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Posted in: Japan must release Fukushima water into sea: U.S. adviser See in context

Japan must release Fukushima water into sea: U.S. adviser

Surprizing that fellas such as Barrett and his financiers are not regarded as criminals and held to account or charged for promoting global eco-terrorism...

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Posted in: Japan to conduct radiation surveys at 600,000 points on seabed off Fukushima See in context

I guess the result of this experiment will be that: "despite the leakage of substancial amounts of irradiated water into the ocean, the representative sample in this extensive research indicates that the radio active elements could not be detected in the ocean and therefore the ocean is healthy and its fauna and flona are safe even to eat. Even if we increased the amount of the irradiated water we pour into the ocean, the water body is too big to be affected".

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen

He should apologize to the whole world for poisong the global commons-the sea. The waters around Japan do not only circulate around Japan. They circulate the whole world. The other day, Fukushima sandals were found in Alaska!!!

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Posted in: IAEA says it's monitoring Fukushima and ready to help See in context

IAEA was formed primarily to promote nuclear energy. Therefore, the more japan produces energy from nucleat, regarless of the safety and security measures in place; regardless of the old nuke plants it boasts of, then IAEA is happy. The missing link is an authority to ensure hold govts accountable since as shown with fukushima, the poisoning due to faulty plant is not only limited to Japan. The new authority should ensure compliance strict guidelines of the dangerous technology and this is what should be formed without delay. Bogus govts are exploiting this loophole for cheap political gains at the expense of entire global ecosystems.

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Posted in: Fireproofing said to be inadequate at many nuclear reactors See in context

@Rick kisa

Abe seems to believe promoting nuke energy is the only way industry and economy can develop which is not entirely right....

Spot-on man! Question: what is LDP's energy strategy n policy that guides PM's actions. People (and the rest of the world) are looking for sustainable energy policies and strategies that deliver safe, less costly, clean, environmentally friendly energy. From all accounts since the fukushima fall-out, nuke energy is not safe, clean and cheap! Less than one week in power and Abe, still living in the past, has said nothing but only talking about restarts and building new nuke plants, amazing how some of these so-called leaders behave when elected. Does Abe know that a campaign to save energy alone would be equivalent to building 2 expensive nuke reactors....?????

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Posted in: Japan to host nuclear safety conference in Fukushima Pref See in context

I hope the local displaced people will be given a chance to speak their views on the issue......I conference participants will also visit the no.4 reactor, rumoured to be exploding anytime.

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Posted in: All tsunami warnings lifted after M7.3 quake hits northeast Japan See in context

No abnormalities have been recorded on instruments at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant’s six reactors,” a TEPCO spokesman said.

I wish you could announce permanent closer of those nuke plants...

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Posted in: TEPCO struggling to find somewhere to store contaminated water See in context

Can you imagine this nuke electricity thing was once sold as clean, sustainable, cheap, blah blah blah! Only one nuke site and the whole country is on its knees! how about if it were about 4 sites set ablaze by a terrorist gang? What would happen? where would people go to on this small island? Theres urgent need for leadership on this nuke energy thing

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Posted in: New nuclear regulator to impose tighter safety standards See in context

Japan’s new nuclear regulator will impose tighter safety standards for atomic plants, taking account of geological data in the earthquake-prone country, its head says.

They get it wrong again. The major threats to Japanese nuke plants are four: earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami/floods and possible terrorism. In addition to ensuring the highest safety measures considering each of these individually, the best safety scenario mapping measures should consider when at least 3 catastrophes happen at the same time. The fukushima scandal did not only involve earthquake.

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Posted in: Japan to complete 3 new reactors despite no-nuclear policy See in context

Japan to complete 3 new reactors despite no-nuclear policy

See? It is only the people and not the politicians, who will save Japan and its people from going to waste! What the gvt is saying is something like 'you can do n say what you want, we shall force nuclear everything down your throats. After all in case of accident, we shall still tell you nobody is responsible!'. Why are politicians so adamant and behave as if they are the last human beings to live in Japan? why? why?

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Posted in: Gov't aims to abandon nuclear power by 2030s See in context

Gov't aims to abandon nuclear power by 2030s

Don't be deceived and let down your guard! With governments changing every six months, it is the people such as those demonstrating outside noda's residence, NOT the politicians that will force quit of nuclear energy. At this rate, you will be surprised that the people can effect this even before 2030 if they so wish, even if governments change!!!!

