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Posted in: Mother who confined daughter, forced her to eat goldfish gets suspended sentence See in context

The Judge needs to be Judged.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murders of 65-year-old wife, 43-year-old son in Tochigi home See in context

Wow. I can't even kill a fly and this guy can kill his closest family members?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine jet crashes off Okinawa; pilot ejects safely See in context

Wonder how much that jet cost we tax payers.

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Posted in: Abe discusses N Korea's nuclear program with Fidel Castro See in context

Why does the headline read LEADER instead of PRIME MINISTER?

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Posted in: Patrolman commits suicide in toilet at Yokohama police station See in context

Something is going on in the force. What is the problem? This is the third time I read this story and they are almost exactly the same.

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Posted in: Tokyo to test taxi service with starting fares of Y460 See in context

My guess us https://www.uber.com/ja/cities/tokyo/

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over murder of mother See in context

At the age of 15 the brain is not fully functioning. The brain is still forming into adulthood where reason is more apparent. This said, the boy was doing what he thought was justifued at his age. One might argue that video games and the knife culture in Japan might have something to do with this. It's very sad all around. I pray for both.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd struggling to find Japan's whaling fleet See in context

I have been living and working in here in Japan for over 16 years now. I have been told by Japanese nationals that they do not like, they do not eat, and they do not understand why Japan continues to kill whales. Some Japanese nationals say that they eat whale meat once a year or so but they do not really like it. Whale meat was first served to school children after world war II because food was scarce AT THE TIME.

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

I like Becky but to say she is a talent is over the top

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Posted in: Japanese sumo wrestlers lack mean streak, says new champion Kotoshogiku See in context

GREED? Why would you use the word greed to describe what the great foreigner sumo wrestlers have in order to win at this [ sport ] ? What the foreigners have is determination, hunger, and the amazing will to win. I went to see sumo on January 21 and I must say that Kotoshogiku san is very good. Better than what I have seen in a very long time. If he wins, great. If not, it's not because he is not greedy. It's ONLY because the winner was better than him. Easy.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 7-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son See in context

I often wonder why in cases like these, neighbors don't call the police due to screaming children at all hours of the day and or night? In my country, we call the police for everything and anything.

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Posted in: BOJ launches negative rates, already dubbed a failure by markets See in context

I have talked to a few [ people ] about this and many of them tell me that they are no longer confident in terms of Abenomics and that they are no longer confident in the Japanese Governments ability to increase Japans economy for the better. Some tell me that they are planning to exchange their funds into US dollars or invest outside of Japan. Some say that in about two to three years, Japan will be somewhat like Greece. Not to sure, but things look bleak with regard to Japans economy and the BOJ is not helping. They are adding to the problem.

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