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It is very good if 2 sides decided to co-work.

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It is funny. World War 2 ended long ago. Now both sides should compromise. Both sides can make these 4 island a special zone. Both nations can live there and 2 countries should use this zone like Free Trade zone

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The USA is great country. Unfortunately, this country is losing its leading place to China. The USA has huge debt to China. So, the Americans can't face China. The only country who can oppose China is Russia. The Europeans are powerless before China. They are far from China and they are very passive. But Russia borders with both Japan and China and has both physical and mental strengths.

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It is time to sign the Peace treaty. The Japanese society should accept 2 islands offer. It is the best option. If Japan won't cooperate with Russia, then Japan will fall and China will rise. In this case, the world will face unbelievable bleeding. . It seems like Russia-Japan partnership and Peace treat. No. It is setting the balance in the World for the World people and bright future of the World people. If China and Chinese rise they will do every possible brutality with Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols and etc. The Chinese are very aggressive people. It is in their blood. So, we can't change them. Much bleeding will occur. We hope that the Japanese people are not selfish. It is the responsibility of Japanese people.

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To be honest, USA can't protect Japan from China economically even militarily. The only country who can protect Japan is Russia. Only Russia can place balance between China and Japan. China will push back only in the case Russia is in the side of Japan or supports Japan.

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