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Posted in: Coca-Cola provides grants for solar generating facilities to schools in Fukushima town See in context

At this rate and if every company can do its part, soon the dirty, scary, unsafe, unsustainable nuclear energy will be a thing of the past, shunned by majority. Companies such as coca cola will be the partners of choice in sustainable development and their businesses will grow a thousand fold. No wonder coca cola is among the best brands in the world!!!

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Posted in: Public pressure forces gov't to consider phasing out nuclear power See in context

Any nuclear business should put security first ahead of profits, which is basics in business management and sustainability. Unfortunately, the japan elite think they will always do it their way by conniving with nuclear village and a few other pro-nuclear crooks. Before the issues related to the affected nuke plants such as continuing spew of dangerous radiation into the atmosphere and food chain, together with nuclear waste storage are resolved; before the people affected by the fukushima nuclear fallout are resettled and compensated; before a non-political nuclear safety and regulation body is set up; and before a bankable nuclear policy is put into place, the politicians go over-drive, devilishly eager to cash in on the hot summer months, to restart the Oi reactors, with a view of building on that to restart remaining others. The unusually hot summer months let the pro-nuke crooks down when it was clear Japan can do without the nuke plants! You can deceive the people most of the time but not all the time. If people can demonstrate weekly in hot months such as July and August, one does not need to be told the days for nuclear electricity are coming to a close...

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks A-bomb anniversary with call for nuclear-free Japan See in context


I wouldnt let this government take care of my pet goldfish let alone have them control the nuclear power plants in this country. Let the IEAE control and regulate them. That would be a step in the right direction.

It is obvious you seem not to know the governance of IAEA...It is only you who expects anything constructive from there.....

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Posted in: Kan slams TEPCO over nuclear crisis video footage See in context

The real news in the video is what has been left out

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks A-bomb anniversary with call for nuclear-free Japan See in context

The problem is that the nuclear village profit-minded crooks, some politicians and nuke electricity supporters may not have been affected in any way by the fukushima disaster and the nuclear bombs. So, words from nuclear bomb survivors just fall on deaf ears.

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context

But Noda defended his decision to resume nuclear power, telling a television interview: “We made a political decision after carrying out strict stress tests and getting through procedures in the safety committee and agency.”

if noda thinks all is well and safe, then why not sign a safety and comfort contract with the people such that if anything goes wrong, he is hanged or locked up together with his nuclear village crooks, operators, hangers-on and cheer leaders? I think the problem in this whole japan mess is accountability. Apparently, any bribed politician can now come from nowhere without any knowledge of how NPPs work and declare openly on television that the reactors are safe...and goes away with it when things go wrong..You cannot guarantee safety when all NPPS are sitting on unpredictable immense life-threatening earthquakes. You only need to look at the kanto 1923 earthquake to know that even without a tsunami, theres no NPP that could withstand such earthquake. something is terribly wrong, and I doubt peaceful demos are enough....

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Posted in: Quakes jolt Nagano, Niigata prefectures See in context

My worry is the earthquake in Niigata, where there are nuclear plants knowingly built on faulty lines and with poor safety and security record.

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Posted in: No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity See in context

No. 3 nuclear reactor at Oi plant back to full capacity

So what? No impact I must say! Summer will soon end and Japan is relatively coping well without your nuke electricty! At least it is not in the interest of the people!

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Posted in: Anti-Oi protest See in context

Star-vikingJUL. 02, 2012 - 07:13AM JST

Some details please.

Are yu from the grave? Rick kisa does not need to tell you that numerous hotsports are in Tokyo and the Fukushima nuclear radiation still goes on. Recently there was unprecedented spike of radiation at the plant due to faulty everthing!

VespertoJUL. 02, 2012 - 10:17AM JST

Are you the one who kept spamming that Germany saved itself by having a gazillion solar plannels and now is totally green?

It is not only Rick Kisa talking about germany. This is common knowledge and if Japan wants to learn, it can do so. Somebody mentioned that wind energy requires a lot of land, which is laughable. Netherlands depends on wind energy yet it is a very small country. How about turning the waste land near Fukushima into a renewable energy park by building wind mills?

