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Posted in: Brazilian man acquitted of sexual assault after kissing Japanese woman on Nagoya train See in context

A person who is capable of striking up a conversation and kissing in less than 30 minutes with a stranger.

Sexually obsessed college kids comes to mind. Any other type of character? A loving father, who tells his kids how easy it is to love. Oh great that’s what humanity needs. Quick find the first person available and share your love with them. How far can you go?

Let me take another route to this. Does this trial set the precedence that the “foreign card” is real and a legal avenue to avoid prison. As long as I grew up around people who liked being kissed by me and don’t argue, than I can impose my cultural on another nations law. Ok... I’m okay with this... (Everyone takes one step back). No come back, it’s my cultural belief to be super farward and welcoming.

I don’t know if anybody has taken a simple algebra class and knows how to plot a graph. Here is the equation: f(x) = 0 • x. Where x is how bad the crime was and the function returns the the number of years in jail for. Let’s put sexual assault at around an arbitrary x = 500. f(x) = 0 in this case. 0 years in jail. Now let’s make that crime rape, at an arbitrary f(1000). Still equal to 0. Hmm.... Let’s try murder now. f(2000). That’s arbitrary for people who disagree about order. But yet it’s still 0. So as long as cultural experience is in the equation as a big 0. Then crime is not eligible for punishment huh....

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Posted in: Okinawa residents demand all U.S. military Osprey aircraft in Japan be grounded See in context

smithinjapan: They were simply asked on the street if they wanted to make a quick 1000 yen or so, put on a bus, shipped to this place, given a sign and told to hold it up. Probably most didn't know what it was for, and just wanted a quick handout -- same as those who DO know what it's for but still want the Federal handouts for housing the bases (just not the bases).

Oh, can you give a source for this info? If you just made this up or your basing it off your ‘assumption’ than that’s a guess. An I would like you to include that next time , please. If not than thanks for providing the source as well.

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Posted in: What are some things that, no matter how long you have lived in Japan, you still haven't gotten used to? See in context

people not holding a door open and casually letting it slam in my face

Why do I have to worry about you? Watch out for your self. If the door to your dreams is closing do you expect me to hold it open for you. I ain't your savior.

Its not casual to let a door slam in your face. Its NATURAL. Blame the door manufacturer. Not the person you want to exert more effort for someone whose a stranger. You really want to be spoon fed? That's super childish. People don't hold it open because it's none of their business. You getting through the door doesn't matter to everyone else.

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Posted in: Parts of woman's body dumped by police officer by mistake See in context

Lol wow, the people in the comments overreact a little to frequently.

They never even said what parts and the size. This bag could have been small bones. The real problem that you should focus on is not on how the family will take it (that’s not your business) and not about this poor old woman (that you never knew). The real problem is the instructions given to the officer that made him accidentally discard the remains. From that context though it seems police offers do discard remains in the case were they are separated from the body and are super small. If you want to argue about that point go ahead. People will all have different views. But a good starting place as a remedy is keeping all remains (no matter size) until after the autopsy.

Then one can argue that the family should be asked about smaller pieces of remains.

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Posted in: Abe sees devastation in flood-hit area See in context

Wow I wish more of y’all will atack the stupid commenters that think saying “I pray for you”, “Hope things get better” and all of that fake stuff. You can’t do anything either. Other than handing out your blessings to everything that sounds bad.

Paris Attack: “Oh gee pray for Paris”

Concert Shooting: “All of the victims are in my thoughts”

Flood: “Dang I hope this comment will help them”

(Each of those comments gets 10 upvotes)

Soon as a politician says stuff: “Oh wow, I’m going to comment on how he is pulling a political stunt when he has no power to do anything. At the same time let me voice my political frustration.”. Quit bluffing you yourself are powerless.

Tell me! What did you expect the Prime Minuster to where? Shorts? Khakis? A white T? Tennis shoes? He is a world leader. He doesn’t have those things. He just wears exactly what he always wears. Stop making something big of it. This article itself is written with that slight nuance as well. Can people grow up and stop assuming?

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatal knife attack says he just wanted to kill someone See in context

I in no way condone murder but to instantly label this:

Mental illness really needs addressing in Japan not just brushing it under the carpet.

