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She we also stop referring to people as men and women, because that is "sexist?"

Woah dude, so you are saying we should have separate categories for people depending on their skin colour??

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On the face of it this seems like a logical decision. However, large numberss of immigrants in local areas may hinder assimilation into Australian society. Lack of assimilation can lead to worse problems down the road.

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Why use a foreigner in the advertisement??!

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I believe the most likely scenario is that she has got lost. The Japanese mountains, even the surrounding hills and forests are deceptively easy to get disorientated in - even for experienced hikers. I am concerned that maybe the stress of getting lost or the usually hot weather could have brought on a seizure. I just hope that she is holed up somewhere near a source of water waiting for rescue.

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There is a poster with some photos of her in Le Figaro. Apparently she is epileptic. Here is the link.


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A lot of people focus on the Japanese diet as the reason for Japanese longevity but I think the amount of food they eat is also a big factor. Japanese just eat less than most and they look in good physical shape. Obesity in Japan is still remarkably low. I visited the UK earlier this year and was shocked to see how overweight and unhealthy looking us Brits are.

Also there is less alcohol consumption, particularly among women. Again compared with the UK women here drink much less, and generally have a much more active lifestyle. Couple this with a very good health care system, much greater equality than many countries (for now) a strong sense of community and clearly defined roles in society (rightly or wrongly) and you have a good recipe for a healthy community.

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The mountains here really are deceptively big and need to be treated with respect. It is easy to misjudge how long a route will take and also very easy to get lost without good climbing maps. As poster 1981 mentioned be prepared. This includes taking some form of shelter such as a bivy bag. I was always told when I was younger to be prepared to spend a night out even if you don't plan to. Exposure is the biggest killer. Stay safe people.

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This picture has been doctored. There is no water in front of that bridge in Maruyama Park

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My Subaru Forester had to go into the garage here in Japan to have it's Takata airbag disconnected. It will be another year before it is actually replaced. This is the passenger side only. The Subaru staff looked frazzled, I imagine they had had a lot of unhappy customers....

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I have lived in Japan for 20 years and have 3 children in the public school system. Here are my thoughts. Yes it is a very good place to raise kids. On the positive side you have: It is a child centered culture; a very well organised school system; an excellent level of education (up until university); thoroughly dedicated teachers; doting Japanese parents and grand parents; nurturing, child centered environment; generally safe; lots of organised events for children; festivals dedicated to children; you don't need a lot of money to raise kids here

On the negative: School and education becomes the center of their lives; socializing revolves around club activities; say goodbye to any vacation time as your kids will be over scheduled, yes, there are a lot of tests in JHS and HS; there is a lot of competition education wise

However, overall it has been a very positive experience for them. They seem well adjusted and happy. Even though they are 'hafu' they haven't had any issues at school. They are treated equally, have fitted in well and have friends. So yes it is a good place to raise kids.

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It is partly about loosing face but also likely financial. As an office worker prosecuted for drunk driving he would loose his job in Japan. At the age of 49 he probably had a mortgage and teenage children just going into college; a lot of financial responsibilities. He had probably worked at the same company since graduating and so on seniority based pay which would be good but beyond his actual skills. With this prosecution hanging around his neck he would be unable to get another job, at least not with any meaningful income. His wife if she is working probably only has a p/t minimum wage job. In this patriarchal society your ability to support your family financially is everything. Men have no other value here other than breadwinners. Poor sod must have suddenly realized how screwed he was.

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Keiko was born Oct 9th 1993 in Okinawa. She is 170cms tall; measurements are 84-64-89 cm. She has a black belt in karate and has ranked 3rd in National competition. She has a husky voice and can knock my teeth out any day.

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