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This is why I prefer living in Japan over the United States. In Japan, you don't even have to think about owning a gun to defend yourself. In the US, there are so many evil-natured people so you have to protect yourself.

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^ By 2020 the bullet train that can travel from LA to SF in about 2 hours (about the same distance and time between Tokyo and Osaka) is supposed to be running, in addition to a lot of new Metro Rail lines. LA is already starting to look like American version of Tokyo, with its technology, post-modern architecture, flashy neon lights, safety, fashion, etc. At least its improved a lot compared to 20 years ago when movies like "Boyz N The Hood", "Menace II Society", and "Falling Down" fit the descriptions of LA at the time. There have been plenty of movies about LA in the future, such as "Blade Runner" and "Demolition Man", the latter being close to what you described.

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I live in Kanagawa, so I can tell you that the Sotetsu Line between Ebina and Yokohama always has hot girls, office ladies in their 20's and 30's who wear suits with short skirts, and sometimes (maybe purposely) offer a nice view for those sitting across for them.

The Odakyu Line, not so much. It seems like that one is packed with old people.

As for Tokyo subway lines, I always see hot girls on the Oedo Line going to Roppongi late on Fri or Sat night. After reading this article, I might have to start taking the Ginza Line more.

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These are 10 beautiful legs, and why I love Japan! Who says that real OL's aren't hot? Ever walk around Roppongi Hills in the evening, or Shinjuku, or basically anywhere in the Tokyo area?

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Actually bentheredonthat, prior to the merger with Northwest, all of the Delta fleet have upgraded their planes interior with leather seats and in-seat entertainment in economy class. After the merger, it is all the crappy former Northwest planes that Delta acquired that are still the old style.

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I agree TokyoTom, that Roppongi is not a good place to bring a date, if you really like the girl. Otherwise its win-win, because you'll either go home with her or someone else.

LOL @ Love Hotel.

I also think that the movies are a bad place for a first date, because that is 2 hours or so that you'll have to be quiet and can't get to know each other. In Japanese theaters, you can hear a pin drop.

Good spots are as someone mentioned Odaiba, or the park areas in Tokyo such as Shinjuku Gyoen. Yokohama has some great places for a date: Yamashita-koen, Landmark Plaza, and Minato-Mirai. Hakone is a nice place too.

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‘I want the same dish you served on that TV show,’”, Japanese people are plain DUMB. Once I was at a bar, as usual, and one j-idiot asked for a tequila that robert deniro drinks in a movie. I wanted to slap him. why people are so dumb here? d u m b

Oh, and people in America or wherever you're from (where you need to take your a$$ back to) are absolute geniuses. With an attitude like that I don't blame Japanese folks for not liking gaijin.

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Must have been a reason?..wow its getting serious in Tokyo with the murder spikage!

Is there a murder spikage in Tokyo? I mean it wouldn't surprise me, but I wouldn't know because I don't think JT posts every single murder that happens like the local city media does in the States. They also rarely report any news about statistics. The other day there was an article that reported about 1200+ murders in all of Japan in 2008, so I'm sure a good at least 10% might have been within the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo.

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I was just down there about a week ago. Unfortunately, it was before the peak of the leaves, but then again around the peak it would be more crowded and I won't be able to find a room in a ryokan.

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Posted in: Airhead female fans can't get enough of 'cool' accused killer Ichihashi See in context

This is an ignorant comment. This type of phenomenon is not at all isolated to Japan.

Back in Atlanta, there was the case of Brian Nichols (the courthouse killer), who supposedly had a lot of fans and admirers.

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Merging with Delta would never work. Where would JAL find enough fat old stewardesses?

Apparantly you've never seen the Delta safety video with "Deltalina." But yeah, we can keep the JAL flight attendants, as they are best feature of that airline. The best seat (with the best view) on a JAL 747 is the emergency exit rows, as the stewardesses sit directly accross from you facing the back of the plane.

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I know a Japanese American that says he is in a losing situation all the way around. Becasue he is American raised the is seen as non-Japanese and because he is Japanese all the perceptions of Asian men in the sexual sense is not a good thing as well. I'm a girl and was not sure what to say to him.

That could be the explanation for my losing streak :(.

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Perhaps the author mixed up harajuku with shibuya

Actually Harajuku is in the Shibuya Ward, but usually if people are referring to Harajuku they'll specifically say so, while when people think Shibuya they usually think of the area surrounding Shibuya Station like the famous crossing with all the big TV's (Hachiko) and Dogenzaka.

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I actually love driving in Japan, and if I didn't, I could always take the train. Sure the tolls are high, but that is why the roads are smooth because they get repaved every few years (unlike Interstate 5 in Los Angeles). There are plenty of beautiful country roads in Japan, which offer scenery of rice fields, houses, cedar trees, mountains, lakes, etc.

My one complaint of driving in Japan would be the traffic lights, how many of them are not sequenced well and are set by a timer and not by the amount of traffic. You could sit at a red for 5-10 min. when there are no cars in the street in which the light is green for. Also, a light could be green but you can't go because the traffic is backed up from the next light that has been red for awhile, or you will block the intersection. Plus you have a lot of rail road crossings, which shows you that Japan is not built for the automobile like America was.

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unsophisticated,politically backward,physically ugly(enviroment and people),xenophobic,educationally inward and shallow,culturally shallow

That description can be the same for the U.S. South.

Actually, one of the reasons why I think Japanese movies and music have been more popular is because American movies and especially music haven't been that good lately. Unlike the 1980's and 1990's when there was a lot more originality, the music of the 2000's are mostly just remakes of older songs and the charts are filled by overrated artists like Chris Brown.

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Only in Japan, lol.

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Posted in: Roppongi about to get new logo to go along with new image See in context

Enjoy the nightlife while you can. The city of Tokyo may shut down all the bars in that area and convert it into a Ginza-like shopping district. The City of Atlanta did that with Buckhead.

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