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People who whine about Chuck, and his "high prices" probably have problems paying for additional service.

It is like the joke from 20+ years ago. Q: "What are three words Japanese don't know?" A: "Attention K-Mart shoppers."

Why pay someone to change the oil in a car, when it can be done by oneself? Why pay for new T-Shirts if the frayed ones can be used in winter under a turtle neck? Why purchase coke/pepsi cola when "AMERICAN Cola" can be purchased at 39yen? etc.

1) FBC is not trying to sell to businesses. FBC is a personal import facilitator.

2) FBC product lines are DEEP. Where else can I get Barq's, Hansen, or even A&W, DIET root beer? Beets - string, sliced, pickled, julienne style? American style Apple Sauce? and the list goes on and on.

3) Before FBC started, it was almost impossible to find Pepsi. I was quite happy to pay the premium for the pleasure of downing an ice cold Pepsi in the summer.

4) Imagine you live in Kochi, Shikoku. All of a sudden, your options for access to foods you love are limited.

The great thing about Chuck, is he found a niche that was crying for food, and he filled it, AND he is willing to work with other entrepreneurs.

I personally think he knows how to listen:

a) whiners? - tune them out b) constructive complainers - give them all ears, and complete attention.

Oh yea, it also helps that Chuck is a nice guy! So often we hear that "Nice guys finish last." Maybe God is watching over Chuck to make sure that doesn't happen.

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