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Posted in: Tens of thousands protest Japan nuclear restart See in context

I think the main problem with nuclear restarts is accountability. All pro-nuke opinion leaders know that when things go bad, it will be a matter of announcing that nobody knew that such an accident will happen.....and everything will be back to normal the next day. The dead and mimed due to the accident will be forgotten as efforts will be shifted to restarts or building new nuclear reactors.

The situation would be different if say opinion leaders who declare restarts sign a letter of confort with the people such that in case of problems, they are held accountable, locked up or punished. This way, these people will think twice before blindly declaring safety and restarts. A politician losing the next election partly because he ordered restarts is not good enough punishment if you consider the effects of a nuclear fallout due to a hurried careless restarts. It is clear that Japan's earthquakes would not make it best location for nuclear plants, and if there was a will, Japan would be ahead with renewables.

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Posted in: More women in their 40s dating younger men See in context

Watch out for Diarrhoea! I hear that if a man/boy does sex with a woman twice his age or more, you will develop incurable diarrhoea until specialist doctors intervene!

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Posted in: No. 3 reactor at Oi expected to reactivated on July 1 See in context

@JaneM Jun. 27, 2012 - 03:23PM JST

Which doesn’t make your implying the connection meaningful. I wish you were more objective and stopped interpreting the facts to your convenience.

This is a case where people do not think before writing. What is clear is that we did not have such hot spots before Fukushima. You seem to be the only person who does not know that the plants at Fukushima still spew radio active material into the atmosphere! Also Rick Kisa has not said that hot spots are because of Fukushima. S/he only worries, as everybody does, about the uncleared backlog of radiation that still lingers and which is common knowledge. Your comment clearly seems misplaced and uninformed.

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Posted in: TEPCO to buy 1 million tons of LNG a year from Qatar See in context

no big deal. other countries are importing much more than this. At least for now better than the silent killer nukes

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Posted in: Mubarak sentenced to life in prison See in context

Mubarak sentenced to life in prison


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Posted in: Kansai Electric urges Noda to OK restart of Oi reactors See in context

Want electricity? Ask Germany!! its new solar gadget produces electricity equivalent to 20 nuclear plants!!!!! http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/05/26/us-climate-germany-solar-idUKBRE84P0FI20120526 This was done after fukushima when Germany shut down many of its nuclear rectors. nuclear energy has no future although it is just being forced down the throats of innocent citizens by money hungry companies and their political cronies

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Posted in: Kansai Electric urges Noda to OK restart of Oi reactors See in context

Germany's new solar gadget produces electricity equivalent to 20 nuclear plants!!!!! Where is Japan in the innovation space for renewables, which is tomorrow's energy business of choice? http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/05/26/us-climate-germany-solar-idUKBRE84P0FI20120526 This was done after fukushima when Germany shut down many of its nuclear rectors. nuclear energy has no future although it is just being forced down the throats of innocent citizens by money hungry companies and their political cronies

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Posted in: Quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba See in context

there were no reports of injuries, police said.

how did police know there were no injuries when this information was posted 15 minutes after the earthquake? was there time to wait for reports of injuries?

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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context

Well, Japan used USA technology to design its nuclear plants, which have not changed for 40 odd years. USA offered help, which Japan turns down giving sovereignty concerns. Which sovereignty when Japan used USA technologies? Now Japan wants to again buy modern fighter jets from USA. If these fighter jets go caput, will Japan still refuse technical help citing sovereignty concerns? And all the posts seem to suggest that even if it meant all Japanese being gassed to death, japan would not accept help to some foreign engineering gadget gone out of control! There is no sovereignty to guard when you decide to use a technology you know little about and cannot control when it goes out of control. The only right thing done was to refuse them to be in a government office, otherwise they could pitch camp close to the site and help to control their Golem! Don't be deceived...the Edano's of this world just did not want to be exposed because they knew when the americans come in, they will tell the truth about the situation at the nuke sites, which the Edanos did not want as they continued lying to the public!

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away

Which cleavage if I may ask? There is a huge drought out there of cleavage in Japan!!! Instead, one would become a billionaire overnight by designing garmets to enahance women's almost invisible cleavages!

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