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Posted in: China says G7 communique grossly interfered with its affairs See in context

They may have grown economically but diplomatically, the CCP are still in their infancy throwing toys out the playpen at every opportunity.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi governor ordered to pay ¥20 mil over luxury car purchase See in context



Yeah you know me

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Posted in: Gasly says he feared for his life after avoiding hitting crane See in context

@garypen F1 doesn't use slicks in rain. Look at the top photo.

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Posted in: Debate on relaxing mask requirement starting in Japan See in context


'...my body my choice.'


3 years on and you haven't quite grasped the basics of what we're collectively (or so I'd like to think) dealing with here.

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Posted in: Missile kills at least 52 at crowded Ukrainian train station See in context

@William Bjornson

What reason would Ukraine have to commit such a false flag operation considering all the other evidence of Russian atrocities occurring across Ukraine?

i.e. Are all the mass graves being dug up and evidence of Ukrainian non-combatants being executed with their hands and/or feet bound not sufficient enough?

With respect, your argument is fundamentally flawed.

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Posted in: Gus works See in context

JT really resorting to seemingly mocking misuse of a non-Japanese language? Class act guys...

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Posted in: World passes 300 million COVID cases as Omicron breaks records See in context

@Jero Sakura et al.

Yes, the media said these things but how many people worldwide are vaccinated?

Answer: proportionally not many outside of 'developed countries' and as long as this is the case even well vaccinated 'developed countries;' will be affected.

How many people stick to mandates and protocols? (do you?)

Answer: Not as many as needed looking at the wider world. I see photos/video of people without masks in for e.g. the UK/EU all the time which beggars belief and as for the US .... well just go to the section on 'politics' on CNN/FOX . No idea why they're talking about masks in the section on politics but there you have it and that's all that needs to be said on that.

People talk about the media saying this, that and the other but why not look at what many people are saying in the US about not wearings masks/not getting vaccinated/not socially distancing? The 'media' have blood on their hands but not as much as the people that spread misinformation.

The vaccine was never said to be 100% effective yet when a fully vaccinated (i.e. 2 shot at present maybe 3 soon) person gets the virus some people are all up in arms about how they were lied to. I'll say it again in case you missed it the first 1000+ times 'no vaccine is 100% effective'.

And things have changed with variants such as Delta and Omicron. These variants spread more easily i.e. faster. Going back to vaccines not being 100% ... as these variants spread more quickly/faster and no vaccine is 100% then it stands to reason more people will get the virus.

Which brings me to the next point.... the vaccine(s) reduce serious health issues and spread. So imagine what it would be like now if even less people had taken the vaccine(s). There would not only be more cases but there would be more serious illnesses and deaths.

Is this too much information to comprehend and digest?! If so, people who can't comprehend the simple logic in the simple sentences above need to stop and think about what they think they know or don't know before opening their mouths or typing.

/rant over. Don't know why I bother as if you can't wrap your head around some simple facts/data/statistics it's time to go back to school and review the basics.

On a more cheerful note .....For all those vaccinated and looking out for others by masking up and socially distancing nice work looking out for one another including that stranger with a family you sit next to on the train I say "Thank you".

The world has seen this, and worse, before and keeps on turning and this too will pass. So Happy New Year. Stay Safe. And have a great day one and all ! :-)

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Posted in: Japan decides not to send gov't delegation to Beijing Olympics See in context

Good. I’m pleasantly surprised by this decision.

Now if all of us will just stop funding the atrocities by not buying crap we don’t need from the CPP we might actually get somewhere…..

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Posted in: Victims of sexual violence are rarely given justice under Japanese law, and even now the situation makes it difficult to come forward. I want to change that. And I don't want to become a negative example that makes people think, 'If I talk about it I'll end up like this.' See in context

100% respect to this lady.

How many of us (myself incuded) have backed down from confronting or calling out injustices be it sexism/bullying/power harassment etc. in and out the work place.

It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to stand up and do what she is doing.

Many of us can learn from her actions and I for one have utmost respect for her and know she has already empowered people around me.

