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The very reason why cooking oil can fuel a jet engine is why I no longer eat vegetable oil - in particular, industrial seed oils.

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Quite hilarious. The problem is that most of the japanese public do not have any idea of subtle humour.

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Great title!

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terrible heel-strike!

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Not sure what past you are referring to, but when I was here in 1992, they would have been eating as much of that as they do now.

Yeah...that was a bit vague of me wasn't it. I guess I am referring to pre-WWII....when Japanese people ate little western food, processed food, sugar, wheat.

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I think metabolic syndrome in Japan is on the rise due to the more processed junk foods that the japanese now eat - a phenomenon that is starting to resemble western countries like the US, UK or Australia. These processed foods are packed with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (worse than sugar!) and vegetable oils high in omega 6 fatty acid. Plus, more and more Japaense people are eating more carbs in addition to rice, than ever before. Surely in the past, Japanese people did not eat as much bread, pasta, noodles as they do today. These developments together with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, make people gain weight.

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Nagatomo isnt included...so surely it isnt "full strength"? How many players that would normally be included in the squad need to be left out before the team is declared "understrength" I wonder?

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Posted in: I've studied many translations in different fields but nothing exceeds court interpretation when it comes to the amount of errors made. See in context

Interpreting is a tough gig - I wonder if Professor Mizuno could have done better?

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ironchef: wearing socks creates sweat, and subsequently, foot odour. For hygenic and non-smelly feet, open top sandals would be best.

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Im pretty sure Arudo Debito is actually Japanese now after getting naturalised.

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yeah....I could really murder a few hot crumpets smeared with leatherwood honey. Nearly as good as vegemite.

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good to see more Japanese people having the guts to be different and asking 'real' questions during interviews, instead of conforming with the masses.

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@Osakadaz: I agree, get rid of Holman. Carney should go too.....hes only still there coz hes a left footer. some of those free kicks/corners he took were terrible. Wilkshire played well....he has improved so much since the last world cup. Nicky Carle deserves a spot!!

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