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Hasn't this been going on for a while already? It definitely has in my home country of the U.S. at least, that's for sure...

I attained my engineering degree two years ago and there were maybe only two or three Americans besides myself out of a graduating class of about 500. The rest were all foreign students who had worked their @$$es off to attain that level of education. No one seems to care much about math and science or delayed gratification anymore, which is a shame because the opportunities in engineering, math, and science are practically limitless right now. Not to mention the fact that that same technology is making it very easy for everyone to compete, no matter where you are located in the world. There must be some way to get these students motivated to give it their all in school so their lives can be easier later on.

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Lol, Aso looks so funny!

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Posted in: 10-yr-old boy injured in hit-and-run in Shizuoka See in context

Considering how narrow some of the streets can be, I'm not surprised. In spite of this, most people here are pretty good drivers though. Hope he gets better soon.

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