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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

Good move. Education is a life saver. The dividends will pay off for the rest of your life. Education is a legacy more important than a basket of cash. Thank you for caring for the children. They are the future. 5 Gold Stars of appreciation. Thank You Thank You Thank You

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Posted in: The evolution of 100-yen shops and how they've changed people's lives See in context

Major saving can be discovered and coveted at the 100 Yen Store... it has to be true. Shopped Dollar, General Family Dollar Store and Thrift Shops for bargains. Real money saving adventures. Over 25 years blind folded a consumer can save a minimum of 20 30 grand blind folded. A real economic stimulus. Money is like ah mighty River... A river of cash flows into the home.... and it goes out in tributaries. My Billionaire Friend in Whitesburg Kentucky passed this wisdom on ....""Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves."" Have fun.

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Posted in: Japan, China to resume security talks See in context

Good luck. Keep dialog open to prevent misunderstands. Maybe something can work out for mutual benefit. The world is cracked and managed chaos is sometimes a better balance than hostilities. Stay happy and stay wise my Friends.

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Posted in: Security increased for Tokyo Marathon See in context

Impeccable security measures and security awareness.

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Posted in: Abe defends playing golf during hostage crisis See in context

Excellent response from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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Posted in: Can Shinzo Abe make the bird sing? See in context

Traumatized by the challenges of the past and now; Japan will rise up from the mat like a Champion because champions never quit. A nation of people who live by honor and many who embrace a deep sense of deep dignity and an industrious spirit; They and their leadership will answer the call of the song bird. Like a Phoenix rises from the polarity of ashes;Japan will rise to its commitments and to it's responsibilities to act to preserve their nation. Nice people.

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Posted in: Gov't to use sales tax hike revenue to expand welfare spending See in context

it is a little bit of sales tax but it helps a lot. not a bad deal for Japanese folks.

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

A Japanese Police lie detector test will help absolve the young athlete. Once cleared; The Japanese Chief of Police can make a professional courtesy call upon the Korean Chief of Police. Men of honor can trust each.

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

Returning from the Veterans Hospital after a dental check up; i met a most beautiful flower ... it was at WalMart in Ashland Kentucky. She was so beautiful i stood at attention looking away so as not to make eye contact with her. i suddenly regretted i did not marry a Japanese Lady while on tour in Japan. As a child my Mom Ma's maid was Japanese and we were told we spoke so much Japanese our parents couldn't understand us. it was fun being Japanese ... We were just little children who arrived from Texas. My nephew is married to a Japanese Lady and they have two wonderful children. He served in The Australian Air Force and the Family returned to Australia. Now the Family blood line is crossed over with the Japanese ... What a beautiful Family ... The wife of my nephew is a gem.

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Posted in: Former ASDF general: 'China won't initiate war over Senkakus' See in context

Thank You Sir for the sane report clarifying the illogical and the improbability China would rush to war.

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Posted in: China starts stockpiling rare earths: report See in context

Japan recent find of rare earth metals on ocean floor insure Japans requirements for future use in manufacturing high tech products. Wonderful resourcefulness of Japanese geologic engineers have designed plans to mine Rare Earth Metals off the ocean floor. Sakurla Cherry Blossom Happiness for honorable trade partners. Nippon!

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Posted in: Woman suspected of killing bedridden husband commits suicide See in context

The old boy might have asphyxiated himself to spare his wife and himself from so much suffering. She feeling despondent at a loss of her beloved husband and ridiculed probably couldn't take it anymore and she checked out of this world too. People can only take so much and something gives. Sometimes the sweet kiss of death seems more merciful than living in mental or physical pain. Being accused of something you did not do does make one feel ostracized and shunned by society. Once detached from society; one may loose heart and surrender the will to live. Remember the Japanese children who had such a tough time being accepted by universities and they didn't want to live? i know that feeling too. The old boy may have strangled himself to spare his wife. Sometimes one wonders if an old dog suffering horrid arthritis had thrown himself in front of a car to end the misery. Haven't you ever thought that? Poor Mommasan; she really died from shame loneliness and sorrow. Don't you feel sorry for her?

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Posted in: Thieves make off with two safes containing Y16 million in Tottori See in context

Many many people think they have a secure alarm system when in fact the system is dependent on the telephone land line. Cut it and you are in. Recommend cash be put in nearby banking drop safe. Be careful there too...as thieves have designed how to stuff a bank drop box night box safe and your money bag is really caught for their retrieval. After you leave thinking your cash is inside the bank receipt box...the thief puts a coat hanger in and hooks the money bag back out. Motion sensors independent and off the power grid could help trigger an alarm if an intruder does manage to break into the safe room. Motion senors installed inside the safe or some type of GPS inside the safe insulation interior could help locate or satellite track the safes being stolen. RFID can be tracked like a Maxwell House Coffee can for marketing purposes. In fact you could bait the thieves with a safe you can track and then open up a whole new way of interrogating your caught suspects. Watergate was supposedly sanctioned by a U.S. President...so that goes to show just how high up the power structure criminals can be orchestrated from. You could blame a mob;but then in the days of Jesse James; they would be robbing a bank in another state and at the same time and date they would get blamed for another bank being robbed. Truth be known sometimes like in a crooked furniture or grocery store; dummies are hired. Some are deliberately hired because they are shifty. The shifty thieves steal from the bank hotel or store and get the blame while some wild west bankers were looting the bank themselves. Some grocery chains could blame the crack heads they hired; but then again is one sure the crack heads were the only thieves from the inside. The world is so much more crooked than it was last century. People today don't seem to be ashamed or want to save face for being a thief. Even the vultures descend upon the disabled veterans. It doesn't matter to them. A target is a target. i would blame myself for not bolting down the safe. Honest people don't always see it coming. The owners probably never dreamed someone would actually risk prison or ridicule for stealing their safes. 90 per cent of white collar crime in America is from family stealing from family. It is hard to go up against your family and prosecute. We should claim responsibility for tempting the criminals and making it so easy for them to hijack the safes. From there the criminal is also responsible for committing the crime.

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Posted in: Crown prince seeks public understanding for ailing wife See in context

Being surrounded by happy people can have a positive effect on ones spirits. When we feel a little better; our happy hormones begin to circulate throughout our body. When we can attain a harmonious balance with mind and heart; our body feels a little better. Laughter is a good medicine. Exercise will help kick in the happy feeling endorphines. Sometimes a coach or a mentor or even a best friend can help lift up your confidence and your spirits. Shakespere used to write that his audience would notice more the thorn than the rose. The world public can be harshly critical for the rabble of the world do not understand. Some people get high off the pain of others. I pray for a spiritual blessing to lift the dark cloud for Princess Masakos recovery. Let the sun shine sunny for Princess Masako.

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