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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

billybegood33> Where are you from? I have lived in 4 different countries in my lifetime. Every one of them do the same thing >> (how would you feel if you went to a room or a social party where there were many people there and EVERYONE at that party ignored you and just treated you like crap because of some difference about you (skin colour or whatever). Even when you went up to them and broke the ice and said hello, they just look at you like you are crazy or you don't belong. Not a good feeling, right? That is the kind of atmosphere they create. And that is rude. Kinda feels like genocide. Not saying everyone has to be your friend at the party but if there was a sense of healthy variety, then people could find their clicks and people who are compatible with one another. But japan kinda makes this one shoe fits all culture and mentality for everyone to wear.)<< blaming it on physical differences is an easy way out. I have been treated like that and i have treated people like that. It was not because of their physical differences, it was because I found them annoying or I just did not want to talk to them. I am sure the same reasons are for being treated like that. All I have seen in these responses are people crying victim and and the country has to change. However, out of the hundreds and hundreds of foreigners i have met, i only have met a handful that took the time to learn the language. Those who have learned the language (when I say learned the language, I am talking about level 1 equivalency test) are for the most part accepted into the society. i think also that social stereotyping is being misconstrued into racism in this article and its comments. How much of the Japanese culture did we learn while growing up? I for one knew very little about Japan when I first arrived. i only knew the general stereotypes. this country also lumps themselves into one category . how many times have we heard "We Japanese do this...." In summary, the next time you visit your home country, observe the actions of your countrymen around foreigners. In the big cities and small towns. you will find their actions in general are no different than ours. the only difference is the culture.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 2 young daughters found dead in car See in context

The man said that he killed his children. They never said how they died. It could have been a complete accident, he blamed himself over the trauma of his children just dying.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

Opinion. I think the mixed marrieges that fail are because one or both parties do not take into account the extremely different cultures and do not want to compromise. the foreign spouce wants to move back to their native country and the other will not. I know of many that ended that way. and many that have survived because one person was willing to sacrifice their homeland to be with the one they love. these are that chances you take, If you are not willing to accept them or do not think about them before you get married then it will be a doomed one.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Japan child custody laws could harm bilateral ties See in context

I know one thing. In japan, with mixed marriages the child, in order to be registered with the Japanese gov, has to have proof of Japanese lineage. It is extremely hard for the child to be given the father's surname (if the father is gaijin) and be recognized. It wasn't until a few years ago that children of mixed were recognised as having two parents, even though the parents were still married and living together.

Judaisers (cultural thing) argument holds no weight. That is like saying slavery or genoside is ok because it is a cultural thing. Japan's womens liberation movement is still at it's infancy. the Idea of a woman's place is in the home is still a very strong and believed sentiment here. Jusaisers obviously has no knowlege of the goings on and is making an argument primarily on ignorance of the topic. "When in rome" Is the quote this person likes to use. If you may have read history Rome like all other Imerialistic rulers believed the world should do as the romans do. So in retrospect That quote works for the other side of the argument. The falsified abuse argument is very very true. All people who are not of japanese blood are outsiders. even if they were born and lived their whole lives in Japan. Japan's belief that a child should be raised by its mother is not correct. the correct statement is "child rearing is woman's work". Divorce rates are high because. The mojority of husbands in Japan still believe this, do not help out at home, and do not see their wives as equals. There for the Children do not see their mother as an authority figure. With the younger generation, I am happy to say this is changing. Women are now growing up with a strong personality and not a blank slate waiting to find a man and absorb conform to his personality and interests. I am an American who has Just married a Japanese woman, a woman who I am gratefull of having a strong persanality and a sence of honesty. a sence that is lacking in this country, It is the norm to lie even though the truth is no worse to hear. Adultry in this country is 50/50. I know Just as many if not more women who cheat on their spouses/partners. Sex In this country Does not mean the same in the western countries. If you have ever kissed a Japanes woman you would know this. It is very unsensual. Marriage in this country Has no more meaning than "will you go out with me" and "I am 30 now and wnat children so I will get married". this law will not change Until the younger generation ages enough to take control.

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