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Posted in: U.S. says Japan, S Korea 'soul searching' needed See in context

The US should not be speaking about Japan and South Korea when they themselves are causing a different trade war with China

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Posted in: Thousands of South Koreans protest Japanese trade curbs See in context

These people acting like it happened without any warning.

Japan repeatedly warned and asked South Korean Government for documents showing that they are making sure that they are not exporting these materials outside of South Korea.

South Korea ignored all these warnings and instead constantly threatened Japan. Now they are paying the price and that is by being removed from "special" privilege and having to go through regular procedures like the rest.

If they want to get mad, blame their own incompetent government. All this could have been avoided if they just showed proof that they can be trusted with these materials.

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Posted in: S Korea warns Japan of security pact risk; calls for 'cooling-off' in trade row See in context

really? risk with security pact? When you are under suspicion that you are providing materials that can be used for weapons to North Korea, which do you think Japan will think is riskier, selling supplies to a country that may be giving materials to North Korea that continuously fires missiles at their area or not getting information from a country that is known right now to trying to get in the good side of North Korea

Remember the radar incident, what was the use of the lock-on, was it something you didn't want Japan to see what you were doing with North Korea?

Also, Japan is not saying they are not going to trade with you or you are banned. You are just losing "special" privilege. You will just have to go through regular procedures like the rest.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro hit by spate of train graffiti See in context

For those saying, "What proof do they have that these crimes were committed by foreigners"

1) They were speaking in English (yes they recorded themselves sneaking into the station and they uploaded all of that in youtube)

2) Also the culprits are UTAH & ETHER, who are drum rolls foreigners who are going around vandalizing trains around Asia right now

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