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What Chinese laws are they talking about? Censorship of the truth laws? Criticism of the Chinese government laws? News about human right and torture attrocities toward the Chinese people laws? Is China actually going to make Google be an accessory to such censorships?

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Posted in: Nintendo's profit dives as Wii demand dwindles See in context

It's a simple fix to increase sales.

1.) HD 1080p for Wii output. 2.) Bluray / HDDVD support. (fast loading bluray, people who have HDDVD disks) 3.) Wireless keyboard and mouse support. 4.) Online games that require the Wii controllers.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters See in context

Let's be realistic and learn some history here. The Japanese have been whaling for centuries for food. It was only in the last 150 years that the whale population are nearing extinction. Do you know why? During the 1800's it was America and Europe who hunted whales to near extinction. For whale oil to burn in their lamps and for their meat which they used in dog food. If America and Europe never caused this situation in the first place, whales would not be endangered. Now the Americans are trying to blame the Japanese for something they caused.

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Posted in: Cancer to be world's top killer by 2010, WHO says See in context

You can blame China for polluting the earth with carcinogenic chemicals. In Shanghai where I live, the air is so polluted most everyone has some kind of respiratory disease. The water is so bad that you cannot go swimming anymore and there is trash everywhere.

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