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Wtf is "White angel strawberry dog"?? (the sign in the upper-left corner..)

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In Japan you're guilty until proven innocent. Thats the way it is here. Live with it.

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The photo for the story is just so inappropriate

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What's the point? You've obviously already decided for us.

You must realize that Japan is not like USA. Here you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

Gou ni itte ha, gou ni shitagae

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by donor nations to give $16 billion to Afghanistan to prevent the country from sliding back into turmoil when foreign combat troops depart? See in context

I realize that the money is supposed to prevent stuff like this, but stuff like this will never end no mather how much money they'll get....

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I too did almost all of those things in the beginning, that was until my, then girlfriend now wife, got sick of it. A japanese girl might like those kind of things, but she'll only keep liking em if you are "perfect" in all the other aspects to. I.E. having a high salary, doing exactly what they say all the time, never get angry, throw away your old life/friends etc...

I understand most japanese men who are always drinking with their bosses and work 200hrs overtime each month.

The only reason a gaijin does the above mentioned things in his home country is because he can (almost always) expect his counterpart to respond to them with compassion and love..

Japanese girls (most japanese girls, not all) sees marriage as a bussines, and instead of keeping their man happy and content they'll manipulate and threat.

I shot my self in both legs and now I'm a cripple for life...

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It's shocking to hear that they decide to pick up the pace 15months after the earthquake...

TEPCO, y u so stupid?

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