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what the happiest things we have!!

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the people who say some bad comment against Hashimoto's argument know the atmosphere that Japanese cannot argue those kind of issue, especially wartime sex abuse related to S Korea, and have endured the too much punishment done by S Korea that even Japan compensated the many thing in under the name of Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea in 1965. moreover, whenever the Korean want to something related to Japan, they always use the wartime sex abuse.

this time, what I want to say is not whether the wartime sex abuse is bad thing or not, needless to say, that is bad thing clearly, but what I want to say is that most countries in the war did those kind of using woman for that purpose. and I add some info related to above Lai Đại Hàn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lai_%C4%90%E1%BA%A1i_H%C3%A0n

so, why the Hashimoto say such as thing even now is, I think,that if Japan keep silent in that problem of wartime sex abuse, the world people especially S Korea assert that Japan is extreme right country because they want to have military( I think that the country which is accused by the foreign is only Japan even if Japan try to have military, and also wonder why the nation are condemned just because of military? even japan is democratic country. YOU HAVE TO NOTICE THAT YOU HAVE PREJUDICE RELATED TO JAPAN WHICH IS GIVEN BY THE COUNTRY THAT DON'T LIKE JAPAN, SUCH AS CHINA OR S KOREA.) or they assert that S Korea has right of Island or something like that, which mean that Japan would be sponged by the S Korea and robbed many thing, I think.

and You should know THE INFALLIBILITY ARGUMENT AND THE DEAD DOGMA ARGUMENT, which is made by Mill. http://www.middleclasswhiteguy.co.uk/philosophy/a211-tma02.php

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