COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Japan to keep hospital beds for severely ill; use hotels for mild coronavirus cases See in context

This is a great income to the hotels, and frees up hospital beds, and isolates the sick from their families so they don't get it.

And I would have no problem staying in a hotel that had housed COVID patients as long as it was cleaned. And 30 days after, there will be no virus left anyway.

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Posted in: Line survey finds 7% of users in Tokyo have at least one coronavirus symptom See in context

Pointless....anyone with allergies or any sickness that causes a fever, or a headache, or fatigue is counted.

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Posted in: Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection See in context

"Noplace for logic here mate."

sorry, had been Skyping with Taiwanese friends...forgot where I was for a second.

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Posted in: Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection See in context

But If Abe and Aso meet the same people on different days, or even people who met the same people, it's pointless. And they are still jamming into packed rooms without masks or other precautions. It's only a matter of time before they get it. At least they'll be allowed to get tested.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

So there is actually no mechanism to enforce a shutdown, and Tokyo companies won't do it themselves, and the people themselves are ignoring any call to stay that's it. These arguments and press conferences are pointless. The fact is that it will spread unabated in any case, because the governments can't actually do anything.

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Posted in: Survey ranks Tokyo as the most desirable place in Japan to live, bumping Kanagawa to #2 See in context

I think the real estate market will be loosening up some, so it should be cheaper to find a place in the next few months.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

I expect we'll see more of this all over the world. It's nearly impossible in the TV business to avoid being exposed to dozens of people everyday.

The only silver lining is that people will see their favorite celebrities sidelined for (hopefully only) a couple weeks, and realize this is really really real.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

"- once the Olympics were officially cancelled or postponed suddenly outbreaks would get reported."

Well, let's hope they keep up the testing. And find a way to skirt the "must hospitalize anyone positive regardless of symptoms" rule so the testing won't automatically overwhelm the system.

Here in the sticks I'm not too worried about the child's school is not crowded and has space to spread them out. But Tokyo Nagoya and Osaka.....can't see how this doesn't cause an explosion. I think the sort-of secret plan is "gradual spread, catch the serious cases as they arise, and accept some extra deaths as inevitable". But those packed trains....

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Posted in: IOC reviewing Games scenarios; cancellation not among them: Bach See in context

Postponing is not cancellation. Postponing is probably the only way they will be successful. By next year there should be a vaccine, air travel will once again be safe, and a world that spent months in lockdown will be ready to go do something fun. Bill it as the world's "Put COVID Behind Us" party, and it might even bring Japan more tourism than if the games had gone ahead without the epidemic.

The very worst thing (other than just skipping them altogether which is not going to happen) would be to hold games that no one goes to, half the athletes have to skip, that contribute nothing to the tourism that was supposed to make them worthwhile.

And since that is the dumbest outcome, that's probably what they will do,

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Posted in: Vegan hamburger steak rice bowls added to over 1,900 convenience stores in Tokyo See in context

Yeah, I'm a meat eater, but fake meat doesn't taste right...I'd prefer to just eat the vegetables.

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

Korea has apps that track locations where cases are known to have gone, so people can know if they were exposed. Real testing, where they actually try to find more cases. Imagine that!

Japan has static charts that are outdated by the time they are released, that will then be considered "true" for several days. Continually updated info? Not a chance. Testing carefully limited to avoid discovering community spread to keep the numbers down (and thereby 'protect' the Olympics that no one is going to come watch).

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Posted in: Scramble for hospital beds in Nagoya shows coronavirus challenge for aging Japan See in context

Bummer, the only hope I had was that we hadn't seen a spike in serious it starts. Say goodbye to your elders while you can, Japan will be Italy by next week.

And Abe will still be focused on the Olympics. Maybe he'll convene a committee to seriously consider gathering more information on the virus by next month. Perhaps he'll even put expanded testing on the agenda for next year in the Diet. And of course, he will say no one could have predicted what everyone has been predicting for the last month.

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

No reports I heard of hospitals being overwhelmed here as they are in Italy or Korea.

My doctor said the same thing when I saw him last week. Although he is a surgeon, he said he is hearing from colleagues that there is no spike in pneumonia cases. His guess is that the usual flu and pollen precautions, plus a culture of not touching, plus the fact that Japanese tend to be very risk averse and are self limiting their exposure may be the reason. But he freely admits that he just doesn't know why the ICUs aren't full. Our city was full of Chinese tourists a month ago, yet only a couple of cases, both traced to someone who travelled outside the area.

Weird, but I'll take it.

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Posted in: Experts foresee Tokyo Games without spectators if virus lingers See in context

Jesus, what is wrong with these people? In 2021, there will likely be a vaccine, and the pandemic should be largely over, and there will be a world population ready for a return to normal. Conceivably 2021 could be even more successful. It could be the world's "Put COVID behind us" party.

