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Waiting in line for apple products has become more of gimmick than anything else. I remember reading an article from the states a few weeks back regarding the iphone 5 release and it said how advertisers send employees to wait in these lines and rep their products.

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this is a terrible accident and I feel awful for the poor woman. Just to clarify the corporate responsibility aspect though:

Basroil: >Late Thursday, police raided the Nagoya office of Schindler and the elevator maintenance firm. So what is the maintenance firm's name? Pretty important information there. Want to make sure my apartment doesn't use them.<

From a corporate responsibility standpoint, Schindler is responsible for the accident because they contracted the maintenance company to inspect the elevator. Even if the maintenance company was the one guilty of negligence and should be considered the culprit from an ethological standpoint, legally Schindler is the one to blame.

A lot of other elevator companies in Japan handle maintenance internally, however Schindler contracts it out.

I am sure this will be a devastating blow to Schindler here in the Japanese market and will undoubtedly crush their business.

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