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Posted in: Japan revises law to speed identification of anonymous cyberbullies See in context

Technically, even calling the PM an idiot would be “disparaging” him under the law. I’ll be posting way less here….this law is written very vaguely.

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Posted in: Japanese police to try system for sending video during emergency calls See in context

Because just sending them a ZOOM link and letting the officer see what's happening live doesn't involve nice contracts for connected companies.

By the time the dispatcher gets clearance to give out an address and code and the people get through that process the police will be there.

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Posted in: Russia starts annexation vote in parts of Ukraine See in context

Putin has already decided on victory or nuclear war. NATO cannot accept surrender to Russia. We’re all dead before the New Year, barring someone in Russia killing him.

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Posted in: Japan oil giant Eneos says misconduct against woman led to CEO resignation See in context

Baby steps....at least they removed him.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

If the government then came out and said "OK, you can stop hopping now", nobody would want to be the first one to stop. Everyone would keep hopping around everywhere on one foot for years and years to come.

This made me laugh because it's so true. They could have giant meetings where they discussed the absurdity of it and everyone could vote on stopping.....and then they would suck air through their teeth and look shyly around and hop on one foot out of the room.

Masks will be required for a minimum of 10 years. "Hito" might see and disapprove.

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

Talked about this with a bunch of students just this week.…most said it was because of what “hito” (“other people”) might think. 100% social pressure. Virtually none of them think masks do much good, particularly with Omicron variants. It came down to two main scenarios:

1) Some didn’t want to make other people feel unsafe, especially old people.

2) Most don’t want to the only ones not wearing them…and assume that everyone else thinks we need to wear them.

And 3) A few very shy students like to hide behind them/don’t want to wear makeup, etc.

So even though a majority of them think the masks are useless, they will wear them until a majority of people aren’t wearing them. Meaning forever.

I think Japanese will wear them permanently, because imagined social pressure is the most powerful force in Japan, and is essentially unchangeable.

This will certainly impact tourism, as Japan opens up visa-wise, but still requires masks. I doubt it will ever be the prime destination it once was.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

If you see a wallet or phone on the ground, forget you saw it and keep going. If you see a crime happen, no you didn’t. Your staying out of trouble is worth more than a Japanese person’s trouble. They certainly think the same about you.

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Posted in: World Cup beer policy finally agreed by Qatari organizers See in context

Can they drink enough to forget the hundreds of poorly paid workers who died far from home to build the stadiums?

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Posted in: Unification Church's donation coercion in Japan is problem: ex-exec See in context

Sounds like Scientology.

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Posted in: Kishida wants to increase number of foreigners studying in Japan See in context

Who in their right mind would want to work in a Japanese workplace, with its enforced overtime, pointless meetings, rigidity, enforced drinking, bullying, and slavish adherence to the way things have always been done?

I don't think that a lot of foreigners being trapped in Japanese companies long-term is very likely. The usual Japanese short-term slave labor, yes, but not many high level workers will stay.

Japan's immigration system means that they can't get long-term visas (and forget citizenship for most, even if they were dumb enough to want it).

The third-world salaries mean they can't get married or buy a house...and are limited to the few slumlords who are willing to rent to them.

The way the Japanese economy is designed, they also know a decent lifestyle is permanently out of reach. Japanese companies will never offer more than short contracts, no raises, no promotions for non-Japanese, and constant racist bullying and harassment.

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Posted in: Kishida wants to increase number of foreigners studying in Japan See in context

And people in Hell want ice water. What a joke!

At my uni several postdocs left and are now studying in Taiwan and Korea…and telling everyone they can how badly Japan treated them. Japan effectively created tens of thousands of Anti-Ambassadors, and they are spreading their experiences everywhere they can so other students avoid the disastrous mistake of wasting their college funds and time by coming here.

The programs those students were in are now in danger of shutting down entirely because…surprise, surprise, they can’t recruit any foreign students. This means exchange programs are effectively dead, so Japanese students are struggling for spots in overseas institutions. One student I know is applying for citizenship through a foreign relative so he can study in the EU (brain drain, anyone?) Profs in Europe and North America are actively discouraging study in Japan because foreigners are treated like lepers. Funny how slapping people in the face damages goodwill.

And Japan deserves it. Deserves every closed program, every snub by foreign investors, every lost opportunity. They made their bed, let them lie in it.

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Posted in: Abe awarded Australia's highest honor for service to bilateral ties See in context

I disagreed with a lot of Abe’s domestic policies…but he was a hell of a diplomat. He gained major support for Japan, and built real personal relationships with foreign leaders. He certainly deserves credit for strengthening Japan’s foreign alliances.

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

So ridiculous when they are nowhere near using the cap that already exists. You still have to take. Koryo Tours style captive tour, so no one in their right minds is bothering to come. You’ll see nothing on your own schedule, eat nowhere but the pre-picked restaurants, and shop nowhere but the tour-agency-affiliated shops.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting of pre-departure COVID tests for inbound vaccinated travelers: media See in context

Just rubs salt in the $150 wound (the test I'll be taking tomorrow so I can return from a place with very low infection rates to Japan, with the highest in the world.) And Japanese will no doubt feel I'm endangering them.


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Posted in: Japan to roll out Omicron-targeted COVID vaccine as early as October See in context

either catch the all the new strains to develop a resistance to those strains, or take a vaccine suited to those new strains.

Except that by the time the vaccines are out, the strain they target will be gone. Though technically the vaccines can be made quickly, it’s never going to be fast enough.

