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Japan Yesterday comments

Posted in: Comedian 'Utchan,' TV announcer Asami Miura voted most ideal bosses See in context

Ah, Uchimura... I remember when the leader of the Hong Kong rock band, Wong Kai Ki, died after they both fell from a stage filming one of Uchimura's variety shows.

Only Uchimura was wearing a helmet. Hong Kong music fans were very devastated. No much about that incident was reported in Japan though.

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for sending death threats to idol See in context

Arrested on charges of assault? Verbal assault?

Assault is the threat of bodily harm. Battery is the actual physical harm.

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Posted in: Osaka Prefectural Police neglected investigating 2,300 cases, including homicides See in context

Ten of the 2,300 cases were homicides...

The investigation further reveals that the statute of limitations has expired for all the cases.

There's a statute of limitations on murder?

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Posted in: The Latest: Daylight reveals damage to Istanbul airport See in context

The sad thing is people are probably going to bypass this news article because ... "Oh, it's just another day in one of them terrorist countries...????"

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Posted in: Ad-blocking software use for mobile devices surges: study See in context

Thanks for letting me know about ad blockers JT!

I've just installed one and it has already removed the ads on this page.

Everything looks a lot better.

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Posted in: Diet passes record budget; Abe says no plans to postpone consumption tax hike See in context

I have a feeling he will delay the tax hike until the very last minute. That way many shoppers will go on a shopping spree before the tax hike takes effect. Then honest Abe will announce a delay in the tax hike and trumpet that consumer spending has increased.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Nanking is the Japanese name for Nanjing during its occupation. As was Peking for Beijing.

There is a negative connotation to many Chinese people when the Japanese names for these cities are used. It has been Nanjing and Beijing in China and internationally for quite some time.

Peking Duck, on the other hand...

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Posted in: Belgian designer to pursue Tokyo Olympics logo plagiarism case See in context

Seems he wants the JOC and especially Sano to admit that they plagiarized his design instead of taking the easy way out.

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Posted in: Japanese residents in Beijing batten down ahead of parade See in context

I have some Chinese (naturalized Japanese) friends in Tokyo who tell me that they change to speaking Japanese or don't speak at all when they walk by police officers on the street because they tire of being harassed about their residency status. And these are just normal days.

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Posted in: High school students form union to fight 'black baito' companies See in context

Convenient stores like Sunkus make their workers sell items from their overpriced catalogues twice a year. If they don't sell over a certain amount, they won't be able to get a lousy few yen raise after a year of hard work. However, some workers don't have people to sell to or feel guilty ripping off their friends, so they'll just pay for the items themselves. Essentially paying for their own raise.

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Posted in: JR West switches on 'drunk-spotting' cameras See in context

Seems more like a cost-saving measure instead of installing more platform barriers.

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Posted in: Draft of Abe's WWII statement includes 'apology,' NHK reports See in context

What's the specific Japanese words for "apology" and "aggression" that he will say?

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Posted in: More security cameras to be installed on shinkansen trains See in context

Perhaps this will encourage copycats because now they'll have an audience.

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Posted in: Arnie's back See in context

Why was foreign media banned?

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Posted in: 64-yr-old woman drowns after getting into difficulty during open water swimming race See in context

What's open water swimming?

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Posted in: IOC approves venue changes for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Will the tax payers in Izu, Shizuoka also have to pay for the "Tokyo" Olympics?

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Posted in: Officials close Tokyo pet shop for poor practices in 1st such case See in context

or to adopt one from a rescue association (as I have also done)

Frederic, do you have any information on some good rescue associations in Tokyo? I'm interested in adopting an animal.

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Posted in: Japan hires Halilhodzic as new national soccer coach See in context

Why doesn't the JFA hire locally?

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Posted in: Japan dumps Norwegian whale meat after finding pesticide See in context

Perhaps instead of dumping the meat, they should just raise the acceptable levels of radiation.... I'm sorry, I mean ... pesticides.

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Posted in: Kizuna See in context

A lovely picture.

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Posted in: Magazine publishes name, photo of Kawasaki murder suspect See in context


You are correct. I found it in just a few seconds. It is all over the internet.

I was also able to find the information quite easily.

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Posted in: Takata to double output of replacement airbags See in context

Do the customers affected by the recall have a choice? I would rather have Takata pay to replace the defective airbags with another company's airbag.

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

"Chinese Media" does not equal "Chinese people." Some of the comments targeted at Chinese people seem really vicious.

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Posted in: Body of naked 13-year-old boy found on riverbank in Kawasaki See in context

As there were no clothes or personal items near the victim, police believe he was killed elsewhere and his body dumped on the riverbank.

Unless he was reported missing or the police had his fingerprints or DNA on file, how did they identify him?

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Posted in: Body of naked 13-year-old boy found on riverbank in Kawasaki See in context

I wonder how the police were able to identify him.

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Posted in: 12-year-old idol singer in hospital after inhaling helium on TV Asahi program See in context

Inhaling helium from a balloon is usually harmless. But there have been reports in the past about the dangers of inhaling directly from a pressurized container. Did these girls inhale from a helium tank or from balloons?

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Posted in: Komeito leader says panel to discuss lower sales tax on essential items See in context

I think that some states in the U.S. there is no tax on all consumables purchased at a grocery store. But any food bought at a restaurant is still taxed because the restaurant is providing a service.

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Posted in: Cockroach fears prompt frozen fried noodles recall See in context

There is also a recall for Peyang Yakisoba from Maruka Foods. Another cockroach incident.

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Posted in: 'Shudanteki jieiken,' 'Dameyo, Dame Dame' voted top buzzwords for 2014 See in context

I agree with "Dameyo, dame dame." As for the other one, I call shenanigans.

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Posted in: JOC officials 'astonished' by Tomita's theft denial See in context

cornbread1Nov. 08, 2014 - 07:23AM JST

From the outside looking in, I believe there is some credence with his denial...what motive would he have of stealing a camera? When was the last time a Japanese stole a camera--bakachon or digital? Just another thought.

Here's another thought: you're a racist and should be banned from commenting.

Guilty or not, I think Tomita just jeopardized his once salvageable future in competitive swimming.

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