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To invite Yoshiki, the Grammy organisers obviously know a lot more about Japanese music than most of those commenting here.

They had a huge following here and were also a lot bigger overseas than most Japanese bands. They were very good at what they did - rock ballads. The You tube videos will show their support and the emotion they always put into their performances.

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I agree with Soudesune and Azrael. I know of people also being stung for 100,000 JPY upwards after buying what appeared to be spiked drinks whilst on the floor. Always best to go to the bar to buy a drink and watch it being made. Many bars in the Pong are owned by dodgy people and managed by the same foreigners that hassle you on the streets. Once inside staff continually walk around for you to order drinks from and have delivered. It's no surprise TFB and other similar bars are often mentioned in the same sentence as spiked drinks and a large bill. At last this is coming to the attention of the foreign establishment, enough so that us Americans have been warned of it.

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No mention of open mouthed sleeping yet. The type that also makes the jaw look distorted. Imagine one of those staring right at you if the culprit also falls onto your shoulder!

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