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Posted in: Role in Japanese war machine made Hiroshima, Nagasaki A-bomb targets See in context

Japanese look at the bombings in isolation, with no concern for what had been going on before. The fact is that the Japanese had terror-bombed cities, massacred millions of Chinese, used biological and chemical warfare, dissected screaming prisoners alive in “medical experiments”, butchered their own people in Okinawa (to ‘save” them from the Americans), and were training schoolgirls to charge Marines on the beaches with spears. 

The bombs were seen as the fastest way to end the war, and no one in the US gave a damn what it took at that point… it was obvious the Japanese government didn’t care how many civilians died, we had already started erasing cities entirely, and they didn’t care. Burning most of Tokyo in a single night had not caused a surrender. We had seen Nanking, we had seen Peliliu and Okinawa, we had seen the kamikazes. An invasion would have resulted in the slaughter of civilians anyway. While in hindsight they should have waited a few more days before hitting Nagasaki, it was far from obvious that Hiroshima alone was going to end the war.  And never forget, while they never got close, they were pursuing nukes themselves, and would undoubtedly have used them.

But the LDP still literally worships the men who planned and executed the war, so Japan continues to indoctrinate the children in the “peaceful Japan is the victim here” beliefs.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out Omicron-targeted COVID vaccine as early as October See in context

By which time Omicron will have been replaced by a new variant

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Posted in: Japan reports 249,830 coronavirus cases; 38,940 in Tokyo See in context

We have to go thru the steps:

We’re all gonna die!

It’s just the flu!

Masks good. Masks bad.

Vax is good. Vax is bad.


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Posted in: Japan reports 139,687 coronavirus cases; 21,958 in Tokyo See in context

First, worrisome is the number of hospitalized cases 28 in Tokyo. Hospitals here do not like to admit COVID patients, and so, these cases have to be pretty severe

Tokyo has 2 million active cases…28 in critical condition is not worrying. The people at home with pretty bad symptoms what can’t be treated because hospitals won’t take them  are more worrying…but we have no idea how many there are because the govt doesn’t collect or publish the numbers. Plus they refuse to actually define mild or serious in any real way. You’re “mild” until you need ICU, then you’re “serious”.

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Posted in: Japan reports 139,687 coronavirus cases; 21,958 in Tokyo See in context

The deaths are almost entirely among the old and chronically ill, nearly all of who were jabbed.


91% of fatalities were amongst the jabbed.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

As long as Japanese keep voting in the same people, I have zero sympathy…this is what they want.

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Posted in: A look at the Unification Church's ties to Japan's politics See in context

I’m sorry to see it took an assassination to bring this subject into the light, but I’m really glad to see this article!

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Posted in: Japan second-most popular country to move to, according to Google Search analysis See in context

Funny, it’s about Google searches, not people making concrete moves to come here. Perhaps they are learning in those Google searches that it’s harder to make a life here than they thought. I mean, I did once Google searches about moving to Canada, but found that it wasn’t feasible.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks to kickstart talks to resolve historical feuds with Japan See in context

More than once…but it’s always “some ojisan said something that indicates that not every single Japanese agrees with us, so back to the drawing board. And bring the checkbook.”

It’s been resolved, Japan paid the money as agreed & that’s the end of it. Nothing to see, move on.

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Posted in: Unification Church says Abe shooter's mother is follower See in context

The Curch is very anti communist, so they tend to support conservative politicians. Abe was not a member, but was happy to have their support, and made speeches thanking them from time to time. So did Trump, for that matter. It's a matter of being on the same side of an issue, not a strong endorsement.

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Posted in: Gun used to kill Abe was simple to make, analysts say See in context

What an utterly stupid ifes….hobbyists and artist use them…but this guy didn’t. He used basic craft tools and wood and pipe and batteries….should those be banned now?

Then maybe they shouldn’t make 3D printers readily available to the average idiotic public. They have no use to the average person unless your in architecture or engineering.

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Posted in: Gun used to kill Abe was simple to make, analysts say See in context

I’m actually surprised the press is willing and allowed by the govt to admit this obvious fact. A gun is just a device using easily understood principles. While this kind of gun presents much less of a threat than factory made guns, you can never totally eliminate the danger. Security obviously needs to start taking this into account. The good news is that this kind of gun is much harder to make accurate over longer ranges or make reloadable. Think the pistols movie pirates carry….short range, single shot per barrel.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister draws fire for saying gov't won't listen to opposition See in context

He didn't apologize, and his comments were "misleading" in the sense they are exactly what the LDP intends.

Yes, any apology was to his bosses for explicitly stating the actual position of the party where they could be heard.

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Posted in: Travel firms thrown into confusion over rules as Japan reopens to foreign tourists See in context

Make it as difficult as possible to come, that’s the big plan. Then nobody comes!

Exactly…tell the world you’re open, but a wink wink to the xenophobic LDP base that none of the nasty filthy foreigners will actually come.

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Posted in: Businesses pin hopes on foreign tourists as Japan set to reopen border See in context

This is a political move, and will probably be successful. Kishida gets to tell the public and the foreign press “We’re doing something, tourists can come!…just read the fine print.” At the same time the LDP’s aged xenophobic voter base will be reassured that the nasty gaijin will be carefully muzzled, monitored, and kept away from the public. I fully expect that restaurants and stores will be cleared of other customers, and the tourists will shop and eat surrounded by a dozen silent masked staff staring at them the entire time to make sure they don’t move to push their masks aside any more than necessary. After which the store or restaurant will close for cleaning.

I have a friend who was thinking about visiting Japan this summer if it was open, but no way will he pay for a Koryo Tours experience.

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