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Posted in: Gunma latest prefecture to find contaminants in Moderna vaccine See in context

How do rubber pieces potentially fall in to the vial in pre-inoculation inspections?!

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Posted in: Organizers defend Bach's return to Tokyo for Paralympics See in context

Call the IOC (as I did) and tell them how you feel about all this bs.

Telephone +41 21 621 61 11 and ask to talk to someone in the media section.

[Be nice if you do please. The person(s) you talk to are not the ones making the bad decisions.]

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Posted in: Tokyo Paralympics confirm 1st COVID-19 hospitalization See in context

Call the IOC and tell them how you feel as I did late last night (mid-afternoon Lausanne time).

Telephone +41 21 621 61 11 and ask to talk to someone in the media section.

Be nice if you do please. The person(s) you talk to are not the ones making the bad decisions.

Tell them what it's like 'here on the ground' in Japan now and the optics we're witnessing with Bach's behavior.

With enough calls they might listen...... or don't. The number is above if you want to though.

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Posted in: Olympic medalists get OK to pose for mask-less photos See in context

Ask 5 scientists about masks and you'll get 6 different theories

Hardly surprising. There’s still a lot we don’t know about this virus. Doesn’t take much to figure that one out...

In the mean time err on the side of caution, wear a mask, get vaccinated and follow the damn rules where they’re laid out such as at these farcical games. Simple.

IOC (by not enforcing rules) are making allowances that could impact the health/economic well-being of the residents of this country. Why is this? Where’s the useless MHLW on this? It’s their country after all... Not that I trust those idiots either to make a decision.

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Posted in: Russia at Tokyo Olympics with new name, more doping disputes See in context

What part of 'wear a face mask when you come to Japan to participate in the Olympics' does the athlete in the photo not understand?

Didn't the IOC et al. stipulate this?! If they can't enforce the rules when they first arrive at the airport then we're well and truly .....

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

@klutzman No you're not wrong. Vaccination doesn't stop someone getting the virus and passing it on to others. Good on you for educating him.

As for side effects I sure hope I get some (mild ones) as that shows my body is doing what it should and gearing up to the fight what it thinks is the 'real' virus. So yeah bring on some side effects as that's how vaccinations work.

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Posted in: U.S. trade deficit with Japan narrows 17.5% in May See in context

Without historical data (pre-pandemic and beyond) to compare with this is just reporting meaningless #s.

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Posted in: Suga offers COVID-19 support for Pacific islands in online meetings See in context

The Marshall Islands recognizes Taiwan as the ROC (and thus do not have official relations with Beijing).


Nice move Japan :-)

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Posted in: Japan to ask athletes from India, 5 other countries for more COVID-19 tests See in context

How about all countries to you know maybe ... err on the side of caution. Just a thought!

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Posted in: Former justice minister Kawai gets 3 years for vote-buying See in context

'The defense appealed the ruling, having sought a suspended sentence on the grounds that Kawai had admitted to most of the charges and resigned as a lawmaker. '

Source: https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210618/p2g/00m/0na/040000c

They actually tried to appeal for a suspended sentence on the grounds he'd admitted his crime and resigned.

"Sorry judge. My bad! I admit I [insert crime here]. Can I go home now please?"

To think they thought it might actually work speaks volumes ....

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Posted in: Japan to secure COVID vaccines for 20,000 more Olympic workers See in context

@ Vince

You're correct in that vaccinating those associated with the Olympics can be a good thing but imho we shouldn't even have this on the table as the Olympics shouldn't be going ahead as per the wishes of most people in Japan so, to me, it's a mute point.

Any vaccines coming in to this country should be distributed to the elderly and those with underlying conditions etc. Personally I'm content to wait my turn as long as the line in front of me is made up of people more in need ( i.e. not people associated with the Olympics).

Any empty slots in the vaccination centers means a more effective distribution system needs to be put in place (e.g. maybe take them to the care homes for the elderly as is being done in Kyoto). It doesn't, to my mind at least, mean people associated with the Olympics should be given priority over the elderly etc.

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Posted in: Japan to secure COVID vaccines for 20,000 more Olympic workers See in context

Nice to know our taxes and health insurance payments are going to vaccinate people involved with the Olympics ahead of the elderly and others more in need at this time ....

