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Posted in: Japanese fans drown sorrows after World Cup exit See in context

European guy:

i never saw such a hype expectations for a minor football national team as Japan

Really!? You should try living in England.

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Posted in: What are your views on tattoos? See in context

sangetsu03 Nice story.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese brides rent their wedding dresses? See in context

What a ridiculous question.

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Posted in: Waiting for a bite See in context


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Posted in: Schwarzenegger, Willis team up for coffee commercial See in context

Has-beens for coffee beans.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy knocked off bike by man See in context

Will be unemployed and a loner for sure...


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Posted in: J-League orders Urawa to play next game in empty stadium over discriminatory banner See in context

It took decades for many fans in the UK to accept international players (some still do not - not least because of the perceived detrimental effect on the national team).

If sumo and baseball can change so to can Japanese football. Give it time.

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Posted in: Ukraine crisis stirs Japanese memories over disputed islands See in context

Interesting - thanks Sensato.

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Posted in: Japan's embrace of Russia under threat with Ukraine crisis See in context

What a shame they are talking about their own economic greed here, and not for the welfare of the Ukrainian people....pathetic

Do you really believe the West is not concerned about the economic impact? The UK for one will not allow this to undermine trade with Russia.

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Posted in: Ideally, should English teachers at schools in Japan be native speakers? Can non-native English speakers do just as well or better? See in context

I once prepared a young lady for her high school entrance English test/interview. We prepared relentlessly and she was so ready. Everything was spot on. Come test time she did not do well. The non-native interviewer could not understand her 'perfect' , non-katakana English. What a joke!

Perhaps you should have prepared your student to pass the test rather than training her to mimic your 'perfect' pronunciation.

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Posted in: Kishida tries to distance gov't from right-wing statements See in context

I don't envy this man his job. He's got to have ulcers the size of tangerines trying to stamp out so many fires.

Isn't he more likely to have burnt feet?

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Posted in: CNN to pull plug on Piers Morgan show See in context

I'm with Morgan when it comes to gun law - how many more kids need to die in American schools?

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Posted in: Glitter starts wearing off for aging 'parasite singles' See in context

Good luck to those people who are happy living at home. Too many bitter people here.

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Even if a thousand out of millions seems like a minority, the adjacent museum proudly displaying the suicide bomber plane suggests there is a more sinister intent behind Yasukuni.

All museums "proudly" display items of war.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

After centuries of racism and worse by the white world why so much fuss about a two minute ad?

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Posted in: Japanese kids rate their own country in survey See in context

tmarie - My university students often can't find countries on maps - including Russia.

Are they American?

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Posted in: Bishop burned alive by Japanese troops in 1937 may become patron saint of abuse victims See in context

If this is true then it's right up there with the American atrocity in My Lai. Very few, if any, can claim the high moral ground when talking about war.

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Posted in: Japanese watch Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit with mixed feelings See in context

“Even if Japan gives consideration to the feelings of China and South Korea (by not visiting the shrine), they don’t reward Japan but keep attacking us,” he said.

Hard to disagree with.

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Posted in: Sign language interpreter at Mandela memorial a fake See in context

A fake at a wake - love it.

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Posted in: What do you like about the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan, and what don't you like about it? See in context

You guys don't own Christmas - allow people to spend it as they wish.

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Posted in: First book ever printed in U.S. sells for $14 mil See in context

I thought the first book in the USA might have been the Book of Mormon.

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