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Extremely tempted to go. They are limiting entry to the park to 10,000 people.. But cornona....

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For those arguing that oversea networks will not want to sponsor / attended, think again. Athletes will still show up, all those individuals that wanted to come and watch it live, still want to see the Olympics. What will the next best thing be? Watch it on TV. Pay-per-view, etc, you name it. I could argue that now their will be even MORE people watching the Olympics through their TVs, setting up the perfect opportunity to advertise etc.

In the end, Japan can't afford to cancel at this point. So much money was been sunk in it, it would be a catastrophic failure if the Olympics didn't go through, for the government. Will the government come out in the green? Probably not, but at this point its a pride issue. If the government cancels then that means they failed. Its that simple.

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Guys, stop worrying, I got my e-mail from TOKYO2020 regarding the Olympics, They will provide...

"Two original face covers (masks), provided by ASICS

 ・A portable hand sanitizer, provided by the Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support Center"

Now I feel 10000% safe!

/end eye roll.

Japan should have been the #1 country to fight for the vaccine shots.. Instead? Last of the G7 to approve it. By the time the Olympics happen, I bet less than 20% of all japan will have been vaccinated.

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