Is the IOC paying for any of this?! Not like they don't have the $$ for it.

Talk about a slap in the face!

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Posted in: China slams G7 'manipulation' after Xinjiang, Hong Kong criticism See in context

They're sounding like N. Korea more and more the way they keep throwing their toys out the playpen at every opportunity.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

@ Bungle is correct.

Everyone is buying Chinese products, and have been for years (myself included), which is just fueling the Chinese economy which the CCP use to invest in other countries. They played the long game and we were all short sighted. They were smart.....

When I say 'invest' I really mean offer long term loans (often in exchange for vaccines and support at the UN) to poorer countries who can hardly refuse as the 'west' isn't helping them any.

So yeah buy a Chinese made product but don't then complain when they use the profits to build up their military to intimidate their neighbors, and use their economic might to damage other countries' trade who disagree with them e.g. Australia atm .

And to be clear I have nothing against Chinese people just the CCP.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

The renegade province of mainland China ruled by it's CCP oppressors should stop interfering with the internal affairs of the country of Taiwan which is where the the legitimate seat of power is located for all Chinese people. (read the history books if you're lost on this)

And P. Smith's comment above is right in the sense that Taiwan's allies and the UN need to grow a spine and give full recognition to Taiwan for what it is which is a country. That being said small steps have been taken recently to this end which I welcome.

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Posted in: Japan launches study to verify COVID vaccines' effects on citizens See in context

And the couldn't have started a study to test efficacy when they first rolled out the vaccine weeks ago because??

Good their doing it but yet another example of making it up as they go along.

Not like they didn't have 1.5 years to have considered and prepped for it......

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Posted in: Japan considers sending coronavirus vaccines to Vietnam: report See in context

This will be unpopular but whatever....

As much as residents of Japan such as my self want (need!) a vaccine others do to.

Remember all the talk of 'the world coming together to fight this' about 18 months ago?'. Well then never really happened. So I, for one, as desperate as I am for a vaccination to get on with my life don't mind reading about one country helping another on occasion and on a limited basis. Me or an elderly person abroad (assuming doses will be distributed to the elderly/vulnerable first)? I'll choose the elderly Vietnamese (or Taiwanese) person occasionally.

So yeah prioritize Japanese citizens but help each other out on occasion and on a limited basis. Especially when we're talking about a vaccine that is is just sitting in storage atm as it hasn't been approved for use in Japan (though yeah it should have been by now but that's another story....).

The whole COVAX system should have kicked in long before now. Japan is doing this unilaterally which is a step in the right direction because we (the world) are all in this mess together and need each other's support to get of it.

p.s. did I mention '*on occasion and on a limited basis**' *sufficiently to get that point across?

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Posted in: China's 2022 Olympics a chance to press Beijing on human rights: Trudeau See in context


Don't see Canada threatening foreign press agencies and other nations when they report on them though. Not that it makes Canada's past actions right but there is a key difference here.

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context


Keep in mind the athletes coming into Japan will definitely be vaccinated as will their entourage, as small as those will be, and almost no foreign fans. At the same time Japan is working on getting the public vaccinated, so again I see two steps in the right direction

1) Not all athletes will be vaccinated (please see IOC press statements for details).

2) Still only a small % of people in Japan will have been vaccinated by the start of the games (please see Japanese Gvt' press statements for details).

Your in possession of inaccurate info. Time to do so some fact checking.

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context


Simian Lane:

'let the virus run riot. anything beats this lousy repeat-limbo'

'run it’s natural course, rather'

'even sickness is better than spineless'

Very insensitive words to say the least with all the pain and suffering people are enduring here and abroad. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is surely stepping across boundaries of civility?

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

And from the BBC:

"If it should happen that a country cannot come to Japan because they do not meet the minimum requirements that the government set, I think that is something we have to listen to what the IOC and IPC feel about that."

Source: https://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/57329388

And why is the Japanese Gvt'/JOC listening to what anyone other than what their residents have to 'feel about'?!

Sums it all up right there...

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