Sounds like you had a previous bias This article has no mention of illness. Is it not logical that the order of this world turns people generally crazy over night. I myself have never done anything bad. Because of that I always think of what would happen. I sort of feel tempted to try but then my sanity kicks in. This man slipped but is in no way ill. Plus the fact he turned himself in, further shows how he knows acceptable morales and chose willingly not to follow them.. Was he stressed: yes, is there any correlation that he is mentally ill: no.

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Posted in: Man gets 2 1/2 years for reckless driving resulting in death See in context

A Saitama judge, for sure, in what is another bell-jar sentence. 2 1/2 years for a life in this nation, as well as nearly killing a toddler. Not nearly enough time on the sentence. Should be a minimum 15 years.

Wow I wonder if every accident is punished like this if that would change the crime rate or something. No, no, it wouldn’t. This guy claimed he checked his maps which is probably what he did. Now he has a life on his hands and I’m sure even those 2.5 years might be enough to drive a normal guy crazy.

Why do you want more time? This isn’t a criminal. This is an average citizen who did something stupid. Even the husband didn’t want vengeance so why are you seeking it?

If he did stay in for another 13 years, that would leave one less job unfulfilled, and surely when he returns he might not even have the strength to job hunt. He might just kill more people after turning insane.

Sorry but you clearly a victim of the system if you think accidents should be categorized as intentions. Now go blame phone developers for not blocking access while driving.

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Posted in: Three more arrested over murder of 19-year old in Yamanashi See in context

They are NOT humans...

Lol of course they are, TheGodfather-san.

No, just animals masquerading as humans...

Well humans are animals .

All humans have had a history of murdering and killing. Somewhere along your family tree, there is a human who has killed another. Stop trying to be a goodie goodie and think more of how these murderers came to be. The environment shapes the culture that shapes individual lives (and yes this also includes murderers).

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Posted in: Gunman kills doctor, wounds 6 others in Bronx hospital rampage See in context

Staff and patients should have had guns surgically grafted to their arms, to be prepared for this kind of thing. Guns don't kill people - not having guns does!

What makes you think that more people won’t be killed if we all have guns. People are emotional time bombs. In the cases were people don’t have a gun and they want to cause harm, it’s already easier to stop them. Plus they could realize there mistake without doing something hasty. Give everyone guns and you just raise the suicide, homicide, and massacre rate by 10 fold.

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Posted in: Gunman kills doctor, wounds 6 others in Bronx hospital rampage See in context

I need mine for hunting. You're making an emotional, subjective argument.

You “want” yours for hunting. Nothing wrong with that. But I do think a gun costs way more than $4 chicken thigh at the market.

Now please ask your self again who’s making the emotional argument. If you aren’t in the middle of nowhere (no grocery store) and you don’t rely on hunting as a job then hunting is your hobby to which you are “emotionally” attached.

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Posted in: Gunman kills doctor, wounds 6 others in Bronx hospital rampage See in context

If everyone at the hospital had been armed, nobody would be injured or dead. It's just common sense that more firearms makes everyone safer. Of course, that is so much nonsense.

Lol could you imagine this. One person shoots and we all pull out our guns and shoot each other.

While there are two extreme solutions I don’t think I would pick the one that has a higher chance of putting stupid people in power.

The best way to prevent a toothache is by not eating sweets. There is a greater temptation when you have sweets so it’s better to not buy sweets at all. Everyday people don’t here gunshots daily, personally I would be triggered by a large sound and overreact. With okay self control my self, I couldn’t bear to think what a stupid person on the brink of losing there job might do.

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Posted in: Whistleblower Snowden warns of looming mass surveillance in Japan See in context

Nothing is wrong about surveillance in Japan. If you feel as if something is wrong then maybe you shouldn't be going there.

Japan is focused on being efficient in crime stopping. With that power of prevention comes a risk to privacy but most natives wouldn't question that risk. If it keeps bad guys from stalking a girl then why not. If it stops a a gang or located a drug ring then why not.

If Japan was ruled by criminals, what would their plan be? Seek money and power? Are they not already at the top? Would they invest in surveillance only so less tourists would come and the economy would fall? Japan rules by focusing on self improvement. Those in charge realize that surveillance is a picky subject but may be the only way to go forward.

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