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Korean workers, no more than 500 people about, there can be no because tens of thousands. The warship island, uninhabitable even tens of thousands.

And, it is the workers who came to work in many "free travel", it is not a slave. Wages are paid.

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I have examined the references to the materials at the website quoted.

Mr. Shoji Yamada wrote "book" has become the grounds.

The report shall examine the background.

Shoji Yamada said, has a statement to deny the national flag.

There are doubts about the fairness.

In addition, the report is not an academic materials to be a "book".

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@ zichi The article, including coal mine accident, victims of mines is about 1000 people.

You to pursue the war responsibility of Japan. Does not mean there was no war responsibility in Japan. This action is not a justification of war.

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Do you know the how the story of the comfort women or were being formed?

Yoshida novelist wrote, the story of a lie that was the theme of comfort women has become evidence of forced entrainment.

Later, he admitted that it is a lie.

Uemura reporter belonging to the Asahi Shimbun this lie wrote an article.

And, Communists support, such as red flag newspaper (organ of the Communist Party) and the Asahi Shimbun was spreading. Communists of Japan is an anarchist.

It denied the Japan-US security, they are in favor of China.

Comfort women issue is, is the sabotage that was their plan.


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Anti-nuclear movement in Japan is backed by anti-social organization, anarchist, communist.

They are not the ordinary citizens.

They are active in Japan.

Opposition to the U.S. military base, to spread the comfort women issue, to interfere with the construction of a public facility, they oppose the constitutional amendment.

There are action principles that are common to them.

It is a "weakening of Japan".

Part of the Japanese media are also tuning.

Root of the problem of this series is linked.

Japanese conservatives are protesting against them. It is not a nationalist.

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It lies of history, the Japanese army using the comfort women of 200,000 people.

Do not have to prove, it is evidence.

The opinion of scholars, and 20,000 people, at most, more than half, Japanese women worked.

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Japanese feels the limits that we deal with Korean.

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There is a military that rely on comfort women in 1945.

It is the U.S. military and the Japanese army.

The American soldiers opponent, Japanese women worked as comfort women. Tokyo 1945.

At the time, this system. This is unfortunate history.

Mr. Hashimoto was pointed out, is that comfort women that were available at that time.

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To those who criticize Mr. Hashimoto

Before you criticize, you will need to make sure what he claimed correctly.


Because the exact opposite claim was advertised intentionally, conference the other day, I opened the conference again.

He does not speak comfort women is required.

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"Daini Tokyo Bar Association affiliation (Tokyo Kyodo law firm affiliation), the Japan Federation of Bar Associations previous Secretary-General," which accused him, is the same as the group pointed out that the issue of comfort women.

This just goes to show that important. They are, is the group of communist.

You can direct a series of incidents, they are trying to divide the friendship of Japan and the United States.

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Japanese conservatives does not imply that claims the justification of war. I counter that propaganda to demean Japan unfounded.

It is advertised in the comfort women issue, and the comfort women to the women of Korea 200,000.

I am available to refute logically.

At that time, Japan has decided to war in order to secure resources such as oil. She became state battle with the United States military. Behind the scenes, that 200,000 people also abducted the women of Korea, to be transported to the front line, such as improbable military. If there is such a margin, such as war would not have happened. (One has not been found instructions and other documents to transport, the fact of human 200 000)

There was a massacre of 300,000 people also Nanjing, China has claimed.

This is also the same is true. It does not have the automatic rifle, soldier of 10 005 thousand people in just one month, to also kill 300,000 of the human it is impossible. Japan at the time, had a hard time in the transport of fuel and ammunition. Such a thing is impossible.

You can not afford to leave descendants, a record that has been distorted like this. Thus, conservatives Japan has raised voice. This is not a nationalist.

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Mr. Hashimoto is not saying it was necessary. This is a modified malicious by Asahi news paper.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqffmz7zuWE&feature=player_embedded The video of this, cause the "comfort women" became a problem is presented.

Twiter remarks of Mr. Hashimoto is cut intentionally, I was transferred to the whole world at amazing speed. This has been done in an organized manner. Japanese conservatives have suffered from liberal organization antisocial of this domestic many years.

Whether, I want you to understand that.

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