: Man enters elementary school, menaces girl after allegedly smoking herbs See in context

Whaaat? Didn't they have the waist-high gates closed??

Yes, they did, that's why he had to "scale" the huge fence:

scaled a 150-cm fence

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Posted in: 36 killed in Hong Kong ferry collision See in context

If china just had a Coast guard like Japan Coast Guard everything would be different.

-huh? China and Hong Kong are two separate jurisdictions, if there is a Chinese coast guard, (I have no idea if they do - do you?) it wouldn't have helped, as they would have no jurisdiction in HK - and this accident was to the south, a long way from mainland waters. Thankfully HK does have full search and rescue services which is why over 100 people were saved. Some of the photos here were taken in my neighbourhood, at the pier used for the main rescue effort & the survivors were brought in pretty damn fast & moved swiftly to hopitals.

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Posted in: Protesters attempt to enter Japan's consulate in Hong Kong See in context

Tiger, you are quite right. The average HK person has no interest in these islands & it's always the same loonies that get involved in this kind of thing. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people picketed govt offices last week to protest against proposals to teach "National Education" - i.e. how great China is. Contrary to what Crazy Joe says, we have no intention of being a backscratcher for the world's greediest capitalist nation.

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Posted in: 26-year-old woman arrested for drowning baby son in bath See in context

No one is defending her, Smithinjapan, just pointing out what sort of condition she MAY have been in. Unfortunately PPD is barely recognised in Japan & she won't get the help she needs. Anyone doubting PPD needs to do some reading- start with something easy like Brooke Shields's "Down Came the Rain" - and I don't think she was an extreme case. Then you can move on to the medical literature. There's plenty.

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Posted in: Hong Kong students protest over 'brainwashing' classes See in context

Hong Kong belongs to PRC. They all would have to take such a lesson of the Communist. If people don't want it, better leave there for free country

kwatt, utter garbage. Hong Kong and Macau are SARs - Special Administrative regions - i.e. semi autonomous - we are most definitely NOT part of communist China, politically speaking & we turn out every year in our tens of thousands to remember the Tiananmen Square massacre- this is not allowed or even mentioned on the mainland. Interestingly, mainland visitors are starting to come to this event and learn a few things. The HK govt. had backed down on the national education issue this evening- schools will be free to choose & I can only hope they will ignore this daft plan. I passed by the the protest last night & there must have been 100,000 people there, not the 40,00 that the kowtowing police counted.

Anyway, I must get some sleep, it's election day in HK tomorrow & we all will go out to vote, cos we live in a sort of democracy... -ish... more than our immediate neighbors do, anyway.

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Posted in: 2 sisters found alive under bodies in car after shooting in French Alps See in context

Zichi, according to The Guardian:

The elder girl found near the car had been beaten and suffered a fractured skull, said Maillaud. She was taken by helicopter to Grenoble hospital, where he said she "seems to be pulling through".

Poor kids.

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Posted in: Man arrested for murdering father, kidnapping 7-year-old girl See in context

Glad the school was on the ball & she was found quickly. And people still let their little kids walk to school alone. My friend's 8 year old lives farthest of her walking group from the school & won't even "let" mum walk her to where she meets the next couple of kids on the route. Mum says it would be "hazukashii" for the kid. Sigh.

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Posted in: 30,000 from Japan invited to Moon's funeral See in context

I have been very surprised by the lack of reference in obituaries to the brainwashing tactics employed by this cult. Back in the early 1980s, before I ever got to Asia, I worked for a student exchange programme & in our orientations for students going to the USA we had a large section about cults & their dangers & how to spot them. Make no mistake, the Moonies were one such cult using the usual tactics of preying on lost looking young people, pretending to be in the same boat & slowly drawing them in. Very dangerous, insidious bunch of money grabbers who should not be whitewashed by history.

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context

@ Kataribe & Tatanka


When I first read the article (that lacked details) I knew she had to be a freelancer; no reputable news organization would send a reporter (let alone a women) into an active war zone."

Google the following names: Christiane Amanpour of CNN, Jacky Rowland of the BBC, Marie Colvin of The Sunday Times, Janine di Giovanni of The Times, Kate Adie of the BBC, Giuliana Sgrena of Die Zeit and Il Manifesto, Kate West of UPI and Agence France-Presse, etc etc etc.

Thank you for mentioning all those excellent journo's, and not to forget the venerable Claire Hollingworth, who broke the news of the German invasion of Poland...

And regardless of gender, ALL news org's send reporters into combat zones, that's their job! The big ones also do combat training for any staff liable to be in a war situation, to lessen the chances of this kind of tragedy.

BTW, it's Kate Webb, not West - ironically after all those wars, it was cancer that killed her. AFP established a journalism award in her name.

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Posted in: Baby's body found in Saitama river See in context

As for the baby, RIP & when is this country going to get help for post natal women who can't cope - yes, conjecture I know, but it happens.

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Posted in: Romney demands Obama apology over Bain attacks See in context

So where IS Mitt's money? Seems he's gone out of his way to hide it from both the public and the IRS: http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/2012/08/investigating-mitt-romney-offshore-accounts

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Posted in: Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis split 'amicably' See in context

Paradis, 39, is more famous in France than abroad.

Who? Anyway, I might have a chance now.... though I might have to fight off heavysyrup's mum... and a few million others...

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Posted in: Hotel company president gets down on her knees to apologize for fatal fire See in context

If you value your life, never stay above the 5th floor in a Japanese hotel. That's how high the ladders go.

true -when my mother-in-law worked for the US govt (at a low level!) this was their policy, wherever you travelled - if on govt business, that's where you stayed.

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Posted in: Air rage granny fined for punching passenger on Qantas flight See in context

Calling her a granny makes her sound like a little old lady but she's not that old & if you search for pictures of her, she's hardly a sweet little old lady. I wouldn't mess with her.

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Posted in: Police question ex-Aum fugitive Kikuchi about her 17 years on the run See in context

But the main reason is that religious institutions are exempted from tax. You'll find that many of these "cults" are little more that shrewd businessmen men who fabricate their own doctrines to dodge taxes.

True- good explanation of this can be found in the book about Aum, "The Cult at the End of the World" - and also how no one dares bother you once you've declared yourself a religion, in case you say you're being persecuted, discriminated against etc. As I recall from the book, years since I read it, there were big clues that Aum was up to no good but no one wanted to upset a religious group. Then look what happened.

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Posted in: TripAdvisor ranks Top 20 Japanese travel destinations for foreign visitors See in context

Have to agree with Cletus about Himeji, damn good castle. Would take that over Disneyland and a ski resort any day. Wouldn't go near an aquarium either- and no mention of Kurashiki? See, there's your problem, these lists are always subjective. Visitors from small towns are always blown away by Shinjuku, especially at night. New Yorkers might not bat an eyelid. Will keep quiet about my other faves, lest hoards of tourists descend.

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Posted in: Man arrested for growing hemp in Fukuoka apartment See in context

thought it could be used as a skin cream. I have a tube of Hemp hand cream in my desk right now.

It's good stuff - but stay away from Hong Kong with it, the Body Shop there had to remove it from the shelves cos the HK cops got their knickers in a twist.

Confession (grassing) will get him relief.


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