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Posted in: Trump's own words revive debate over whether he's racist See in context

Many "news sources" used here and on TV particularly NHK definitely have a bias when reporting on President Trump. Three other Senators who were in the meeting deny the reported statement. and it is known that Senator Durbin who reported this has a history of lying and fabricating stories to the media.

The Democrats power comes from having a dependant lower class of constituents. This is the only reason they want to have open borders. There are approximately 30 million illegal aliens living in the USA. That is 25% of the population of Japan! It is insane for the USA to continue to have migration of people who are illiterate in their own language they cannot read or write and expect to assimilate into american culture.

Remember, the late Senator Ted Kennedy and President Clinton were caught in conversation saying that "it was only a few years ago tha Obama would be serving them drinks"! The original birther was Hillary Clinton who question whether Obama was an American back in 2007.

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Posted in: Regulator urges release of treated Fukushima radioactive water into sea See in context

Release it into an inland lake if it is unharmful. Don't contaminate the ocean!

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Never gonna happen! The Japanese mind is too smart to let this happen!

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Posted in: Sumo grand champ facing police probe over alleged assault See in context

Mongols are warrior people. If this would have happen in Mongolia it would not even make the news. Too sad for Harumafuji as this may be the end of his career as well as the other Mongol. Takanoiwa is lucky this all he received as punishment by insulting the Yokozuna!

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Posted in: Japan expects U.S. to halt CH-53 helicopters for indefinite period See in context

Onaga and some of the Okinawans are just complainers. If it wasn't for the US Military presence on Okinawa they would find something else to complain about. I know many in the mainland just can't believe all the tax money going to a bunch of complainers. Be grateful for the US Military treaty with Japan, or get rid of it. Just be prepared to relinquish the Ryukyu Island chain to Japan as China will annex it as being historically part of China. Who would stop them?

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Posted in: U.S. holds parachuting drill at Okinawa base despite opposition See in context

Rubbish, the US forces are only here for their convenience, not Japan's.

When China claims The Ryukyu chain as historically theirs...well what are you going to do? The only reason it has not happened yet is because of the alliance.

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Posted in: S Korean film about forced labor in Japan sets box office record See in context

I can't wait for the fallout from some Japanese politician to claim that they were only giving them jobs to help them out!

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Posted in: Actress Kazuyo Matsui talks about husband’s affair; asks foreign media for support in YouTube video See in context

Watching the video I know understand what drove him to get a girlfriend. Should have gotten a divorce first!

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Posted in: Hakuho wins 39th career title at Nagoya tournament See in context

I don't like him jumping to the side lately. I hope it stops.

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Posted in: Trump's claim Akie Abe wife cannot speak English generates buzz See in context

Google this with the New York Times. President Trump stated he does not know where this quote is coming from. Fake News!

I love all this winning with Trump!!! Keep America Great 2020!!

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Posted in: Opposition party leader Renho shows legal records to prove nationality See in context

Japan at one time issued a different color passports for those who are not bloodline Japanese. My wife was mixed and it made her very sad!

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Posted in: Japan to help farmers impacted by EU trade pact See in context

Is this how Japan defines fair trade? No wonder the USA pulled out of TPP!

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

In 250,000 years this will be a non-issue and people will forget about it!

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Posted in: Japan, EU still apart in free trade talks; dairy products remain issue See in context

I would say that Cheese-Wiz is an excellent example of American cheese!

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Posted in: IOC's Coates stresses cost cuts during Tokyo visit See in context

I never understood all these people jumping up and down in joy when Tokyo was awarded the 2020 games. Any outsider looking in knew that the cost today to host far exceeds any economic benefit. To sad.....

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Posted in: Comey says Trump fired him to undermine FBI's Russia investigation See in context

I love all this winning with Trump!!! Keep America Great 2020!!

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Posted in: 14-year-old pro shogi player Fujii wins 25th straight match See in context

This young boy is amazing!

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Posted in: Authorities go after gold smugglers as tax hike prompts surge in cases See in context

I've never had any problems bringing in a few coins with the pocket change in the hand carry.

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Posted in: Nikon releases COOLPIX W300 See in context

Nice features...just be ready to carry a large selection of memory cards for the 4k UHD films!

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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context

I'm glad PM Abe is keeping Japan safe! Japan should not draw attention to itself by criticizing other countries like happen last week over the US travel ban.

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Posted in: Opposition calls on Abe to oppose Trump's refugee ban See in context

I almost fell out of my chair laughing on anyone from Japan criticizing another country's refuge policy! Is Renho really that clueless?

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