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Posted in: Do you think social media sites are helping or hindering the flow of accurate information concerning the coronavirus? See in context

Social media has been vital in linking to various news sources, and compiling information. Most media sites, especially in Japan, have very little in depth information. You get a headline and a few lines of text that say nothing you didn't know before. "X city has a case of the virus. It's a 35 year old company employee." Then you get a history of the virus in Japan, but no information you can actually use to determine if you might have been exposed.

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Posted in: Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics See in context

What a bizarre headline. "Some"? This title assumes that "most" Japanese are really more concerned about the Olympics than a virus which is likely to kill their parents or grandparents if they catch it. Exactly the opposite. Even if the virus never happened, Japan would never have come close to recouping its investments. This will just make the inevitable losses worse. Doing it next year is the only chance to have tourists and spectators, and just maybe capitalize on a global population who are eager to put the pandemic behind them (and hopefully they will have been vaccinated by then.) Most Japanese I know assume they will be cancelled or rescheduled.

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

Athletes will perform in empty stadiums. 0 yen return on billions in investment. Wave of bankruptcies, unemployment an no return to heavy tourism. Japan will be Greece if it’s lucky.

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

IOC won’t let them cancel. Abe has no say in the matter. Gonna make 1929 look like a minor market dip.

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Posted in: Last crew members leave cruise ship quarantined at Yokohama port See in context

Let the ship sit empty for a couple of weeks, (the virus will die) then take her to a shipyard to be repainted and renamed while the interior deep-cleaned and renewed. She can set sail as the New Crown Princess.

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

I hope Dr Iwata and his wife emigrate to Australia, Canada, or the US, where this type of professionalism are appreciated. Japan does not deserve him.

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Posted in: Experts ponder why cruise ship quarantine failed to prevent spread of virus See in context

Kentaro Iwata of Kobe University, and infectious disease specialist, has a video on YouTube that SHOULD be front page news in Japan, but it won't be. Journalists should be lining up to interview him, but I think only non-Japanese will ever see his video.

He went on board the ship and said the procedures were utterly inadequate. But they will release them today, knowing they are all almost certainly infected. He said he was never so scared of being infected, even when dealing with Ebola.

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Posted in: China's outbound group travel ban a blow to Japan's retail, tourism sectors See in context

Obviously it's going to be bad for the economy, but I'm glad China made the call.

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Posted in: Nissan denies reported plans to split with Renault See in context

smithinjapanToday  04:56 pm JST

Hahaha... well, now they can't!

Oh, sure they can...they'll just say the "circumstances have recently changed, and we feel compelled to take actions we had previously no desire to take....etc". No one expects honesty.

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Posted in: Nissan denies reported plans to split with Renault See in context

So it's "a few disgruntled souls", but there's a breach of trust big enough that it can't be quickly mended. Uh huh. And the FT piece talks about Nissan's contingency plans for a breakup being worked on by senior executives. Senior execs don't spend their time on that sort of thing for no reason.

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Posted in: Message for Hong Kong See in context

The person may have put their name on it, and they don’t want them harassed by Chinese thugs. But they could have captioned the whole message.

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Posted in: Ghosn: A tycoon full of surprises See in context

And in Japan, which means Ghosn is innocent of the charges because he hasn’t been found guilty yet

Ha ha, that’s rich. How long have you watched the Japanese legal system?

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Posted in: Over 30% of Japanese managers feel intense stress from working with foreigners: survey See in context

It astonishes me that the management response to a falling labor supply is to treat the workers they can get even worse. These managers need to meet the workers them the same as Japanese workers and give them a little room to experiment with better ways to do their jobs. When I worked for a company here we gaijin figured out a much more efficient way to package a product, with less loss due to damage, and without changing either the equipment or the packaging. The boss presented it as his own idea after "restructuring" the department and firing us as "unneeded". Within a month they had hired two more gaijin. He got a raise for his "innovation". I'm happy to say the company closed last year due to their inability to change with the market.

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Posted in: Over 30% of Japanese managers feel intense stress from working with foreigners: survey See in context

In other words:

They believe they are humans, not just organic equipment..

Same with any foreigner in any country.

They know the company is making a mint and they know they are worth something.

They show the company exactly as much loyalty as it shows them. This is my touchstone as well.

Because the work rules rarely make sense.

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Posted in: Brownface part of racist face makeup history See in context

His actual beliefs don't matter in the Twitterverse we all live in now. He stepped on the "Racist" trigger and now the standard kabuki must play out...outrage, denial, admission of limited offense, more admission as more offenses are found, ritualized insincere confession and apologies, grudging forgiveness because he's supposedly a Social Justice Progressive.

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Posted in: Japan faces urgent need to realize autonomous transportation See in context

Trucks are fine but where they really need AI vehicles is in small towns to keep elderly people mobile without them having to drive. Buses in small towns are infrequent, taxis are expensive, and roads are quiet. A half dozen city-owned/contracted “silver” robotaxis subsidized to keep them cheap would do wonders for safety. My in-laws are not comfortable driving due to health issues but have few options.

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