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Posted in: Palestinians in Japan raising voices in defense of their homeland See in context

Why does Israel keep bombing schools and hospitals? Yes we launch missiles from them to Israel.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Mass immigration has failed, and has ruined the historic cities like Paris, Brussels and London. Who wants to have areas with no-go zones due to immigration of people who refuse to assimilate? Name one country who successfully implemented mass immigration and been successful? The answer is NONE!

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Posted in: Aso's comments about Kamikawa expose Japan's ongoing sexism impasse See in context

She is a Oba, that is what her grandchildren call her!

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Posted in: Search efforts continue after U.S. Osprey crashes into sea; one death confirmed See in context

Two types of Ospreys: 1)Those that have crashed and 2) Those that are going to crash.

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

US military out of Japan. To appease China ,Japan will give them all islands south of main Okinawa island to guarantee no war or aggression.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

Most people in Japan would rather not it the seafood as well.

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

Be thankful if you are vaxed and boosted!

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Posted in: Int'l cruise ship operations resume in Japan after almost 3 years See in context

As long as the passengers are vaccinated and boosted there is nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: Japan's 8th COVID wave could surpass previous wave's peak, say experts See in context

I have caught Corona 2 times, I am vaccinated with 3 boosters. I always wear my mask even when in my car. I go through 1 bottle of hand sanitizer a day. What else should I do?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't urged to end free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

The vaccines don't prevent infection or the spread of the virus. I am healthy and have a 99.95% chance of surviving any infection without the vaccine. These are the facts.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent Tamaki wins 2nd term as Okinawa governor See in context

Let Japan do all the military defense. America can no longer afford to have military bases all over the world. Just don't call when China reclaims the Ryukyu chain as historically theirs and stolen by Japan.

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Posted in: Japan has low incidence of tuberculosis for 1st time See in context

Everyone is getting Covid tests and that is the reason why.

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Posted in: EPA head says advanced nuclear tech key to mitigating climate change See in context

The "market" will drive the green conversion. Until technology advances to implement, we are foolish to remove fossil fuel as a source of energy. Any one major volcano eruption that happens causes more CO2 and other gas emissions than man has done in our total history on earth. Think about that!

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Posted in: Japan warns of impact of yen's rapid depreciation to 24-year low See in context

Yen depreciation and inflation. This is serious bad news for the aging population.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out Omicron-targeted COVID vaccine as early as October See in context

Time to buy more stock in Pfizer and Moderna. Don't miss the chance to make some money with this new cycle of vaccines.

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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

What's next? Diving at the USS Arizona in Hawaii by Japanese tourists?

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Posted in: The centuries-old mines stirring Japan-South Korea tensions See in context

My grandfather told me that the Koreans were so happy to have jobs. I don't understand all the ROK complaints?

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Posted in: Japan postpones decision to approve 1st domestic oral COVID-19 drug See in context

Effectiveness of vaccines? Don't make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan calls for defense spending hike; notes threats to Taiwan See in context

Let China take back the Ryukyu chain and we will have peace for a 100 years.

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Posted in: Japan study shows women more likely to get skin rash from Moderna shot See in context

Covid survival rate is over 99.95% percent without taking any experimental vaccine. Simple choice.

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

If the vaccine is safe then lift the liability protection from "Big Pharma".

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for modifying its definition of the words “vaccine” and “vaccination” on its website.

Before the change, the definition for “vaccination” read, “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Now, the word “immunity” has been switched to “protection.”

The term “vaccine” also got a makeover. The CDC’s definition changed from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”

Some people have speculated that the unannounced changes were the CDC’s attempt to hide the fact COVID-19 vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing coronavirus infection. U.S. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky said in a popular tweet the CDC has “been busy at the Ministry of Truth.”

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

I will not take any "emergency use" vaccines any longer. The "big Pharma" companies needed the governments to change the definition of what a vaccine does. Prior to covid, a vaccine prevented 100% the infection of a virus. Now, the definition of a vaccine is to prevent severe symptoms of virus. Without changing the definition of a vaccine, the US government could no longer have given "emergency use" authorization of the covid vaccine. Ask yourself a question, with Japan having a very high vaccination rate why are new cases of covid sky rocketing? These new type of dna manipulating vaccines are ruining our bodies natural immunity in my opinion. Look at all the people vaxd and multi-boosted getting the same covid mutant virus multiple times.

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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

I've lived here in Okinawa for 12 years now, and I have yet to watch 1 positive news segment on NHK Okinawa. There are many US military community assist events and charity assistance given to the local community. The media is controlled to present 1 negative narrative about the US presence.

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Posted in: Japan to spend ¥1.45 tril on 4th vaccine shots, other anti-virus measures See in context

No more shots as it doesn't prevent catching nor spreading of the virus. Wake up people!

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will start 3rd COVID vaccine shots in December See in context

Look for a tax hike to cover this new never ending injection.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

The "ponytail" is nothing. Have you seen the tattoo?

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Posted in: Japanese singer and musician Gackt takes indefinite hiatus due to vocal and neurological disorder See in context

I hope he gets better! Great on the New Years day show!

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Posted in: Takato wins gold for Japan in judo; Tonaki takes silver See in context

WOW!!! I didn't even know the games started!

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

How about we do a DNA screening for visa applicants to ensure they won't be a burden on society?

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